Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Unlawful privileges

It amazes me how the law enforcers in our society tend to break the law they are to enforce so easily. This is common in Lagos where I reside and I always ponder and feel weak to see what is going on . I am not talking about the court system but those that suppose to work and in hand with the court, to either curb corruption or bring offender to book. The job of enforcing the law and punishing the offenders is an Herculean task that suppose to be done with seriousness and dignity. You have to be disciplined and focused to succeed.

Let's look at the police force, Not that the Nigeria police force and the other officers in uniform are not aware of why they are here and of what they need to do. They just choose to do the opposite.
Commercial vehicles drivers/conductors always capitalise on having one police officer in their bus to be able to commit all the offences against the traffic rules. They look for a police officer or another officer in uniform (by saying another officer in uniform, I am reffering to road safety officers, LASMA, VIO's, army etc), make their conductor hang by the bus door; risking his life, have incomplete papers, overtake unnecessarily. All because our officers in uniform would not pay a dime, they always ride for free. But I really wonder if this riding for free translates to “you are free to break the law”. Officers in uniform always encourage this act. I call this an unlawful privilege.
Worst still, if you know of any officer, if you like go and fight out there. You will be acquainted and the poor victim will be further victimised because he/she knows an officer!!! The officers themselves try to victimize innocent citizens because they have got guns!!! If they ask you stupid questions and you challenged them, they go into a wide and endless rage and would easily threaten an arrest and all that. Why? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? I doubt if they mention that to them in their training.
A lady was said to be beaten up by two hefty men in mufti for putting on a camouflage cap. They told them she disrespected the army and did not give her a change to say sorry. She ended up in a hospital. I wonder why this had to end the way it did. 
If you are in Nigeria and you are a "Lagosian" (or you live in other part of Nigeria) and you go out on daily basis, you must have witnessed or contributed to this in one way or the other. Do you care to share your thought or experience for further discussion?

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Babawilly said...

many problems in Nigeria are political and hence can only be addressed by politicians. The people have the power to vote out the politicians who do not solve basic problems.
There in lies the problem. VOTING.
Once the elections are fair and politicians fear being rejected at the polling booths; they will change.
Till then problems continue.

Funms said...


its such a shame with the level of corruption in Nigeria. try freedom of speech and ur done......


It is always mind boggling the way we human beings treat eachother. When i think about the odds humans face in respect to mother nature and the numerous catastrophes that can befall us as a collective, and then I look at the way we treat eachother. It just makes absolutely no sense.

And then to think about the way that those with a fiduciary/legal duty to others treat people, sometimes. Its even more disheartening.

But, at the end of the day, the best thing is to influence better behavior whenever we have an opportunity and encourage others to do better. Thanks for this post. It made me think...

BlogVille Idol said...

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Jaybabe said...

Ha! My sista, the law enforcers are useless everywhere in the world oo! Okay maybe not all of them. A coupla weeks ago, in a village nearby to the capital city, some girl students were attacked by some men in their hostels(boarding school). One student was killed and two gals were raped by the same culprits, and lot of their other valuable stuff stolen. The police came very late after eveything happened. Was there anything they did to catch those guys? Your gues is right.

Now i've a lil cousin who's into her last year at one seniour school in a town where i grew up. She's also in a boarding school. Just a coupla days ago she phoned me and said that a man was seen at their ablution(spelling) area and threatened to kill 10 and rape 1! Can you believe that? And then i got so scared, that i called the police. Not those in her area, but the ones here coz i really didnt know what to do you know? I was thinking to tell the ones here will somehow make them alert the ones in O/town you know? So do you really wanna hear what that foolish police officer said to me? Standtall, i'm still mad at that guy...

ejura said...

I feel your anger on this issue but sometimes i wonder if change will ever come.
There was this day I was in traffic being controlled by a traffic warden. He gave right of way to a particular lane when all of a sudden, his police brothers in their own car, not heeding his directions, jumped into the road in a rush. The traffic warden was so mad he hurled insults at them. I shook my head in disgust that day.
I wish there was something i could do but where to start? I am only one. They are oh so many...

Free-flowing Florida said...

d nigerian police r lawless. yesterday, coming back 4rm d church, a neighbour of MM stopped him on d way. his face was swollen, disfgiured & d teeth knocked 2 d other side. he said it was d police! he was n a joint wen they landed on dem & demanded 4 ID. dis guy says he told dem he was one of dem, but they disbelieved him & beat him blue-black 4 impersonating an officer of d law! he says he's taking dem 2 court. i don't know what he'd make out of it, but it's abt time pple start suing these law enforcement agencies 4 battery.

i've also heard of innocent citizens & student who were arrested n clubs too (overnight), by d morning or if their parents delayed n bailing them out they were shot & thrown 2 b bush & branded armed robbers! one happened n 2004, wen ASUU was on 6 months strike. 2 final year students were killed n dis way. their parents petitioned d fg, did everything they could. 2 d best of my knowledge, nothing came of dat case. d police insisted no such persons were n their custody! it's very sad

Anonymous said...

Have you read MIrages blog?

there is a scandal btw she and TLK pls spread the word

OluwaDee said...

Na so 9ja police be oh.
I personally haven't had any runnings with them but I have heard a lot.

Hope u r good?
have a lvli week.

LG said...

hmmm my sistah, u neva c anythin,
i 've actually seen a man dragged out of his car and thrown into d car boot of an army officer, his offence was dat he didnt give way for the officer to pass. i stil wonder where d poor man ended up?

ehen,i'm stil waiting for my invite to d iko'mo ,lollllll
my rgards to d fam

Charizard said...

The tales of woe are unending in the records against the police...our daily prayer is that we dont need them so that they dont fail us, and that we dont cross paths with them

@lg which ikomo?

mayz said...

"power corrupts...absolute power corrupts absolutely"...this stands vy true for d law makers themselves...dey form d pillars of d society n when d pillars themselves start to crumble then d society falls too...its common everywhr...d common mams misery is their gain

Smaragd said...

see ehn, i am personally tired of these no-do-gooders we call law enforcement agents.

which "ikomo" is LG talking about? who is the baby mama?

Standtall said...

Hey all, I am angry beyond word to type another response since I foolishly refused to save the detailed one I was to post to you all. I have responded to everyone and clicked “published” only for it to refuse to publish and refuse to bring back my comment. I vex!!! I dey Vex!!! I go vex!!!

Anyway, to CHARIZARD and SMARADG the “ikomo” is that of my cat that delivered 4 beautiful kittens o. (lol)

Duchess said...

rotflmao!!! ur cat delivered.....congratulations!!!...wheres the parry happening???

naija police are so useless..hmmmm...av neva had a personal experience o, bur have heard so many terrible gists about them and their love for #20note...sorry i think it has incresed to #50

sory about vex jare...we undastand.

Kin'shar said...

While I have only visited there for about 10 days I saw nothing corrupt. I guess I will look for it the next time I come there. I hope that the "free to break the law" is not enforced on me.

Nice Blog

LG said...

hmmm!!!! me too go vexy o'
bcos u neva answer me,
i say, wen is it shele-ing,
haba!! mo'fe je ricey jor o, lolllll

Standtall said...

@ Duchess: I pray that Naija Police we soon change thier indetity and become useful one day. Thanks for dropping by. My kittens are winking at you.

@Kin'shar: just keep seeing positive side. Dont bother looking out for the negative, Thanks for complimenting my blog

@LG: Just adopt one kitten and that is your pass to attend the "ikomo" o.

AJIKE said...

am actually two posts
yes o this nigerian police people and thier drama, haba so much drama

when i go to 9ja i must watchout!!!
thanks for ure kind words on my blog...

how r u honey?

Grahamn Kracker said...

Never been to Nigeria, Standtall, but I believe your words. I hope that you are safe in the posting of them.

As always, give those good kitties of yours a good scritch from me, and a rub of the forehead, plud s polite sniff, from each of the Kracker cats.

LG said...

haba!! dis mommmy sef, its not fair o

Jarrai said...

My dear..its not only nigeria oooo, this behaviour is rife in africa.

The police in my country never attend any crime without pay...yes you the citizen must drop cash for them to do their job

Its really sad...waiting for a day when corruption will be a thing of the past in africa...sadly the future seems gloom.

Tairebabs said...

The one I witness daily is the bus drivers that pass one way roads while they are carrying a man in uniform. While this is bad and embarrassing, I think the fact that LASMAN stops you and tell you to do the right thing is even worse (especially those ones on the opposite side of mobil on ozumba ...stupid men!).

Tairebabs said...

The one I witness daily is the bus drivers that pass one way roads while they are carrying a man in uniform. Pisses me off (steam escapes...ooooaaassa). While this is bad and embarrassing, I think the fact that LASMAN stops you and tell you to do the right thing is even worse (especially those ones on the opposite side of mobil on ozumba ...stupid men!).

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