Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Before I lost her

And she took ill. She battled to regain her health . It took forever and this wish never came to be. It was diagnosed that she's got Mysthenia Gravis, a rare but terminal illness.

Then the battle began, the battle to take care of her, while keeping my 7 to 7 cafe job, while struggling to pay the bills. I wished for her to be well, she wished for me not to suffer so much. With lack of resources, we struggled on. We struggled to get her expensive drugs, we struggled to feed. No help was enough for us.

I was becoming thiner and sicker. She noticed and wept. Forever wanting things to be different. Yes, she wished even when she didn't communicate it, I could sense it, I could feel it, the pains in her silence. She watched as I struggle to make things work out for us. She watched as I struggled with my job and with taking care of her.

At some point in her illness, her doctor ordered some tests to be done in far away in Lagos. I had to get to Lagos. I had to get the tests done. Doctor said they were very important. So I had to look for away to get to Lagos as fuel scarcity and hike in transportation fares were the order of the moment. The expense of travelling far to get her expsensive drugs in this fuel scarcity time had drained the little money we had left. What was there to be done?

Then help shown up. My then boss asked me to follow her car to Lagos. I was happy. I had to go to her house and wait for her driver and one of her younger brothers to go with us. Then, I was faced with cruelty. I was faced with her yet another younger brother with that wicked look. Always cold and distant. Always looking angry. He was often in his army cap or uniform but he wasn't in the service no longer.

He ordered me out of their abode. I protested cuz I have done nothing wrong (I thought). The driver persuaded me to leave and wait outside. In my confused state, I moved out but not fast enough as he (the cold looking brother of my boss) approached me with horsewhip! Who was that meant for? It was for me. I was horsewhipped! It was merciless. It was non-stop! People gahered and watched helplessly. No one could come to my rescue

Why oh why. I was beating by a psychiatric patient. Why was I never told he is not mentally okay? Why was I never warned to be careful around him even when he came to the cafe? And she carried with me, YES MY SICK MOTHER DID.

I had to proceed to Lagos but the test didn't save her. I lost her in a cold and wicked day of 25th February, 2003 to be precise. She departed unceremoniously.


That was how "Maami" (my mother) left. To be seen know more. To talk to know more. To fight with no more. To pray for me know more. To love me know more...

It's being SIX YEARS but it feels like yesterday.Continue to rest in peace mami. It's been so so lonely without you. And to Standtall Husband mother, who died same day 2 years apart, you are on our minds.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Info-Activism rules

Greetings from India dears. Yours trully has being in Bangalore India for the past five days attending Info-Activism Camp organised by Tactical Technology Collective. It's always inspiring to learn new things that can further develop one's work and personal lives. I am happy to be represting my organisation at the camp and I am glad to be meeting people from diverse background... This includes a popular blogger ( Stay tuned)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Interview Thursday. Our 4th Male Guest: "I love to question things" - Unconventional Dammy

From the way he writes, you can deduce a perosnality that is liberal, focus and caring about making a change. He has taken out of his busy schedule to share with us. Welcome on "Interview Thursday" Dammy.

What word best describes Dammy?
Deep, with a probing heart and a wandering thought.

It reads on your blog that you are an unconventional person, can you explain what this means in details?
Did I really write that? Lol!
Sometimes, I think I am weird in some ways. There are times, I really wonder if I am not one of God’s creative mishaps. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the person I am. But somehow, I feel like a factory of ideas gone awry. Maybe it’s all in my head. Maybe it is just me.
I love to question things. I love to subject the norm to some critical thinking and I have observed that people label anyone who questions what they consider to be the norm ‘miscreant’. In some cases such people are ostracized from all social activities in that community for fear of influencing others. This is the stance in most religious societies and this is where I seem to differ.
Who I am today is a direct revolt against my strict religious upbringing. I grew up in a family where strict adherence to religious teachings and practice was a norm. At the height of such religious enlightenment, my once serene and innocent life came crashing when I realized that I could no longer conform to the strict religious teachings that seem to place me in a more confused state.
I sought to understand the rational behind some of the things that I have been taught and the things I have read. I want to know why some people should be preferred amongst others when they are all created by the same person. Initially, my questions were treated as some kind of childhood curiosity but when it appears I wasn’t going to get out of it, I was seen as being blasphemous. I grew up with mixed feelings. And no, I didn’t end up an Atheist. I found God in a more personal way or better still, he found me. Though, I get lost in my thoughts sometimes.

From you blog writings you appear to be gender sensitive person, are you a feminist or a pro-female or a sympathizer of women's cause?
The latter is true. I would rather be seen as a sympathizer of women’s cause. But that is not the big picture. I represent not just the voiceless protest and longings of every woman but I am also sensitive to the silent sobs of the helpless, irrespective of gender. For instance, I could pick a hat and give it a heart. I could follow its grueling journey through the maze of time, as it warms different heads. And when it has been beaten and battered in the scorching sun or by the familiar strokes of time, we abandoned it or make the trash its home.
It could be the strings of agony of a muzzled fetus as it is rendered homeless, stripped naked and yanked limbs apart amidst its sea of pleas. Or the plaintive cries of children in distant town, torn apart by the cruel lashes of hunger, abandoned in the cold and left at the mercy of the street.
What about the pulsating throb of the hardened phallus, whose destiny is it to swim the deep waters of life and meander through those dark thickets! Ever wondered what lies beneath those dark paths? I pen not just the agony of the burdened scrotum but the travails of the sacred vagina entwined in some cruel fate! Mine is the pen of the voiceless.

The world over, women ask for equal share in leadership and resources, what is your thought on this? 
There were times when women were seen but never heard. As a matter of tradition, it was considered a virtue when a woman in the name of respect and good manners subject herself to constant torment and abuse in the hands of her husband without protest. It was a society that places little or no value on women. This was then. Time has changed!In fairness to all, women are the unseen builders of the society. They are the hands that rock the cradle. The grease in the wheels of the economy, nurturing future leaders and keeping late night watch, while men drift away in slumber. What then is the rational behind depriving them of such inalienable right as an equal share in the leadership and resources of their country?Who says having a dick makes you dig better? Being a man doesn't make one a better manager? Who created these frigging patriarchal and ‘male-centric’ social laws that have eaten deep into the fabrics of our society, posing as a limitation to the actualization of some life-changing dreams? I thought ‘He’ created us equal? To be frank, everyone irrespective of their gender differences deserves an equal share in leadership and resources of their country. It is women’s right, just as it is the right of their male counterpart. Society should create an enabling environment that would recognize the equality of all gender. However, I must add that leadership doesn't come on the platter of "asking" it comes on the grounds of competence. Obama didn't become the president of the United States by asking. It was a deliberate and a calculated effort, matched with the necessary qualifications and expertise required for such elevated position. Women should stop asking, they should start acting. Same principle applies to all. You want something, just go for it. Life does not always give us what we deserve but what we demand.
Do you think women are fairly treated in the society, if not what do you think is responsible for this?  
We must first establish that societal perception of women differs from one end of the world to the other. However, as much as modern societies claim to uphold the philosophy of gender equality, there still exist some visible elements of deprivation and prejudice against women. This stems from the patriarchal structure of our society. Women are mostly the victims of domestic violence, rape and such inhuman crimes which are more pronounced in developing countries of the world. Most devastating is the realization that religion which is meant to give that sense of equality, oneness and relief encourages such unfair treatment by championing the cause against women participation in certain religious activities. Some religion prohibits women leadership and in some others, women are seen but never heard.
Early last year while serving in the north, I was exposed to some of the unfair and inhuman treatments that women are exposed to in the name of cultural and religious practices. Imagine a situation in which one is kept in total seclusion; oblivious of the happenings in her little community, isolated in a dirty, shabby and uninhabitable room that has the semblance of a dudgeon; raped and sexually abused every now and then by a man who calls himself the husband and who has in his custody about 2 – 6 of such women. The most painful part of this gory tale is that these women have been in such agonizing state from a very tender age and would have to endure such inhumane treatment for the rest of their lives! This is not fiction or faction, it is real! What then is responsible for such unfair treatment? This question becomes easy to answer if we know what value our society place on the life of her citizens as this would to a great extent influence how we perceive our individualities. A society that does not value the life of her citizens cannot be sensitive to their needs and this would in return reflect in the way we perceive one another.
In my opinion, there is the need for a change in societal perception of women especially in developing countries where such negative perceptions are dominant. Such re-orientation should not just be taken to the cities but also penetrate the interior communities and societies in distant Africa where it is a taboo for a woman to rival her male counterpart. Religion should not be used as a tool of discrimination or prejudice against women; rather it should serve as a chord that fosters gender equality. Finally, Women should learn to pursue their dreams - no matter how big or small it is, and not allow such 'stereotypes' impede them from the actualization of such noble feat. All men (women inclusive) are created equal.
You once did a piece that resembles the Vagina Monologue on your blog, what inspired the post?
‘Can a Vagina talk?’ This was the question that triggered off a thought process that gave birth to ‘Vagina Verses’. What I did was to find a common ground for men and women, something that would make them stop in the rush and listen; something they hold so sacred and upon which the message of respect and dignity for SELF can be hinged.
No doubt, we live in a society where moral values are fast becoming mundane and in the maze of such modern craze, we tend to forget that the pride of the masquerade lies in its mask. I realized that one of the ways we can truly understand the agony and several abuses on the Vagina by men and women alike is to see through the eyes of a Vagina. To achieve this, I became the vagina, relaying the many plights of women – young and old, in a quest for self respect.

“And to you seekers of my vast treasures, when next you come across another vagina, treat her like your life depends on her because she could be your mother, your sister, your wife and maybe… your daughter!”

What are you views on religion and patriarchy systems that dominate the world?
Religion? I hate the way it is being practiced in our world today. It seems to have been hijacked by selfish individuals – men who profess God with their lips but their heart is far from him. It is used as instrument of exploitation and unfortunately, women are the most vulnerable. I long for a time when so-called men of God would stop riding on the wings of religion as a way of exploiting the poor masses. Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world” James 1:26-27

What exactly is Dammy's passion?
Teaching. I am passionate about teaching. I love kids. They are God’s greatest gift to humanity. Life’s greatest lessons are learnt from these innocent ones. I like poetry and music. They can be very therapeutic. I love to write. I love to be different.

What will you like to contribute to the world?
I want to use my writing, teaching, music and poetry skills to touch lives, transform people and change perceptions.

Any parting word?
Find what makes you happy and go for it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I won BlogHer Scholarship!

A few Months Ago, December 2008 to be precise, Archiwiz left a message on my comment section to get in touch with her over something. The something turned out to be a scholarship nomination from BlogHer for activists outside the United States that are using their blogs to raise money or create awareness on certain issues.

Any nominee who wins the scholarship will receive:

  • A full 2-day conference pass to BlogHer'09
  • Round trip airfare to and from Chicago, IL for the BlogHer '09 annual conference
  • 3 nights stay at the Chicago Sheraton during the conference
  • The opportunity to present their work during a session at BlogHer '09

  • Archiwiz and other bloggers she told ( I am yet to know their names), Rev. Lisa, Grahamn Kracker and Doug nominated me.

    They believe in me and what I do. They believed I deserved this scholarship and now I have got it. Chicago here I come in July all because I have a wonderful blogging community that take Standtall seriously.

    Thank you all! I promise to always do my best in promoting, advancing, protecting women's human rights and women empowerment.

    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    PM and its gruesome headlines!

    The PM tabloid newspaper will never cease to freak me out. This newpaper comes out in the evenings hence the name. I think they started or get popular the year FelaAnikulapo- Kuti died in 1997. 

    PM capured the details of Fela's death and the two other death that followed in his family. That of his sister and daughter. They did a good job of reporting Princess Diana's death as well. This was the occurrence of the time but little did I know that is what they love to report.

    I may be wrong, but 12 years going, the caption of PM front page leaves me in no doubt the kind of message they want to pass across to the people. Nothing gives them joy of selling their papers than reporting gruesome incident and making it the headline all the time. I wonder the extra miles their reporters will go to to get these news. Hmmm in other hand, bad news travels fast.
    1. 49 Killed
    2. 5 died in building collapse
    3. Iyabo Osalende died
    4. Father raped daughter to death
    5. 10 killed in Bayelsa state
    6. Kel Almost died in a Motor Accident
    Just giving examples of their headlines above, not that they don't report other news ranging from fashion to football but these hardly make their headlines. But the gruesome news always does! Well, it's nothing to be surprised about that people buy this paper in thousands.

    I really do wonder why good news hardly make the front page in the PM newspaper. To me profit is more important in what they do. It's profit first and to achieve that, they know the mind of the people and use what they know to their advantage. People love bad news! really? When Pastor Chris Okotie got married, well he's a popular figure, the news made the headline but the still attached bad news to the side!

    PM, you can do better really. Report news that makes sense and people will still buy. It doesn't have to be only bad news that should make your headlines for your paper to sell.

    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    Interview Thursday: The 3rd Male Guest; "The roles of our fathers in shaping our lives ... are important" DOUG

    He is HOT, he is a DUDE and he's definitely visionary. I often wonder how he gets toconstruct his wonderful and meaningful grammars! He is a walking vocabulary. If you don't believe me, check out his reflecting blog. My paddi (friend) Doug, has this space to share his brilliant views.
    What kind of a blogger is Doug?
    Ummm…I guess more than most, my personality comes through strongly in my blogging and even in the comments I leave on other blogs (Buttercup can attest to that…hehe). I’d say that I’m just a blogger dude who’s grateful for having the cyber real estate to let out his eccentricities. One bighead, genius friend of mine said he liked the “everyday zeitgeist roll of my blog”. I responded with a protracted “mmmm” and an attempt to appear quite profound – several months later I still haven’t the faintest what in God’s name he was on about.

    How did you come about blogging?
    Hmm…my experience with blogging has been rather interesting. A blogger called lareine and I had a mutual friend whom lareine had been badgering to start a blog. I saw her do it, tried my hand at it and, to be honest, I absolutely sucked the first YEAR or so! I sucked so bad that I took off for about six months, and only did a post every blue moon (with long absences) till a few months ago when I started seriously doing blog rounds and discovered some of the smartest and most intriguing people I have ever rubbed minds with. It inspired me to blog more consistently.

    What do you think of the blogging community?
    I think it’s a very intriguing community. A wonderful mix of egg-heads, activists, amateur philosophers, poets, party animals and so on. On the down side, there’s nothing altogether terrible about blogsville apart from the periodic plague of love-sickness, the odd heartbreak or two and the ensuing flurry of “men are evil” posts…but that’s everywhere in real life too no? So blogsville is awesome jo! [giggle]

    Do you think blogging has had a good impact in human relationship and adventures?
    Oh certainly. The interesting thing about blogging, particularly for anonymous bloggers, is that the connections you make with people are usually mental. You understand, sympathize, agree and disagree with them without having even seen them and so when a bond is formed it tends to be of a deeper, more meaningful kind than is formed from say, exchanging risqué pictures on facebook. Not that I would know anything about doing a thing so preposterous mind you…[ahem]. But basically, blogging builds communities largely on commonality of thought, and I think that to be much loftier than the approaches of most other social networking applications like [yaaaaaawn] facebook.

    In our brief past chat, you had mentioned your vision to make a change in the world, can you share that vision with us?
    Ummm…That’s a rather long topic but I’ll try to make it quick. I’ve had this idea for a while that much of the problem with society is connected with ineffective (or an absence of) fatherhood, and the miseducated men this produces. The role of our fathers in shaping our lives as men and, more importantly, our perception of the world and other people, is intrinsic to the proper harmony of the larger society and it’s a shame that so many men take this so lightly.

    God gives us these strapping little sons to mentor for 20 odd years and we make a right mess of it and unleash them on society, and what’s the result? The deep-rooted lack of honesty in so many Nigerian men, the pervasive sexism in our society, the myriad broken homes and the mixed-up children they produce (of which I am one), and the innumerable ‘unavailable men’ as funms so frequently puts it.

    Anyway my idea is a coaching camp that takes young men, fathered and fatherless, and provides mentorship and healthy education to them from childhood to adulthood. Much of it is going to be rooted in Christian doctrine. We’ll do volunteer work both within and outside the country to instill a sense of service and justice in the boys etc etc. It’s quite an elaborate idea but I think you should get the idea now.
    Also I have a strong passion for the empowerment of uneducated, rural women. It started years back when I was a kid and watched a documentary about female circumcision and a host of other barbaric injustices against women in several parts of the world. There was this one where an Arab woman was screaming from labour pains and her husband refused to let her doctor see her. Those documentaries left a strong impression on me.

    Last but definitely not least, I have a fanatical zeal for social change in Nigeria. Naija for life!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When will these visions be actualized?
    Haven’t you heard? Doug for President! Vision 2023!
    Well actually I have done voluntary work with NGOs, crusade teams and civil rights groups in the past but lost steam a couple of years back. I’m getting back on track now though so I guess the time to start is NOW!!!! Actualization, I think, will rather than an event, be a sustained process.

    Women make the world go round, can you mention 5 female bloggers you admire and why?
    This is such a setup!!! 80% of Nigerian blogsville is female and so almost all my blogger friends are female. And there are soooo many awesome ones amongst them, and now I’m to mention 5! Mscheeeeew! Before I begin let me state, in anticipation of a potential war of words from one person who will not appear on this list, that I admire many female bloggers for many reasons, some of a rather personal or intimate nature. Others I have almost no relationship with but have a deep respect for their thoughts and values. This latter group is where I will pick my five from (the only exception being Standtall). This is not to say that the other group doesn’t….oh what the heck, if it offends you, good luck trying to box my ears...mscheeew!!!...

    Standtall – She’s a doer. She believes in women and she spends much of her life doing something about it. It’s truly admirable the amount of effort she puts into her crusade and she’s helped me develop a better understanding of feminist thought. I even went through the trouble of reading about the subject because of her.

    NDQ – She’s a girl with a keen intelligence and some lofty ideas who has that ever so admirable desire to come and do something about her country. She was one of those bloggers who inspired me to be a more consistent blogger. Unfortunately she’s gone. Won’t you consider coming back NDQ?
    Funms – She’s probably the most philosophical of my circle of blogger acquaintances. She thinks so deeply about the things she writes about…and most of all she into I.T. How cool is that???!!!

    Jaycee – I always come away from her blog with the impression of having conversed with a deeply reverent disciple of Christ’s. It has to be incredibly difficult coming up with the blogposts that Jaycee writes. If she is, in person, anything like the picture her words paint then she’s a truly remarkable person.

    Solomonsydelle – In the case of this extraordinary woman there is really no point ‘taking sand to the beach’ as they say. One word is enough – A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

    What do you think a relationship should be all about?
    Ah yes…we come to the relationship question. Interestingly a number of people have asked me this question in the past few weeks. Does it mean I shall soon be rescued from the curse of fast food (I hope this doesn’t offend your feminist sensibilities Standtall)?
    Anyway, a relationship should be about oneness of purpose, principles and perhaps goals. It should be about mutual gain, mutual interest, and a concerted pursuit of mutual understanding, happiness and peace. It should only be entered into with someone whom one would not be averse to committing one’s life to. Yes you heard me right, if I cannot bear to be married to you, I won’t date you since my faith does not permit me to have casual sex with you anyway.

    A relationship should mean that I have someone who can give me a leg up when I’m tired (as I would her). It should mean that I finally have someone I can trust, and don’t have to be so guarded anymore. Most importantly, I should not need to ‘complete’ anyone. If you ‘can’t live’ without me, then we very likely can’t live together.

    Much of what I have said might be wrong, but I’ve seen the converse of them all around me, and it has not been the most inspiring sight.

    Should a man be the only one calling the shots in a relationship?
    Definitely not! Let me put it this way, if only one party calls the shots in a relationship, then one party can be done away with. There’s nothing like a Redbull and a confident woman to make my day [hehe]

    What does religion mean to you?
    God has been so much to me for the vast majority of my life. I’m rather lukewarm now, but I grew up having a strong faith in God and did a lot of missionary work adolescence till I was about 21. Yes now you know I’m older than 21. Seriously though, Christian values have been a great bedrock for many of my choices and enterprises in life. I always say that if I die and find that all of it has been a lie, I will still have gained much from living the Christian life.
    And with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you (and not to confuse you) that Chelsea is the team of great people.
    Hmmmm, thanks for these wonderful and great insights to everything Doug. We are not confused but Liverpool is the team (lol)

    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Cats On Tuesday: A visit to the Vet

                                                       You never know what this is all about
    Packed inside a cage, you are
    Where your purring, growling cannot change a thing

    Tearing into the cage only bring scolding
    You are captured for life
    That is the feeling

    The noise, the commotion,
    the confusion as you were carried
    only gets you more frightened
    But it brings little sympathy!

    Then you arrived
    a place where your destiny is decided
    Where he's waiting with a forced smile

    You never can tell what awaits you
    Even with the fixed, forced smile
    You know it's a facade

    Until the momment arrived
    You are torn, dissected, dived into
    With the "everything is fine" assurance!

    Then you saw the green stars
    The yellow moon and red sky
    As you passed out!

    That is a visit to the VET 
    For the PET
    Called the Feminist CAT!
    - Gov. Garfield

    Visit Gattina blog for more on Cat On Tuesday

    Monday, February 9, 2009

    Road and Bus Evangelism: My take.

    Please note that I do not intend to be blasphemous in any form. I will like all the religion fundamentalists that will be reading this to please be aware that I am purely writing this from victim/witness point of view.

    I do not have anything against road/ bus preaching, I just wonder the sense in the lack of better strategy by the " I have called you to spread salvation" righteous preachers.The common scenerio on the road is to see preachers shouting at the top of their lungs in ever noisy and disorderly places. Then, you wonder who exactly they are reaching out to. You wonder the impact of such effort. In my former house, there was this preacher that would be out before 5am every morning waking the whole community up with the ceaseless donging of his bell that was often louder than his voice. What sense does this make?

    This brings me to the bus scenes; everybody that enters a bus has got one thing or the other in mind as the journey proceeds either to rest a while before getting to your destination or to read something while in transit or better still to think. You will be rudely jolt out of whatever mood has carried you afar by the sudden singing, clapping or the call "to praise the lord somebody" of the ready to preach evangelist. For a journey of up to one hour or more than one hour, you are stuck with this preacher that will demand you respond to his/her prayers or that you sing along with him/her. Failure to do so, will get you labeled as anti-christ!

    Then the preaching proper; time to face your sin of using make-up as a woman or wearing trousers or fixing artificial hair/nails which will make you doom enough to make hell. You are simply a daughter of Jazebel and unless you change your ways, you are going to hell. For a young man using stud or plaiting your hair, hell awaits you... If you happen to have any make-up on on when the preacher starts hammering away, blocking your ear with the unceasing noise, and gazes from the other bus righteous will make you feel so uncomfortable and tensed. Who cares, just change your ways! "Your churches that encourage these acts will not save you unless you repent" this is often added.

    Well, it seems there is no salvation apart from this preacher's salvation as God has handed it to him/her. I wonder how some of these preachers have lost touch with the salvation reality. How I pray for their souls to be saved. How I wish they will adopt a better strategy of evangelising. A 2-page tracts will do the job of "soul saving". Just hand it to the people and shut up! Let that guide there path if they choose to follow your salvation...

    Wednesday, February 4, 2009

    Interview Thursday: Whoever cannot take care of a child, should not be allowed to have any" - Allied

    She is a writer, but she claims she is more of a story teller, she is a techie and she is female. She was a member of the 14th and Serenity Teams .Have you being to her blog? If not, you are missing. Here comes Ms. Allied!

    Allied is a Techie and a creative writer, how do you come about these 2 extremely different gifts?
    Being a techie is something I fell into, it was because I did not want to become a doctor like my mom wanted, so I picked the first available class in college and I came to like it A creative writer you say? Well, I see myself more as a story teller. I love stories, I used to envy those children in "tales by moonlight" I wished I had that, but we lived in the city. We had an entrepreneur for a grandmother and there were no trees in the yard. You should even count yourself lucky if you are outside long enough to see the moon. The gate man chased you in at 4pm... I always imagined myself telling tales to my children, then my grandchildren but the problem was that I couldn't express myself because I used to stutter, So I began to pen my stories down

    What does your job entail?
    I am a Business analyst. Besides being in charge the whole SDLC ( System Development Life Cycle) of a project, our work consists of documentation. I am not sure if this section in my work has kept my passion burning (story telling) or hindered it; meaning our documentation has to be written in very simple language with no ambiguity.

    You were one of the 14th and Serenity writers, how did you get your team and theme together?
    Yes, I am one of the writers. The team was already selected before I came aboard. As for the theme, I don't remember how it was chosen.

    Who is the initiator of 14th and Serenity and how did the originator come about the idea and can you please tell us more about the originator?
    It was Catwalq's idea and believe she was working closely with Waffarian as weel. As you know from thier blogs, these 2 are very talented. Though, I am older than Catwalq, I still want to be like her when I grow up (Smiles)

    What do you considered your achievement in the 14th and Serenity?
    My achievement of 14th and Serenity is entirely different from blogville POV. The first achievement is being called to write amongst talented writers and still stand out. The second is not sticking to the familiar, though I see it was one of the problem blogville had with the plot. They wanted a bit of Nigeria-ness to it. I like that as Nigerians, we can write about other cultures as well. That's what makes you a writer.

    Will there be follow-up episodes or more writings on the 14th and Serenity blog?
    No, I don't think so. If any project is to follow, it will have its own blog.

    I have always get captivated by the skillful ways you write your posts, is this very natural with you?
    Natural? I won't say so because be as it may, I still do some research on my stories, though its birth might start from looking at someone on the street thinking about their lives. I still do some research as to what I write. Amongst many reasons why I cannot stand Yoruba movies the biggest reason is the false information they provide to viewers just because they heard someone say it e.g "because you can't conceive means you were a wayward girl in college with multiple abortions under your belt". Fiction has to make sense because our readers are not stupid.

    If giving the chance, what will you like to change in the world?
    If I have the power, I will make a decree that whoever cannot take care of a child, should not be allowed to have any. I know some people might not agree with me but I am saddened when people bring children into poverty and use them as slaves. If you are poor, having a child is bad enough; they continue to have about 5 children. It is not fair on these children.

    Do you think the change going on all over the world especially with America in relation to their new leader can happen in Nigeria?
    Yes, it will. The changes will eventually trickle down to us., it might take a few more years but Nigeria will also become a proud nation one day. But in order to do so, we need to stand up and rise. We need to get rid of "this is Nigeria" mentality, "this is our culture" mentality. If it is not working, then another strategy should be in place. We need to demand of our leaders what they have promised, we need to let them know Majority carries the vote and we are the majority. We need to get tired of the crumbs thrown to us. We need to DEMAND what we want.

    Until then...

    Any last word you wish to leave us with?
    DREAM... always dream because with that you will always have Hope and Hope doesn't disappoint...

    Uzoma Okere Case Adjourned

    This is an update on Uzoma Okere's case; Due to well, some court uncontrollable circumstances, Uzoma case has being adjourned till the 18th of February 2009.
    This justice will surely not be denied!

    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    Cat on Tuesday: I am a Proud FEMINIST Cat

    I am a happy cat
    cuz I am a feminist cat

    I purr with joy
     I am with a free-spirit
    I am with whom understands my essence
    She is contented with my catitude life

    She adores my purpose
    My purpose of snuggling next to her and on her

    Today is a new day in our home
    I am a proud feminist cat

    I am looking out the window
    with a broken heart to see her go to work
    and leave me to miss her absence

    I look forward to the time she calls out to me
    announcing her arrival

    Here she comes but with goodies (yummy!)
    I am more than happy to be her pet
    I am a proud feminist cat
     - Senator Molly ( The feminist cat)

    Visit Gattina Blog for more.

    Monday, February 2, 2009


    Tomorrow, the 3rd of February, 2009 is the hearing of UZOMA OKERE Vs. Arogundade suit. Uzoma was the damsel that was the victim of Admiral Arogundade and his naval escorts assault on the 3rd of November, 2008 on Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

    UZoma was assaulted on the said day as the lawbreakers felt she did not leave the road for them to pass after blowing thier offended siren. They took laws into thier hands and beat her up. It was an appalling incident...

    The case went to court and tomorrow is the hearing. I am beginning to believe in our judicial system in Nigeria. I have faith that justice will be done on Uzoma's case. We raised a lot of awareness on this case, we should try and follow it through
    My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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