Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I will be MIA- Got an Award too

Thanks to my peeps for your love and concern for my health. I am getting better but took a fall off a staircase. I am getting better too. I have backlog of assignments to finish within a couple of weeks and I am also going for a training at Calabar for a week. This will make me MIA on blogville. Not to worry, I will miss you all and come back safely.... I have delayed passing on this fantastic award I received from Funkola, Brown Sugar and Rita (thanks ladies) to other 7 bloggers. It will be tough to pick just seven bloggers but I will and still add more...

This award goes to:
  1. Grahamn Kracker
  2. Ore's Note
  3. Abbie
  4. Poeticallytinted
  5. Chari
  6. Chioma
  7. Lisa
  8. Vera
  9. Criz Cats
To the awardees. I love your blogs and I will like you to pass this on to another 7 bloggers or more.
The Rules:
1. When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back.
2. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Interview Thursday: An Important Guest

Hi all, how are you doing? I am currently being treated for malaria and typhoid. It will pass, I will be fine. Thanks for all your kind comments and concern. The ulcer will be managed too. *wink*

I am bringing to you a very unique and engimatic blogger. Our own Rita is here to share with us her life, career and a lot of other wonderful things. Standall husband is out of town hence the suspended interview. Rita's interview is very rich. Thanks a lot for sharing RITA. Here we go:

Standtall: Can we meet you?
Rita: Oh sure…I am Rita Esuru Okoroafor (nee Onyige). I studied Petroleum Engineering and I currently work as a Petroleum Engineer in a servicing company. I am married to Husband Rita. I enjoy writing.

Standtall: As an Engineer, are women rare in your field?
Rita: Compared to many other professions, yes. However, within the engineering profession, there are some areas where one can find a good balance in number of women. Examples of such are office-based roles. Though I have seen a growth in female engineers over the years, I still think that there could be more women in this field. 

Standtall: Why do you think women are rare in your field?
Rita: First of all, it has to do with what we have been told from time past – a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Some women did not go to school. For those who went to school, Engineering was not in the top 10 preferred profession. Secondly, it has to do with the perception of the profession. People believe that Engineering is a man’s course and is all about repairing cars or carrying heavy tools. Unless she is a tomboy, she usually has no place. Engineering is simply the application of scientific and technical knowledge to the design, analysis, and/or construction of works for practical purposes. A woman does not have to be involved in the construction part of engineering. A woman can practice engineering as a lecturer. Thirdly, women are not aware that they can actually be successful engineers and successful home makers. A woman can get the engineering job she wants based on her priorities – either high paying or flexible working hours. 

Standtall: How can we encourage more women to pursue a career in your field?
Rita: There are various ways to do that: -
1. Enlightenment and awareness such as having programs or TV shows that talk about women in the engineering profession, and how they can effectively have a work-life balance. Such an awareness program could show the different roles of an engineer.
2. Catching them young: - Having career fairs for students in secondary schools and universities. This is one of the things I tried to achieve during my youth-service year.
3. Sponsoring females: - there are a lot of talented females out there with untapped potentials because they do not have money to go to school. I taught in Otu-Jeremi, in Ughelli south LGA, Delta State. I saw young intelligent girls who had to drop out of school; because there was no money for fees. They could only have dreams like “I want to go to University one day” but those dreams remain unrealized.
4. Mentoring: - Each one of us (male or female) can mentor 1 female. You will be amazed at how the rate of purpose driven women will increase.
5. Encouraging women: - in such ways as having genuine plans of gender diversity in schools and organizations.
 There are some initiatives for young women that I hope we can replicate in Nigeria:-
GRADE: Girls Reaching and Developing Excellence: -
Attracting Women to Technical Professions: Click here

Standtall: Do you believe in women/girls empowerment?
Yes I do, very much so…but with the clause that females understand that there is equality in worth but hierarchy in authority. I feel women should be empowered, but not to the point of disrespecting men or feeling they are better than men. Women empowerment should start in homes and families. Parents should not make their daughters feel less because they are females. Then Women empowerment should move to the society. Women should never be looked down on, whether single or married, widowed or single mother, young or old, educated or not. Government should be actively involved in women empowerment schemes.

Standtall: You maintain and update 3 blogs regularly, how are you able to do so as a career woman, wife, and (mother?)
Rita: It’s four blogs now (J )…I love writing…and I don’t have my own children yet…
I am all that I am first because of strength and direction from God. He teaches me how to manage my time and prioritize. I am still a work in progress. Secondly, I have a very considerate, encouraging and supportive husband. He encourages me to be all I want to be yet reminds me not to overwork myself. Thirdly, I apply passion in everything I have to do: - Career, Writing, Family and every other area of my life. That is my fuel.

Standtall: Name 5 bloggers you admire...
Rita: Na wa Standtall, in a whole blogsville? in no particular order
Naapali: - for the great things he’s doing in human lives; Aloted: - who appears loyal and friendly, Oluwadee: - very encouraging and passionate about God, Afrobabe: - who appears receptive, smart and has a good sense of humour, Naijalines: - appears very wise and witty, and Parakeet: -easy-going and sensitive… (she mentioned six instead of five, no p, you have the floor)

Standtall: What was life like growing up in PH?
Rita: Quiet but fun. I had a lot of security. I grew up in the University of Port Harcourt campus. I attended the university’s nursery, primary, secondary schools and university. My world was very small but offered all I needed to be who I am today. My dad was overprotective (he had 6 daughters…) so he protected us in this small world. There were times I wished I could see beyond this world but since I could not, I imagined it. And wrote a lot about it. I was never alone because I have a large family. I also had lots of friends that I hardly ever had a best friend. Port Harcourt used to be a peaceful town until now.

Standtall: What's your favourite color?
Rita:Purple…in any shade that exists. It’s almost a weakness.

Standtall: Where will you like to be in the next 2 years?
Rita: At home with the children, writing my best sellers and managing a consultancy firm for my husband and I. If you are Rita’s Boss, kindly disregard this statement, it was not meant for you… 

Standtall: (smiles) Can you share your likes and dislikes with us?
Rita: Likes: - Car racing games (oh yes), Dancing, Real ice-cream, Open people, Nature
Dislike: - Rain (we once lived in a house with leaking roof. No when rain falls, all I think of is how cold and soaked I felt those years), Phone calls at matrimonial hours (some people know when to call), Abuse (physical, mental, sexual, emotional, or verbal), knock-outs / fireworks (reminds me of how Daddy died), watching people I love being hurt.

Standtall: Thanks for sharing this moment with Standtall.
Is that a question (LOL)? And thank you too for the honour of being your candidate for Interview Thursday. Just want you to know you are one of the bloggers I admire: Standtall: -appears strong, resolute and dependable (Didn’t put your name up there before they think it is Bribery; Corruption). My words to women: - You are unique, priceless and of great worth…don’t let anyone or anything rob you from becoming all you were born to be…but remember to do things with moderation.

Standtall: my head just swell by what degree now. Thank you Rita for your time and for sharing with us.
Rita: (smiles)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Standtall ain’t feeling well at the moment. Used to have ulcer history but me think it’s never gone completely. I can’t delay any more. I have got to check it out.

I read Saturday Champion Newspaper that 3 female teenagers were killed somewhere in Pakistan where it was against their culture for a woman to choose her own husband. These girls chose their own husbands and the society made sure they paid for it. They were kidnapped, shot and buried alive with their injuries. A politician defended this act, saying it’s their culture to perform this “honour killing”. Yes, he claimed it’s their culture or custom to kill any woman who dares to choose her husband. That is a community representative talking. 2 of the girls’ relatives that protested and defended the girls were killed as well. Up till the time I read the news, no arrest has been made; no person has been pointed to as the killer. A human right organisation called Human Rights Watch is currently taking up this case. Why are we so heartless, why are we so backward? I got sicker reading this article.

Somwhere else; King Mswati of Swailand in Sub-Saharan Africa was announced as the 15th richest Monarch in the world. He is the only African on that list- arranged boobs parade of teenage girls to choose his 14th wife!!! Yes, 14th wife. His country is soaked in poverty but majority of the girls believe in this culture because it elevated them from poverty. Do they no better? No! I just don’t get it. I always wonder why we have leaders that are not responsible to their people. Leaders that will always want to exploit their people. He was there in his regalia with him looking on saying to himself, I am the king!

N.B: My “Interview Thursday and “Cats Tuesday” will still be up. It might not be as regular but it’s something I don’t intend to stop. Keep expecting something GREAT!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Catching up

My last post was on Tuesday and that my dears, is a long time ago. I would have put up one more post before today but it was impossible for a number of reasons;
  1. I was to interview Standtall Husband. But he had refused to be the next “Interview Thursday” guest. Now I am chasing him for the interview. I said I would reveal his blogging identity and he was not pleased with that. No problem, just grant this interview. But no, he has come up with all the excuses you can think of. He is not so pardoned right now.
  2. The endless rain of Thursday. I would have done something else but the rain sure showed me. I was to go for a program first then go to the office later. But I neither reached the office nor attend the program. I just merry-go-round till I got tired and returned home. Why? Traffic of course! I left one major traffic for another thinking it would be better to go that way. In the end, I wasted quality time rotating on a spot!
  3. I had no access to my laptop on till yesterday. By then, I had got a lot of other things to deal with….
I am here wishing you a fabulous weekend. Mine is promising to be busy. I mean very busy.
Que: how many of you am I meeting at SBR come next Saturday? Hands up.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cats On Tuesday: I am Scofield and I am fabulous!

This is an initiative of Gattina.
Hi, my name is Scofield, I am Standtall’s first son. She is my first human pet. Yes, she is my pet. Anyway, I have 2 sisters Molly and Garfield. I impregnated them because it’s a taboo to marry outside our clan. We keep everything in the family. It’s our catitude inheritance.

Yes, Standtall my mother adopted all of us when we were about 8 weeks old. She is a sweet lady!!! She takes care of us till date. Our father Mr. Standtall is cool too. I am his favourite!!! Molly my sister (I will do a post about her another time) does not see eye to eye with our father. I still don’t understand why they both cannot get along. But Garfield is cool with daddy and mommy. She is currently playing a mother hen role by co-breastfeeding Molly’s kittens. She got attached to them after her kittens were weaned and gone. I missed them.

My first kittens!!! Now momma had neutered me and I can’t
commit anymore. I would have loved to have more beautiful and handsome kittens to play with.

Momma said a lot of Nigerians don’t like cats and she would have to struggle to get good homes for the kittens. Why can’t we keep them? I asked and she said we don’t have extra space for them all. Why can’t we have more space? She said we just don’t!! You don’t have to snap mom, just an innocent curious question I asked!!!

My momma isn’t strict with us and we take advantage of that to the fullest. Just about now, I went to colonize her bed. She won’t mind but papa will be mad and chase me down. Kinda like to enjoy this little nap since momma asked papa to let me be. Thanks you sweet momma. My human pet!!!
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, short but sweet nap. Lemme go and look for something to nibble at. Well, I wanna eat. Mommaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa am hungry…………
My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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