Sunday, December 28, 2008

I was memed by Doug

Doug memed me (Pardon my English) . I am sure I have done something like this before but there are fresh facts in here. Since I am an intriguing person, no thanks to Doug, I must have a lot to say
                                        The Truth:

  1. I am a cat lover
  2. I am a feminist and gender activist and I hate injustice
  3. I can’t stand scratching (not of a cat), screeching noise
  4. Am on orphan
  5. I fee like" killing" the people I see on daily basis throwing things on Lagos road!
  6. I hate big parties especially weddings and funeral. But I like dance-all parties usually get-together.
  7. I have met Blogger Poetically Tinted and Chari aka Charizard aka Charry
  8. Blogger Graham Cracker raised money via PAY PAL for me to neuter my female cats.
  9. I always size up butts and gist with Standtall husband about them.
  10. I always compliment people on good dressing and good style be it male or female.
James Tubman honoured me with this award again. Thank you so much James! What a way to end the year! I am dedicating this award to Black Women, Blow the Trumpet!

Are we still in da Xmas mood? Yeah!

And have you heard how Cats kept a missing one year old boy alive in a gutter somewhere in Argentina? Cats rock, they always do!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Interview Thursday: Rev. Lisa of Black Women, Blow The Trumpet

This is a very hot and resourceful interview with a woman of God whom believes so much in women's empowerment and freedom. She is an author of Black Women, Blow the Trumpet Blog.

She is Lisa Vazquez, a nondenominational (and unconventional) clergywoman who lives in the United States and has been in ministry for eight years. She has traveled all over the world and has lived in Ibadan, Nigeria. She has been a ghostwriter for an internationally-known televangelist and has been the editor and book reviewer for ten books that were published by an internationally-known televangelist. She has worked in the homeless community, with addicts and ex-convicts as well as sex trade workers. She has a ministry to rape survivors as a rape trauma responder in the emergency room of local hospitals. She plans to move to West Africa in 2009 and start a non-profit organization that focuses on women's empowerment. Blogshpere is a wonderful community, that has afforded me the opportunity to interact with a powerful woman like Lisa. I have never regreted visiting her blog. She is passionate about what she writes and I feel blessed to have discovered that blog! Welcome to Interview Thursday with Lisa!

Rev. Lisa is passionate about black women development, how did this come to be?
First, I want to say "Merry Christmas" to everyone who is reading this interview on Christmas day and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Prior to becoming a minister of the Gospel, I led two non-profit organizations in two states. I was also a teacher in the public school system in my early twenties. The Lord placed a mantle on me to be a prophetic voice in the desert places of our society. This mantle requires me to understand all of the levels of barrenness that people permit within their lives. God has given me a deep compassion for women and an unwavering commitment to be instrumental in equipping and empowering women to embrace everything that God has destined for their lives. For many, that journey can not take place without making healing a high priority.

Can you give us an insight into how your blog came to be?
Before I became a blogger, I had a large email distribution list and for years, I would send out essays about controversial issues that were occurring in the church and about issues related to empowerment and self-actualization. I would receive quite a few responses to my email. This year, God directed me to expand the distribution of the message to a larger online audience and that is how I became a blog host. I started reading blogs a year and a half ago and became a blog host in March of this year. I write about all of the things that I talk about to the women in the church. I believe that online activism is vitally important in empowering women and I can see that it reaches more people in one day than traditional channels of community activism.

What do you intend to achieve with your blog focus?
I believe that God would like for me to use the voice He has given me to reach black women who are enduring painful life situations and to speak to that pain in a way that enables them to see the unleashed power that lies within the core of their pain. God would also like for me to be an encourager to those who are living victoriously and powerfully so that they will be passionate about sharing their life accomplishments with other women. I believe that God wants my think tank to place for women to gather and share resources, insight and hope. (I should mention that I am using the word "He" but some women who are in the Christian community of faith do not use masculine language to speak about God because they believe that it negates women and obscures the feminine nature of God. That is certainly an opinion worth considering but not one that I support.)

Black women have being at the receiving end for so long, do you think the attainment of MGDs will change things?
I believe that the most significant level of societal change comes from within. I also believe that radical change cannot be achieved without a change in mentality, a change in value systems, a change in strategy, and a change in focus. There is nothing that is external that can produce long-term change without inner transformation.

Feminists, gender and activists and other human rights activists have in history, made contributions to women's freedom. How can you rate their impact and success?
I am not a feminist or a womanist but my message is often perceived as being feminist or womanist. I don't believe that black women have been served well and I don't believe that the issues that matter deeply to black women are usually placed in the center of the agenda of these movements. In so many movements, black women have been willing to roll up their sleeves and contribute and they were being offered crumbs at the table. They often came to the table presenting themselves as allies only to find that they had to fight at the table for an equal voice.

As a reverend have you come across any discrimination in your line of duty because you are a woman?
Every -ism that exists in society can be found within the church construct because people carry their dysfunctional thinking everywhere they go. All societal ills can be found in the church setting.

Can women be totally free?
I believe that freedom has to be defined correctly in order to be embraced fully. Women in different cultures and in different nations define "freedom" very differently. I believe that women can only be as free as their minds are. An enslaved mind will never make liberated decisions. From a spiritual perspective, I believe "who the Son sets free is free indeed". It is possible for women to be free because Jesus Christ has said that "I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly". (I realize that all of your readers are not of the Christian faith. Christianity is not a religion but many people who embrace Christianity have attempted to present it as a religion. This is why there are many people who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord who are still living in bondage.)

It's a general belief that religious discriminate against women, in your opinion, does Christianity or bible discriminate against women?
I believe that the opponents of Christianity have a vested interest in presenting misrepresentations about Christian teaching. For example, I have heard some black people claim that Christianity is a "white man's religion" that was taught to the black slaves in the United States. These people have not read the Bible or they haven't read the portion of the Bible where a black man helped Jesus carry the cross. Jesus was known to black people! They have not read that the Ethiopian eunuch who was in service to Queen Candace was reading the scriptures in the chariot. Ethiopia is part of Africa! The Biblical account proves that the knowledge of Christ on the continent of Africa existed before the black slaves came to America. In the Bible, we find examples of oppressed women and liberated women and we also find examples of broken men and self-actualized men.
Deborah was a judge and a leader. Esther saved her people. Rahab was shrewd and strategic. Vashti, who some refer to as one of the first feminists recorded in the Bible, refused to be objectified and courageously endured the cost of taking a stand. She was willing to be dethroned rather than be dishonored. The woman at the well evangelized her entire town after her encounter with Jesus. Mary Magdalene was the first to proclaim the Risen Christ. Philip's daughters were prophetic voices in their time. There are many examples of women who were influential and significant in the Bible. There are also examples of women who were brutally victimized, such as the woman who was gang raped and who died at the doorstep. Tamar was raped by her brother.
I do believe that all of societal ills exist within the church construct because people bring their thinking into the church setting. The mentality that individuals choose to embrace become the culture of that particular church. This doesn't mean that the Bible is responsible for the mentality that individuals choose to cling to. Racists are not racist because they are reading the Bible. Sexists are not sexist because they are reading the Bible.

I don't believe that Christianity subjugates women but I do believe that there are many people throughout history who have claimed that their actions were supported by scripture. There are churches who claimed to follow Christ who didn't allow blacks to enter. There were chapels built right above the slave dungeons in Ghana. I also believe that those who have an agenda to subjugate women will often attempt to put the label "Christianity" on their actions and perspectives in order to create legitimacy for whatever mindset they want to validate. There are many people who claim that what they are teaching or promoting is part of Christianity. The two largest cults in the world both identify themselves as Christian organizations on their web sites.

Is it true that women shouldn't be a leader in the church or be a minister?
There are some churches in my country and in the world that do not permit women to be ordained and do not permit women to serve as deacons or as pastors or in ministerial capacities. In the United States, there are millions of women of God who are leading churches and international ministries. Joyce Meyer leads an international ministry and also teaches the Bible. Bishop Vashti McKenzie is a leader within the African Methodist Episcopal denomination. There are women who are priests in ECUSA. I can't even name one denomination that does not have women of God who are in roles where they are regularly teaching and preaching to the masses. Some denominations do not refer to them as "preachers" and some do not refer to them as "pastors".
There are many African women who are leaders of churches and ministries in their own countries. I remember Bimbo Odukoya who was famous in Nigeria as a preacher before her death in 2005. Bishop Margaret Idahosa is an established spiritual leader in Nigeria, as is Evangelist Helen Ukpabio. Women of God are embracing their divine callings all over the world. As I mentioned earlier, there are women who are mentioned in the Bible who had leadership roles and who were influential among the people. I only provided a few examples but even in those examples that I have offered, those women were not operating in rebellion to God by being influential and revolutionary.

If you are referring to Paul's instruction to the church that women should be silent in the church, this is a passage that has been taken out of context because Paul was not speaking about the construct of the New Testament church for all of perpetuity when he made that statement. Paul received many questions from churches that were brand new. New believers were gathering and they wanted to establish meetings and they wanted to receive direction about how to conduct their meetings and how to organize. I am often asked to give my advice about different church situations. If I give my advice about a situation that is occurring in one church, and people take my words and tell others that I am setting a rule for every situation in every church to be handled this way, then they are taking my advice out of context to serve their own interests. In some of Paul's letters, we see that he mentions the women by name who were influential in their congregations. If it is true, as some allege, that Paul didn't believe that women should lead in the church or be influential among the flock then why would he have acknowledged them in his letters and given them salutations?

Here there challenges you face in your line of work as a reverend?
Every thing that God calls us to do The challenges that I believe God presents to me are the challenges of maintaining His example of righteousness, compassion, godliness and holiness. All of the ministers of the Gospel accept the accountability of leading and edifying the masses when and how God directs. The challenge of many human beings who love God has been to fully embrace the direction of the Holy Spirit, in the timing that God has set, without attempting to tell God what to do!

What would you like to change in the world?
God would like for the change I seek in this world to begin within me. God would like for me to continue to spread the message of reconciliation, restoration and transformation in Christ. God would like for me to continue to be the salt and the light in this world and to lead others into the understanding of who God is, since the masses have been given a lot of misinformation from people who professed to be experts in God.

Thanks for granting this interiew
God bless you and thank you so much for the time that you have given me to share with your readers. I am a huge fan of yours and an ally of the work that you do online to inform others about how to impact change in the world in positive and tangible ways. You are such a wonderful blogger and I am thankful for your contributions to the blogosphere. I hope that you will continue your reign of fabulousness!
Oh, thank you so much Lisa

Wish you all a very wonderful Xmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No Word for RAPE....

I have ready countless articles on rape cases in Nigeria. Most times the victims are either under 18 or over 50. Many young girls of under 10 have being gang-raped and killed.
I have heard this argument in different quaters that "when women/ladies/girls will not stop exposing thier bodies,why would they not get raped?" "In fact they brought this upon themselves"

There is a right for people to dress in the way they are comfortable with and this is in no way a basis for rape! By the way, how has a 10 year old or a 90 year old female dress to bring this act upon themselves? How does anyone deserve to be raped?

There are marital rape too and this is in no way, excusable. When there is no consent by a partner to have intercourse and if he or she is forced, that is RAPE!

There is no word for rape than SENTENCE! There is no forgiveness for a RAPIST than to face the music. To have a better society, let us all say no to violence of any form against other human being. Our world will be a better place if we all do what is right and if we all respect the rights of others


Monday, December 22, 2008

Why I blog about Africa

I was tagged by Black Looks as to why I blog about Africa. Hmmm do I blog about Africa? I think I blog not about Africa but about all within the Africa.

I do this because:
  1. I am an African.
  2. Black is Beautiful.
  3. We the Africans know where the shoe pinches.
  4. We believe in reaching out to the world.
  5. We believe in Development.
  6. We co-exist with the rest of the world.
  7. We are blesssed with human resources and natural resources.
  8. We have a lot to say and share.
  9. We are the universe, we are diverse.
  10. We don't waste our pains, we learn from them and the make us better and stronger.
I tag:
  1. Vera Ezimora
  2. LG
  3. SolomonSydelle
  4. Doug
  5. Afrobabe
  6. James Tubman
  7. Jarrai

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Homecoming of the Prodigal Molly

I am so happy to announce Molly's return to you all. You have being so supportive. All your wonderful suggestions paid off. I caught her on the night of Ore's birthday. Ore's Xmas gifts to me which include 2009 Calender full of cat pictures and a cat magazine called CAT FANCY were good omen! And these gift are fabulous!

I got home that night and Molly was already out crying for food. I succeeded in luring her into taking the food right from my hand while I stroked her ( She had never got that close before). Phew, I captured her! She gave us a tough night. I over-sedated her with sleeping tablets but she didn't sleep. The tablets took effect on Friday night!

She cried a lot. She still cries, she purrs and she made an attempt to escape yesterday. Now she has calmed down. She is back to being my cat, my friend. I willl take her

Standtall Husband has mixed feelings. You know, I am sure Molly ran away for him (lol). Now, they are watching each other.

Thank you all for your love and concern during the trying period!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


It's my boss's birthday today. I now begin to understand why she is so angelic. She is a December baby! She shares Jesus birth Month. Hmmmm, no wonder the wonderful attributes. I celebrate you today Ore.

Happy birthday to you and many happy returns.
You will always be the head and not the tail. God will give you more strength, wisdom, resources to carry on the work of impart and impact the world. You are a rare gem and you will live long in good health and in good life. I celebrate you, my boss.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Garfield Shoulder is Dislocated

The recent tale of Garfield:

Got home a few night ago and StandTall husband was standing over garfield cleaning out blood on her injured Shoulder! She bled terribly and cried out each time we lift up that shoulder. I had to take permission from my boss to see the vet the following morning before getting to work. The vet confirm dislocation of Garfield Shoulder.

How she got this to happen still remain a mystery. We thought of all possible reasons from trying to jump down from the top of our wardrobe to running or ramming into our TV settie with the glass door while trying to escape from Scofield and Smallville. They always want to play with her but her not with them!

She took injections, got the shoulder bandaged (she fought it off before I could take a picture of it). She is now taking a daily dosage of Calcium tablet. It's being almost a week now, my poor Garfield still can't use the injured front foot to walk.


Updates On My Missing Molly:

Molly isn't home yet, but she is aorund. She is always out at night to eat the nips I put out there for her. If the food isn't there on time, she cries out for it. She let me, StandTall husband and the feline kids see her but she runs from us. She doesn't let us close. She is so slim now like she has lost a lot of weight due to lack of regular food because she comes out only at night! Didn't get any cage from her vet to trap her and now I am trying to see if putting sleeping tablet in her food will make her sleep off where I can get her. Wish me luck

Why is molly being so naughty? She sure knows us but she doesn't want to come home!

Click Gattina to read more on CATs on Tuesday

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Interview Thursday: Our 2nd Male Guest; Remarkable RETHOTS!

I present to you gentle ladies and gentle men, our Remarkable Rethots. This guy is so creative and accommodating. All these I deduced from visiting his blog cuz I have never met him in person. You are very welcome Rethots and thanks for sharing with us

The Interview:
S: How did you come about your blog name Rethots?
R:Simple, I had a former blog Thotstimi, closed it 'cos I felt patronized Why? I know not. However, the pen refused to rest so….. I wanted to blog again but realized I couldn't use the former blog name. The blolg theme idea was going to change not and thus 'Re'-thots was birthed, 'Rethots' without the hyphen. I love its seeming anonymity; it allows people to relate to you based on your thots before an unveiling if there ever is one.

S:Can you tell us your favourite movie, book and music?
R: I don't have favourites. However, movies……I love epics, "Commodus is not a moral man" – Galadiators, "Choose your words carefully" – 300, Troy et al; books….. I read randomly these days. Back then, loved Sidney Sheldon, Jeffery Archer, John Grisham, John Maxwell and recently Helon Habila. Of course, I read 48 Laws of Power and The Art of War. I have never finished reading any of Wole Soyinka's books; music……Country, Classicals. Heard a particular song by some guy called Alfa Blondey hope that's the correct spelling and I loved it. Mary Mary's "Can't just give up now" is quite timeless to me.

S: Is Rethots a private person?
R: It goes without saying, I am a private person.

S: Can you give us a little insight into your life?
R: I am answering this question last because I have never been able to answer it. …tried on my blog home page but, for some funny reasons, I think in answering these questions, you would have had an insight into my life.

S: There have been a wide range of activities for 16 days of activitism against gender based violence, what have you done?
R: Nothing.
S: Lol. I am sure you have done something positive without realizing it.

S:On the state of the nation, what do you see happening in Nigeria in a few years?
R: Hmmm, actually, it is already happening. The actualization of the Nigerian Revolution, and many would be saying or, thinking "Ouch, I should have believed it 5years ago."

S: Who is your role model?
R: There is this lecturer I had back in school Funmi Obembe, she is an all rounder.

S: How have you been a role model to your generation and others?
R: Now, this is pretty tough. I don't live to be a role model to anyone; I live life to be me. I try to live so that should my story ever be told, I would be proud of the storyline.

S: Where will Rethots like to be in the next 5 years time?
R: …on your construction site? I will rather re-phrase that question to read "What…." and not "Where…" Hence, I would respond; the sought after architect.

S:Any last words?
R: Sure, why not? After it all, no one defines you but, you. What do I mean? Make someone your standard and the best you will ever be is second best to him (or her).

S: Thank you for honouring this interview
R:Ouch! Am I supposed to say thank you? Well, your guess is as good as mine, I won't; rather, I will say, the honour is mine.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Feminism 101: What Feminism is not

Feminism is not:
1. Lesbianism ( yes, there are lesbians amongst feminists as they have their sexuality rights and it's their rights but feminism is not lesbianism)
2. Men hating
3. Frustrated spinsters
4. Delusional
5. An Act of war against men
6. Rumour Mongering
7. Monolithic
8. Dogmatism
9. Arrogance
10. Wanting to behave like men


Sunday, December 7, 2008


I was out to represent my organisation at a program. It was actually a graduation ceremony of some young women and men equipped with ICT skills. On my way back home, I happened to join the Executive Director of the organisation that graduated the students and his fiancee in a taxi. The ED is a friend but I met the bright fiancee that day. I only saw her on facebook before but not in person.

We had so many discussions in the course of our long trip, all thanks to the traffic you can always count on in Lagos. Our discussion moved from poverty to the state of affairs in Lagos and Nigeria. Then our discussion shifted to Project Fame which led to the powerful principle judge on the show Joke Silva.

We didn't focus on the elegant, powerful, successful Aunty Joke for long as he mentioned a particular popular figure that is too hot for any man to handle/control in marriage. Then I asked if the intention of any man is always to get involved with someone he can control and not someone he can co-exist with and understand for who she is. He took a deep breath and said "StandTall, I have realised that a lot of men are coward, they don't have self-confidence and thereby they get threatened by powerful women and they resist these women"!

What struck me in this conversation was the fact that a lot of powerful, wonderful women are trapped with men that have unresolved issues within themselves and they see the success of thier partners as threats to them. Little wonder some men would rather die than marry a woman that will not drop her surname. Why is this an issue? Is marriage an indication of lost of identity? Even if a woman does, we are still reminded why a woman is never a complete being.

Seriously, I often meet with people in Nigeria where I was born, bread and living; how a woman has no right, how a woman has to live the lives of others and make all sacrifices without expecting anything in return. Hmmmm some advert would even justify what role a woman is expected to play. The stereotypes, the discriminations and all

As 16 days of Activism is drawing to a close, it's important that we all take a sit and reflect:

Can any society succeed without women's contribution?
Is it right for a society to undervalue women?
What have we done to achieve the MDGs goal 3 (Gender equality and women empowerment)?
Will there ever be a free society until women are free and their rights respected?
Does a man have anything to lose to see a woman being equal to him?
Is it of a greater benefit to all to live as one?

I can go on and on.... but let's think, let's act!

Remember to send me an email to me at if you are interested in doing something on Int'l Human Rights Day about Uzoma Okere's assault.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

4 in 1: The Farafina Event, Obama, Okere Assault, Interview Thursday, Acid bath Operation

Trust me you don't wanna miss the Farafina Event!

The Obama Prank

Wanna know who hung up o Obama? View the link
  16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM: The Okere's Assault

Is there anything we can still do to raise awareness on Uzoma Okere's Assault? Let's brainstorm for ideas. To keep this away from the public glare, email We still have till December 10th to do something.

Interview Thursday
? This won't happen today as the two intended guests are yet to get back to me. I will sue you guys if you don't say a thing before next Thursday. Busy for Xmas shopping already?

Acid Bath Victim needing operation:

Please if you know of anyone who has being disfigured with acid bath, get in touch with me as I am aware of a doctor abroad that is interested in operating on any victim of acid bath as his way of contributing to humanity.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



I sighted Molly last night. She is just at the back of our house on another house's roof. I fed her but she would run off when I try to get near. She now calls out for food.

Poor baby, she must have being there all these while. I am trying to get a cage to trap her or I will just continue feeding her till she feels good enough to come back home

I am happy about this!

The 9th Day of Activism against Gender Based Violence: What difference have you made?


* The slide is the ingenuity of Black Looks from the AWID Forum
* The youtube vidoe is about RAPE issue.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cats on Tuesday: A tale of 3 Cats

Molly's Case
My Aggressive Best friend, Molly is yet to be found. I have started putting cat's nips at the back of our house where she disappeared through. This paid of as I saw a cat head like Molly's a week ago eating out of the cat food. I approached the cat silently but still I missed it as she disappeared back inside the roof.
It's now a ritual for me to put nips out there and it's always disappearing. If only I can stay awake one night to see the cat eating away the nips. I want Molly back! ..............................................................................................................................................................

Meet Smallville:

He is one of Molly's four kittens that were adopted by catlovers. I had to get him back because the previous owner suddenly discovered he didn't want this gorgeous baby anymore. He took his furniture over Samuelson (his former name before we changed it to Smallville). Methink the guy is not a catlover but an admiral of kittens. He threatened to either throw Smallville away or give him to cat eaters. No way! He is now with us having fun!
Scofield! A litter box Case
Socfield the Don. Father of 8. Olorioko (Standtall Hubby branded him).
His best place is to take a nap inside the litter box!. He can't wait for it to be cleaned out phew he is in! He was there for more than 2 hours on Sunday enjoying himself. What a mentality!
What a CATitude sytle!

What did you adopt lately?

Monday, December 1, 2008

World AIDS Day

Take Back The Tech!

Make a stand & take part in a text mob against HIV/AIDS related stigma!

* At 12.00 noon, wherever you are, send a message to 10 people about

* You can use twitter, SMS, email, IRC channel, forums, blog comment,
call in to a radio programme or any communication channels you have
access to.

* We've come up with a few messages to help you get started:

** Marriage does not mean automatic consent to sex. Stop HIV/AIDS! 1 Dec
? (pass this on)

** No condom no sex. It's about respect, not about shame. Stop HIV/AIDS!
1 Dec ? (pass this on)

** Poverty + violence spreads HIV/AIDS. End women's discrimination. Stop
HIV/AIDS! 1 Dec ? (pass this on)

** Get tested. Get treatment. Get control. Stop HIV/AIDS! 1 Dec ? (pass this on)

** Ignorance + fear = stigma. Get facts. Stop HIV/AIDS! 1 Dec ? (pass this on)

* Publicise this call on your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, myspace,
instant messenger status etc, and grow this text mob.

Organise with your friends, networks and community. Spread the word &
amplify the buzz. Take action on World AIDS Day!

My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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