Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My friend, lover and husband has a black belt in Taekwando. He is God fearing. He’s an introvert and I am an extrovert. Guess that’s why this marriage is working. But now he knows how to gist because I have infected him and now I know how to enjoy my own company because I picked that from him.

Oh, I am deviating already from what I want to share. My hubby has taught a lot of people how to defend themselves, restrain from hurting people, win a fighting competition and abide by the tenent of Teakwando that says you must not abuse your knowledge or something like that.

He is so peace loving that anytime I am abused or harassed in anyway by conductors or touts or any other riff raff, he would calmly tell me to forget it and pulled me away from there. Most times, when we get home and discussed about the incident, he would say he really wanted to slap that person blah blah blah and I would go “you should have instead of tell me you wanted to”.

3 nights ago, we went to get something to eat, on our way back, I paused to read a poster, while he was to catch up with me since he waited to get our change. 2 guys passed me by and one of them decided to talk to me anyhow. I was so mad that I lashed back at him. To cut a long story short. Hubby walked up to me, and asked the guy why he was insulting his wife. Well the idiot did not apologise but was ready to slap me. I was ready to cause a scene too. It was even so annoyed because he is just a boy. But he would not know we are in our 30s because hubby stature didn’t suggest he could be 30+ while my low cut made me look like a teenager.

Hubby was trying to avoid him attacking me and he went first, threw the guy off balance in away I have seen Jack Chan and Jet Li do. The second guy took a pill of the medicine when he was holding on to my man in away that suggested he wanted his friend to attack him. (the 2nd guy after getting himself beating up, now said he was trying to separate them). The trouble shooter later ran for his life after his tooth flew out of his mouth!!! All this happened in less than 2 minutes. The people in our area were so surprised as they always know us to be friendly and peace loving.

I did not feel any remorse as I would have because I was tired of all this insult from the riff raff and the wanna be big boys. Hubby felt bad about his action but I told him I am proud of him for standing up for me.


onydchic said...

Aw... that's nice. hurray for hubby, jo!

isha said...

aww, that's nice. I don't know how I would feel about the fists. but like they say, action speaks louder than words.

Grahamn Kracker said...

Hooray for hubby! I have never been in a position to have to defend my wife like that, but once I was in DC and found myself in the midst of a scene where two "toughies" were harassing three beautiful young women of South Asian descent.

There were many people around and since I knew those two guys could have spread my parts across the floor, I waited for someone younger, bigger and more numerous than me to step in to defend those girls.

No one did. I could not take it anymore. I felt like I would rather get beaten to a pulp, hospitalized or worse than to just stand by and do nothing while these two carried this to the conclusion they obviously sought, so finally I stepped in between the bullies and the young women. It was tense and I did not know what would happen, but damn!

Those bullies backed down. Good thing, too, because unlike your husband, I could not have handled them.

Jarrai said... gots your own kung fu king!!! That's what am talking

So the boys only lost teeth...they are very lucky cuz hubby with the black belt could have done some real damage

Can you imagine those goats attacking a woman....HISS!!!!

So how did you repay his galantry moves then, cuz he sure deserves some for those jet lee moves....heheheheheh

Am glad you're ok and he was there to stand by you xxx

Abbie said...

Aww, isn't that sweet.
Pele, hope you are doing okay dear.
Don't go starting trouble oh! lol

GK: It's probably not an good idea to be a good samaritan, especially in DC. You know people here don't ever use fists. Guns are the popular weapons of choice especially since they passed those new guns laws in DC. Not need losing your life over petty stuff.

BlogVille Idol said...

pls RUN over to d idol page and listen to d contestants NIGERIAN song!!!dont forget to vote!!!!d competition is gettiing HOTTER

LG said...

go stantall!! go standtall go !! standtall!! lollllll

no mind dos yeye small boys dat dont have respect for anybody, but i wan ask u one question o, wat happened to the teeth dat fell down,(lol) abeg tell me jor.


Free-flowing Florida said...

eh ya. i understand ur frustration abt hubby being d peace-maker all d other times, & why u felt so glad dat he stood up 2 u this once. i also understand y he feels bad 4 what he did. i took some karate classes back n uni & i know d emphasis was always not 2 fight just because we'd b tot how 2, & all about control. it's not dat ur hubby doesn't want 2 defend u, but he obviously took 2 heart d teaching of d martial acts & so must b n conflicts as what 2 do. try 2 understand 4rm he's coming 4rm & next don't push him 2 come 2 ur rescue, & also don't feel bad if he doesn't. all i can say now, which u may not like, is if such an occasion presents itself - leave d enviroment. don't talk 2 ur pple, cos nothing u'd say will get into their head. show restrain & get out of there. believe me: peace is cheaper dan war!

aloted said...

go hubby standtaller go go go!!!

nice one! now no one will disrespect u two in ur neighbourhood.

wish i was there to see some ACTION!!!!! lol

Woomie O! said...

I'd feel safe with a husband like yours madame.
...I may even go out and make trouble once in a while just for him to get some

Standtall said...

Onydchic: Abi o.

Isha: Hmmm well, I guess it's nice sha but it was a tough choice for him

Grahamn Kracker: Hmmm, u eventually did what was right!!! said...

Hey StandTall!!!

This situation sounds like it could have turned a lot worse ....

Everyone is safe and steady so that's what's important at this point1


Charizard said...

Ope oOoOo...finally someone that will teach me how to beat the shit outta ma enemies!!!


Ok I'm kidding..buh mehn it would be sweet to have a lil taekwondo in ma life...

blazingdaola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Standtall said...

“Kung fun King –lol. How did I repay him o. Guess I just said thank you. Was that good enuf? And thank I am okay.

I am not starting any trouble (lol). It was the other way round and I have really endured some of this insult. Imagine in Nov last year, I was walking in a popular market in Lagos called Oshodi and a guy just grabbed my butt. I gave him 3 dirty slaps b4 I calmed down!!! If it were to be DC guess Iwould get mi-gun too (lol)

LG: thanks dearie. You ae encouraging violence se? We didn’t even wiat to see where the tooth rolled to. We were so upset that we just left in an hurry

Free-flowing Florida: I fell u mi-lady. How I wish I could always be as peaceful as I wanted to. Read my reply t o Abbie’s above. I reacted to that attack above.

LMAO……………. You wanted to see some action or u would come fight too

Woomie o:
You would feel safe with an husband like mine? Hmmm yeah since he’s got self control and would not use his skills on his wife (lol)

Yea I agree with you…. I wish it had not gone down the way it did but I was proud of him nonetheless

Charizard: you get enemies? Okay, u would tell me about them when we see.

bumight said...

that's it!
my bf needs to go and learn taekwando now!

Waffarian said...

Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy, damn, I hope you gave him a little "something something" that night...

sorry, thats all I can think of....damn...what a turn on! You better hit some stores and surprise that man hehehehehehehehe

Hot damn.

Ore said...

Wow! That must have felt so good. I need to find a martial arts black-belt bf.

OluwaDee said...

ur hubby is a darling.

I understand his plight of not wanting 2 hurt pple. He is a gentle man.

N u r so d best woman 4 him, cos u remind him that pple need a bit of shaking sometimes.

Standtall said...

Am I encouraging something here?

Waffarian: hmmm you dey think of kini abi? I no no o.......

Ore: you want to find a martial art black belt bf? Hmm that wil lbe good o (lol) BTW, can't u learn it too? (lol)

OluwaDee: Hmmm there is a lot of wisdom in waht u said

NigerianDramaQueen said...

You are blessed! A man that will fight for you-not for his own pride, but for you-is hard to come by.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

Blue Eyed Blonde said...

Abeg hail am for me! Even hail him twice cuz he has power and hesitates to use it. Anyway, what better occassin to use it than in defence of his wife?....I hope you gave him a generous slice of the cake.

Standtall said...

NDQ: thanks love

BEB: Hmmm you really put this in a better perspective!!! Yes, he got extra cake!!!

Jinta said...

next time i'm in lagos, will be seeking your hubby for protection. remind me not to be rude to him. lol

seriously though, i would have done the same thing if i had the power, there's no feeling as bad as a man feels when he cannot defend his wife

afro jamaicano said...

i saw your comment on beauty in baltimore. i too hav cats. both males. the one i got from the "pound" came to us fixed (included in purchase price), the other one got fixed and it cost like $40 i think.
my cats need shots/vaccines right now. buh i dun hav the money! haha
so anyway wuh u can do is contact ur local pound and ask them if they hav partnerships with local vets to where u can hav ur animals fixed for free or a reduced fee. it shudent be that expensive. i mean its a pretty routine surgery and if u call around to local vets theyll prob do it for gratis or pretty cheap.
gud luk!

Standtall said...

Jinta: okay o.
Thanks a lot and I like your

Afro Jamaicano:
thanks for this insight but it aint that easy in Nigeria. I doubt if I can get a vet that will cut the price.

afro jamaicano said...

i didnt know u livd abroad! umm well maybe u can offer to trade services with the vet (ie: if ur a good cook, offer to cook them something. if u speak french offer to tutor their children, if ur gud at income taxes offer to do their's) there's always a way to make out like u want!

Tininu said...

I am sure you must have felt sooo good after that !!

i wont be surprised if you felt soo good that you even thanked him, later that nite...*wink**wink*

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