Thursday, November 27, 2008

Interview Thursday. The first Male Guest; Grahamn Cracker!

Hey, blogshpere/ville, I am presenting my first male guest on "Interview Thursday". He is a friend, a cat lover, a wonderful person and I am glad he is here to share a part of his life and experience with us on this segment. Welcome Grahamn Kracker

What can you share with us about you?
"They said that he was just a frog and that frogs could not do those things that he had set as his life ambitions and that, therefore, he should give up all such foolish notions. Being a frog, he did not understand their reasoning and so went out and did them, anyway." - Herman Bernard
Actually, there is no Herman Bernard. I made up the above yesterday and tagged it onto the end of an email that I sent to a friend of mine who is an accomplished author, editor, and hiker. I did it is a joke, but in retrospect, it does kind of sum up my own experience. Whatever is that I have ever wanted to do in life, there has always been someone - a parent, advisor, teacher, seasoned professional - who has always stood in front of me to tell me that I can't do it, but I have done it anyway.
Well, some of it. There is much left to be done. Maybe time will prevent me from accomplishing all of it.
In addition, I stand just under 5'8" inches short, have a wife and five grown children, one grandson, and I live in Wasilla, Alaska - a community that has gained much notoriety lately. I have a passion for photography, writing, airplanes and wild country. I am an extremely ambitious person, yet I am as lazy and lethargic as anyone ever born. I am a reclusive loner who mingles and interacts directly with thousands of people.

Is there any sentiment about Alaska you can tell us?
Alaska! How I love the place! This cold, hard, beautiful, severe, giving land and sea that can take a careless person's life just like that; this place that has generated so much warmth and desire in the human heart, that equally extends its invitation to the dreamer and the plunderer, oftentimes converting one to the other, but ever after locking them into unceasing political, legal - and sometimes lethal - combat.
I say that I was born and raised in exile, what we who live "Inside" call "Outside," in the western portion of the Lower 48 states and the Alaska dream came to me as a boy. One day, my wife and I staged a big yard sale at the place where we lived on her White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona, then loaded up what was left, and our then four children into a tiny Volkswagen Rabbit and hit the road north. My father told me that I would turn around before I reached the Canadian border.
When I phoned him from Canada, he told me we would turn around before we reached Alaska. Once we arrived, he told me we would be back within a year. That was 27.5 years ago. "Frostfrog" is an online handle I sometimes use.

You voted Obama, what inspired your decision?
This could be a thesis. First, I thought we needed a president who was intelligent and thoughtful, full of ideas of his own but willing to listen to and be challenged by other ideas; a president who did not need to spill other people's blood to prove how tough he was but was smart enough to know when to use diplomacy and when force was his only option; a President not owned by and subservient to the wealthiest and most powerful Americans, but who would serve the common people of this nation. Barack Obama struck me as such a man. He has an enormous challenge ahead of him. It will make or break him, and with him, perhaps, this country. I think he has the potential to be a great president. The opposition that he is going to face will be enormous. And yes, I like the fact that a black man with an African name has broken through this barrier. This gives me true hope that, despite the storms that descend upon us, America can yet become the nation of its promise - a place where all the peoples of this earth can hash out their differences and make a life for themselves, their country and contribute positively to the world. I don't know that it will happen this way, but Barack Obama gives me hope.

You are a cat lover by chance, how has this affected your life?
Oh, my! One day, I thought I despised cats and the next they were at the very center of life for my family and I. They are just wonderful, intelligent, sensitive, tough, wily, giving creatures, each unique and individual. They brighten life, and add a certain warmth to it, a warmth that is absent when no cats are present.

What inspired your cat blog?
I made a little cat book. I sent it to a publisher of Alaska books. That publisher wrote back and said, "this is wonderful, but the Alaska market is too small for a cat book to succeed." I sent to an Outside agent, as you cannot reach most Outside publishers, but through agents. She wrote back and said this is wonderful - charming and compelling by turn, that she laughed and cried - but it did not fit the formula that she felt it needed to fit for her to find a publisher.
So the frog in me said, "oh, hell, I'll blog about cats." So far, I have barely touched the bulk of cat materials that I have, and every day I add more. In some ways, I am creating a jumble of confusion on that blog, jumping here, jumping there, sometimes wishing that I had never started it at all, yet determined to keep it going. Who knows where it will lead?
Your email add that I have says "running dog" are you a dog lover as well?
I have always loved dogs. Not so long ago, sled dogs were the main winter transport in the larger portion of Alaska. Now, airplanes are, as most of Alaska remains free of highways. So when I managed to get an airplane, I named it "Running Dog" and changed the name of my business to Running Dog Publication. I made runningdog my email handle.

How many dogs and cats do you have?  
Right now, we have four cats, and no dogs. However, my oldest son, his wife and baby have been living with us for half-a-year and probably will for at least that much longer. They have one cat and a St. Bernard and they, too, are part of this household.

You run two blogs? Which started first and why the 2?
The cat blog was first - I started it last May. As blog number two, my professional work has always been print based. In fact, I had been reluctant to even let many of my photos onto the web, for fear that they would be stolen and used for purposes that I did not want. But then I decided that online is where this world now is, and is certainly going. That, however much an artist may want to, ultimately, he must turn his work loose to go where it goes, and these days, that often means online. I concluded that I needed to find a new way to express myself and, rightly or wrongly, chose to make this blog. It would have a base of focus on my strange hometown, Wasilla, but with tools to take me anywhere in the world that I wanted to go. I launched it in September, long before I was ready to, only because my town had suddenly become the focus of much national and international attention, due to Sarah Palin, Wasilla's former Mayor, Alaska's current governor, and aspirant leader of the entire world. I knew that people would be googling Wasilla all over the place, so I launched the blog.

You intend coming to Nigeria "for cats met along the way" project, are you still going to do this project?

I sure hope so. It will be a big challenge, as I continually live on the edge of financial ruin, and it will take some doing to pull off. But I have figured out what I think to be a great "Cats Met Along the Way" journey that I hope to sell to a larger market, one that would provide the financing to do it. This journey would take me across the Pacific to Taiwan, where I would meet Adan*Michico (and Lego), then to India, which now has a strong tie on my heart, and on to Nigeria to meet and photograph you and your cat friends.
It's far from reality right now, but the frog in me believes that it can be done.

Can you give us any insight to your family life?
My wife is full blood White Mountain Apache, which makes our three sons and two daughters half. My oldest son's wife is full-blood Navajo, so our one grandson is half Navajo, one quarter Apache and one quarter the mix that is me. My youngest son is also married to a beautiful and intelligent woman of many talents. My other children are all single and likely to remain that way for awhile, although they all have special someones in their lives..
Due to the wandering nature of my work, I was often absent as my children grew and preoccupied when I was home, struggling to produce my pubications, but we all always loved each other and we still do. We all battle with life, as does everyone, but the love between us is never questioned.

From 25 Nov to Dec 10, the whole world will be having different programs to remind the world that Gender Based Violence is wrong and should end, what is your opinion?
I have a wife, two daughters, two daughters-in-law and a cadre of nieces, all of whom I greatly love. I want all of them to be treated with respect and never as the pawns or punching bags - be the punches physical or mental - of anyone.

What is your philosophy about life?
I'm still trying to figure it out. I don't think I will ever succeed.

Name the 5 must visited blogs and the urls.
Of course, there is the Activist. I always return to your blog, and I enjoy it. I have discovered many other cat bloggers, and try to visit many of these regularly. I will not single them out to five, as there are too many. In the course of a week, I will visit many urls, but the ones that I visit daily include the New York Times, the Anchorage Daily News, Digital Photography Review, Cat of the Day. I often visit the Missoula Independent, the site of a weekly newspaper based on one of the towns of my childhood. Off and on I check out places such as Salon, Slate, and Huffington, but as interesting as all this is it can turn into a blur after awhile. And it eats up the clock.
You-tube always pops up.
There are so many. There are too many. It takes too much time.

How do you see blog as a tool?
Without a blog, I would not know that such a person as Standtall exists. I would hardly think of Nigeria at all. I would not know that the food there is something that people boast about, cuisine that I need to try one day. And you, Standtall, would know nothing of me or my cats.

Any last word?
None of us can get around it. That last word always comes. I hope not for awhile yet. Two or three decades, maybe. Tomorrow, perhaps... later today. I hope not. Shortly after I speak it, my memory of this word will be gone. I have no idea what it will be. Maybe, "Oh, ----!"
. I am a reclusive loner who mingles and interacts directly with thousands of people. By profession, I am a freelance photographer and author. I have produced a variety of publications dedicated to Alaska Native Eskimo, Indian, and Aleut peoples and before that, the Apache. My work has appeared in many publications, including National Geographic and GEO. I have two books on the market, Gift of the Whale: The IƱupiat Bowhead Hunt - A Sacred Tradition and Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian: Dancing on the Land. The later includes stories written by Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian authors.
...I don't know that it will happen this way, but Barack Obama gives me hope. My wife, youngest daughter and I plan to be in D.C. inauguration day. I will, of course, blog the results on Wasilla, Alaska by 300.....

Thank you, Standtall, for giving me this opportunity! "Hello" to all your friends!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


16 Days of Activism on Gender Based Violence starts to date through December 10th, 2008.

What is this all about?
The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign originating from the first Women's Global Leadership Institute sponsored by the Center for Women's Global Leadership in 1991. Participants chose the dates, November 25, International Day Against Violence Against Women and December 10, International Human Rights Day, in order to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human rights. This 16-day period also highlights other significant dates including November 29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, December 1, World AIDS Day, and December 6, which marks the Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre.

The 16 Days Campaign has been used as an organizing strategy by individuals and groups around the world to call for the elimination of all forms of violence against women by:

1. Raising awareness about gender-based violence as a human rights issue at the local, national, regional and international levels
2. Strengthening local work around violence against women
3. Establishing a clear link between local and international work to end violence against women
4. Providing a forum in which organizers can develop and share new and effective strategies
5. Demonstrating the solidarity of women around the world organizing against violence against women
6. Creating tools to pressure governments to implement promises made to eliminate violence against women

Over 2,000 organizations in approximately 154 countries have participated in the 16 Days Campaign since 1991!

And this year, there is a lot of online collaborations to end gender based violence. You can join, you can contribute oh yeah, you should:

Takebackthetech: let's these be your first action!
Tell your own Story
UNIFEM: Show your support; append your signature, add a widget, watch Nicole Kidman's speech
Facebook group: Click here, here and here
Make a blog contribution in any language of your choice

Whatever you do, don't do nothing! No woman/girl deserves to be violated. It could be YOU, it could be ME! let stop violence against women. It has not right to spread!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Molly , where are thou?

My lovely aggressive Molly is missing. I came back from South Africa to hear this disturbing news. She is in heat, broke the net of the kitchen window and escaped with some stray cats! She is due to be neutered just by this Month end as she was breast feeding when I wanted to get her neutered. Now I am ready to get her fix but my baby is missing!
I wonder where she is now. I do hope I find her. It will be disastrous for her to have kittens as a stray cat not in Lagos, not in Nigeria! I went to a particular house to find out if they see any stray cat around; the man I met was surprised that I was asking about for a cat!

Molly where are you? Pls make me happy and come back home. Just find your way back, you CAN!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today is the best of all in AWID International Forum Cape Town where more than 2,000 women from all over the world converge for POWER OF MOVEMENT CONFERENCE. I witnessed the most powerful protest in history today. The most important part of this protest ( 1 in nine campaign) was the fact that I was there. I was there to join women from all across the oceans, from all around the world to say NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, to support our brother and sisters in SOUTH AFRICA to advocate for justice in different pending women's human rights issues, to remind the world TO STOP WAR ON OUR BODIES. We marched from CITCC were AWID Forum that brought together over 2,000 women from across the continents were having thier programs to deliver a memorandum to the premier of the Western Cape, Lynn Brown.
The protest is in solidarity with women who speak out against gender based violence, it was born in 2006 during the Jacob Zuma trial. The protest was a powerful one and it made me believe more in the power of Movement. As women, we need to know that one woman problem some place is a collective problem of women everywhere.
There was a banner carried by men with an overwhelming message that goes thus " ONE MAN CAN: stop rape, violence against women..." and another banner says"DEFY PARTRIACHY"! ( I will try and upload the pictures later, when I lay my hands on the pictures) Together we will change the world, together we will achieve gender equality! THE MOST POWERFUL MARCH IN THE HISTORY OF WOMEN STRUGGLE
Thanks Rucha Tadwalkar and Rosly for sharing the pictures and videos with me.

The detail of the cuase as it is, is added below:
The One in Nine Campaign invites you to join feminists and women's rights
activists attending the AWID forum and those based in Cape Town in a march
to protest violence against women and women human rights defenders. The
march is non-partisan, issue specific and premised on feminist principles,
particularly women's leadership.

PURPOSE OF THE MARCH: Worldwide, women human rights defenders are targeted
and silenced while criminal (in)justice systems and governments globally
fail to provide redress and justice.

We will march in memory of raped and murdered women in South Africa,
highlighting specifically the cases of Khwezi, Buyisiwe, Thandeka, Eudy,
Zoliswa, Gugu Dlamini, Nandipha Makeke, Lorna Mlofana, Sizakele & Salome,
Christina & Hola, and we will march to demand justice.

We will march in solidarity with women human rights defenders who are
harassed, beaten, detained, murdered, highlighting the ongoing abuse of
women leaders of civil society in Zimbabwe, including Jenni and MaG, two
detained WOZA women leaders in Zimbabwe. We demand an end to state sponsored
violence aimed at silencing women human rights defenders.

. An end to impunity for perpetrators of violence against women
. Greater legal protection for women's rights through the enactment of
appropriate laws and policies, including the ratification and domestication
of all relevant international and regional human rights instruments
. A more responsive and survivor centred criminal justice system
. An end to state sponsored violence against women (in Zimbabwe, but also

Protesters will gather at the CTICC (Cape Town Convention Centre) at 12h30
on Saturday 15 November 2008.

ROUTE: The march will proceed from CTICC to Speakers Corner on Heerengracht
where formal assembling will take place. We will then proceed down
Heerengracht and Adderley Street (Heerengracht becomes Adderley Street)
proceeding past the Strand Street Crossing and the Golden Acre; we will then
turn right into Wale Street from Adderley Street to the Provincial
Legislature (situated in Wale Street). After handing over the memorandum to
the Provincial Legislature, the participants will march back to the
Convention Centre by proceeding up Wale Street and crossing Long Street.
Finally we will turn right into Loop Street and then proceed down lower Long
Street which will lead the march back to the Convention Centre.

. send a message of solidarity to or via fax to +27 11
. march with us
. submit the names & pictures of women silenced by sexual violence (only
with relevant permission from survivors or family)
. bring your organisations' banner to the march
. make placards with the pictures and names of women human rights defenders
and survivors of violence you wish to remember
. volunteer to be marshals (you will be provided with a marshal t-shirt on
the day)

. ensure the necessary permissions are secured and services are on site
. supply 1000 One in Nine t- shirts for marchers
. supply 1000 placards
. ensure water is available along the route

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interview Thursday: Give it to my lady- Abbie

The hottest blogger ever! The winner of Blogville Idol 2008. Certified Sweetest voice. Meet Abbie; she is one of the few bloggers that have become my friends. She is one of those individual that make you feel good about yourself. She is got a great personality. We have not met but we exchange emails and anytime I visit her blog where she writes about her personal life, I get to know her the more and I get to appreciate her the more. Welcome on board Abbie.

Is Abbie a dual citizen? 
I'm not but I am told that as long as my roots are in Nigeria, I can get a Naija Passport. Subsequently, my son whose father is American can also become a dual citizen. Isn't that neat?

Mention 3 good things and 2 not so good things you dont like about Nigeria.  
Cost of living is Cheaper and you don't have to work until you're in the grave before you retire. The food! What else? Ummmmh, the culture. Definitely the culture. And the fact that most people are bi-lingual. (Did you know that bi-lingual people are more intelligent compared to those who aren't?)
Two things I don't like would be, people taking justice into their own hands, although this is due to the very flawed Justice sytem in the country. And the inability for people to just be happy in for one another when it pertains to success.
When was your last visit to Nigeria?  
My last visit was actually when I left Naija back in 1993
Do you care to share your experience with us as a single mother of 4 (1 human kid and 3 feline kids)?  
There's really nothing significant to share except that when you have a kid out of wedlock contrary to what people might think and say, it isn't the end of the world. 12 years later I look back and would have done the same things over. Having a son young made me grounded, stable and more responsible. As far as my fur babies, I have a love for animals period. They can be expensive at times but loving something that does nothing for you in return takes a lot of courage.
Who is your role model?  
Fashion wise, it's Victoria Beckham. She is so stylish to me, and she is married to the hottest guy ever.
Would you like to have more kids?  
If you've read my blog long enough I've consistently maintained I was done with the four I have (including the fur babies) but I realize with the right man I'd be willing to have 10 more...yeah, I adore the thought of being the mother of my soulmate's sons.
What do you think of settling down again?  
I look forward to it! Again, with the right person all my fears of marriage will be gone poof!
How long have you being blogging? 
I had a blog on yahoo 360, then I switched to blogger and finally settled down in I guess my blogging days started in 2002.
What do you like most about blogging?  
Getting to know my readers better. Especially the ones I read also. I respond to comments via emails and you can imagine the relationships I've formed through email exchange with people I've never met in person. People like Goodnaijagirl, Ms Sula, Parakeet, Jintas, Smagard and yours truly my good friend and interviewer (Tee), just to name a few.
How has blogging affected your life?  
In a very postive way, I can now boast of having naija friends, albeit internet friends but naija all the same! It's so exciting!
Can you share somethings with us about your son?  
Well, one thing which I'm most proud of is the fact that he is a straight A student. Secondly, he is an extrovert and can carry his own in a conversation with pretty much anybody. Growing up, we were taught that we were to be seen not heard...(which kain nonsense be that one) and I believe that stunted my people skills to an extent. Therefore, I fully encourage him to run his mouth as much as possible lol. I'm also proud of the fact that he has a very good relationship with my parents, again something I didn't get to do because my granparents didn't speak enough English for me to have conversations with them. He is a good kid with a kind heart for example, we share a basement with my neighbors which is also where our washer and dryer is. Well the neighbors have a habit of using our detergent whenever we forget it down in the basement. The last time they did it, I was going to mix bleach and dye with the detergent and leave it down for them to use (that'll teach them) but that little conscience of mine talked me out of it. He said to me "mom, you have to do the exact opposite of your first reaction, what would Jesus do". Much as I wanted to show those “oles” pepper, in the end I didn't.
When are you coming to Nigeria?  
Honestly, I cannot say. I have no desire to get married in Naija only because I think I'd rather use the money for airfare (About $5500 for 3 people) to perhaps put a down payment on a house. That's just too much money for me to spend on one day and that's not including the cost of the actual wedding. Plus most of my family is in the US except my dad so it's easier to fly dad here instead.
So unfair that I won’t get to see you in Nigeria. Not to worry, I will see u when I visit or relocate to USA. How is life in the State? 
I'm one of those complacent types because I don't have a vast amount of experience (Naija) to compare with. So life in the states is pretty much my home and it's great!
Thanks for sharing with us: You are so welcome.  
I feel so honored that you actually thought I was worthy enough to be interviewed. Thanks for all the work you do Standtall, as a matter of fact you are a great role model to me!
Ah, my head is twice its normal size already. Thanks for believing in me.
By the way, things are looking up in the case of Uzoma Okere who was assaulted by Naval officers as recently the house of representative moved a motion for justice and action to be taken on the officers who assaulted Uzoma Okere. Also Yar'Adua has aked that there should be full investigation on the case.

Lets us keep pushing for justice!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Monkey Valley Experience

No life monkey at Monkey Valley but this image ain't bad. Though I would have loved to see the real monkey at the MONKEY VALLEY RESORT, where I am staying.

Moving to other things, my cottage overlooks the beach and darn it doesn't help the cold but it does give me a great view of the beach. I love the latter but hate the former. Who loves to shiver, no one. I am so well wrapped up, turn on the electric heater in the training room and all. Drink hot tea every now and then, I am constantly on winter coat but I am still cold! The South Africans among us are even surprise that the weather is this cold. No thanks to Global warming/climate change. And did I mention that it's being raining since yesterday? That makes the weather extremely cold.

Below is a picture of me all covered when we broke up for a group discussion. Couldn't recognise meself when I saw the picture. On me was 3 tops, winter coat, jeans trouser, socks and canvass, a scarf and a blanket! You can't blame me.

Where am I? I do have a lot to say especially about the Feminist Technology Exchange taking place at the Cape Town but time is short. I then reckon that if you click on the FTX link, you will probably get all the neccessary information on how feminists are exchanging and sharing their technical know-how with one another. We have 5 different tracks as follows, Audio, Video, Social Network, Wireless and Mobile and Digital Storytelling. Visit the website/blog to see how the partiicpants have blogged about their new skills. The most amazing thing is the peple that I have met. We are about 100 people for the FTX and after FTX we will start AWID Forum and the number will increase to 2000 people from all over the world.

At FTX, we have to gender sensitive male feminist amongst us. Robert from Uganda (He's a lecturer) and Adrian from the UK. They are wonderful!
So, we have diverse group; the Phillipines, Egpytians, Indians, Algerian, Zimbabwans, Canadians, Uk, Kenya (Up Obama), Congo, Brazilians, Nigerians to mention just the countries that came to my head. We managed to have a little fun dispite our busy schedules. Up in the pictures is Manaal Hassan from Egypt teaching us how to Belly Dance. Yours trully tried but well...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cats on Tuesday: The Lovely Monkey Valley Cats

At Monkey Valley Resort in Cape Town where we are housed and where we are equally having our training by Association of Progressive Communication (APC).This is Feminist Technology Exchange (FTX) and I am getting trained on how to use Wireless and Mobile Technology for Activism. I will blog more about this later but now I will like to talk about the wonderful Monkey Valley cats I have met.

My challenge has being the food. They don't have the different spicy, sweet, fantastic Nigerian dishes with the unique tastes. So I kinda manage with what I have got and while at it, I saw a wonderful black and white cat strolling by in the lunch room. I was so happy! Then I saw a second cat. Waoh, I have got no reason to miss my cats too much any more.

They move freely around and so are the two cute dogs. I am so attached to them now but no one could give me the cats names. I may give them Nigerian names before I check out tomorrow for another program. Here are the pictures of my treasures:
Yeah, the 2 lovely looking cats and the cute dog. I am so happy have got the cats here. So visit Gattina blog for more on cats on Tuesday

Monday, November 10, 2008


A lot of women's human rights organisations, media houses, bloggers, facebookers etc are interested in Uzoma Okere's story. She was battered by some naval officers for not leaving the road for them to pass while in traffic. See story here and here .Visit here for update as well. Waffarian has got the picture of the Zombie Naval Admiral.
Below is a protest letter to be published by as many newspaper outlets as possible and any other means like blog, facebook is welcome.... Please join this crusade anyway you can.

(Young Women In Nigeria protest against Naval beating of Uzoma Okere)
We learnt recently about a case where six armed naval ratings attached to a Rear Admiral went berserk in Lagos, beating up and stripping a lady identified as Uzoma Okere. This is totally unacceptable and as citizens of this country, we believe that we have a responsibility to call on other Nigerians especially the governement, law practitioners and other relevant authorities to bring these men to justice. In a country where we are committed to protecting the human rights of individuals, we cannot fold our arms and do nothing. We were not there at the scene of the incidence to stop such distaseteful act but we can still do something and even if we cannot do anything, we will speak against it. This is totally wrong.
This young lady could be any one of us, our mother, our sister, cousin, aunty or someone close to us. She id the victim today. Tommorrow we do not know who it will be. Should we continue to live in fear? Is our country not safe enough? Can we not find refuge in our justice system? I don't think any of these is true.
We as young Nigerian women are not happy with what has happened and we are saying something about it now. We are also calling on our mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters and others who have the authority and resources to punish these culprits to do so. This is the time for change in the world and we have to contribute in our own little way to creating that positive change and making the world a better and safer place for us, our mothers and daughters.

Greeting from FEMINIST TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE IN CAPE TOWN. We are now in Monkey Valley and I have met 2 wonderful cats. Will blog about them tomorrow.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Your trully is presently in Cape Town for a forum. Second time out of Nigeria. First was to Ghana and now to South Africa. Not bad, am starting to think it's possible to realise my dream of touring the world. Thanks to W.TEC for this opportunity. And thanks to my boss for believing in me. I am not here alone but with her.

Yeah, I am settling in. I already made a lot of observations. Cape Town is neat. I wish Lagos can be that neat. All the cars steerings are to the right. Almost all the vechicles in Nigeria have thiers to the left. Why the difference?

And again, it's cold, there a lot of white people.... what else? Well, about to start touring ( that will happen if I am not too busy with what I come here for). I do need to make time out to see Cape Town. Yes, I must

Stay tuned for update!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

But they said they would not let him....

When Barack Obama declared he would run for America Presidency, I heard a lot of negative remarks here in Nigeria. A lot of people said yes, he is bold and have good intentionS but they would not let him get there. "Who are they?" I asked and I was told that the power that be in America are still racists. They would only allow a black person to rule over their dead bodies. And I argued that my believe is that it's all about the people of America and it is never about a minority segment that believe they rule and decide for people like here in Nigeria. The America people are to decide who their leader is via their votes.

But they claimed I am naive and we should wait and see. Then we waited and now we eventually saw. The PEOPLE, yes the PEOPLE, they showed that they matter. They showed that in America is all about the PEOPLE and not about the selfish interest of some certain group. Not about god-fatherism and it's not about racism! Now I am hearing if they will let him last. They might asssisnate him! Gimme a break! Why do we always fail to see positive side of things. Why do we think the world will always be about racism, blacksm or whitism?

We need to continue to live together as one. We need to learn to put behind us those past memories that have crippled us historically. We need to always give ourselves a CHANCE. We need to move farword and believe in ourselves. Obam is an insipration. He has shown that we can, you can and I can! We can all achieve greateness against all odds.
My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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