Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In the Beginning.....

I do not intend to provoke anyone with what I am about to write but if you are going to take this personally or too religiously, please just pass do not read!!!!

In the beginning God created Adam and Eve. They "begat” Cain and Abel. And we were made to know that Abel was killed by his jealous Brother Cain. Cain was latter cast out from his people and he settled down and married. Now the question is where did the woman he cleaved to come from? Was she Adam and Eve's daughter? I don't think so since we were explicitly told that they had only Cain and Abel at the time

I tried to read further to see if I have missed out something in GENESIS. But I was sure I read it well. Eve and Adam "begat" another son after they sent Cain away and after Abel was killed. Their next son was Seth and he married too and "begat" Enoch who married too and bore sons and daughters.

Bearing sons and daughters started from Seth as I understood from my reading... Cain on the other hand "begat" sons who married and "begat" others sons who married too. Where did they get all their wives? Is something missing in Genesis?

Another thing that comes to mind is what colour of skin were Eve and Adam? How where they able to breed white, black, brown, off-white children that now from Africa, Asia, Europe, and America?
I am just wondering, I am really really not sure if I am convinced about the completeness of this story from the beginning...

Can we then say there were other beings living by the time God created Adam and Eve? Where are all the women they married come from? If they are then claimed to be Adam and Eve's offspring, can we then conclude that INCEST is practiced from the beginning of time?


Buttercup said...


Buttercup said...

ok....i thot adam n eve gave birth to girls as well? theres this bible-like book i read as a child, 'my book of bible stories'. if i remember correctly, it was written there that cain took his sister n married her wen he got banished...i never thot of confirmin that from the bible itself tho...

as for the diff skin colours, im confused as well!

Buttercup said...

2nd n 3rd as well! i shud probably be 4th n 5th.........n 6th n 7th..

Buttercup said...

ok, i'l stop at 4th....

someone wud think im gettin paid for this...*hisses*

Turbo Abolade said...

Not sure what your problem is. I made a comment on Loalde's blog as I am entitled to my opinion, thankfully due to the free speech blogs and forums provide. Not sucking up to Lolade's view is my right and if you have no view contrary to his, you can as well keep to yourself.

Will you publish this? I bet you will be irate instead!

OluwaDee said...

I am not sure I know d answers 2 these questions.
But I choose not 2 worry about them, as I feel if its not in d Bible, its not my place 2 start worry about them .

That said, it is possible that God also created other peeps. N d whole Adam and Eve thing might just b a parable.

Afrobabe said...

Buttercup you are no only....and T is 2nd that makes me 3rd...

Now standtall, I first asked this question while in boarding school, boarding school being a catholic boarding school run by rev sisters, they did not like the questions cos the answer they gave me was FAITH...That I had to believe the word unquestioning, I asked my aunt while in uni...she was a pastor with FOUNTAIN OF LIFE...she said I was questioning the bible and told my parents I needed deliverance, I asked a Jew and he said we christians don't know anything about the religion we claim...

I chilled!!!
when you get the answer, let me know...

Afrobabe said...

oh shit..Oluwadee just took my spot...

no more long comments.....

Baroque said...

whether or not i'm taking it personal or too religious...you are having what is otherwise known as harmonic brain touch...and shall soon start experiencing waves of complex oscillations...better know ya self

isha said...

hmmm, blogville drama! I'll stay tuned. lol.

There are somethings that are left out of the Bible, but in those days it was common to marry people in your own family. It is possible that they had a daughter but if she wasn't mentioned in the Bible, then like ODee, I don't bother my pretty lil head. lol.

Don said...

I once posed this same question within a religious setting, and not one person was able to give me a satisfiable answer.

This is what I was advised to read:


Don said...

Oh, I enjoyed the read and followed comments. Immensely.

Naija Idol said...

My head is splitting just thinking of it.

I just think we should leave it cos if we ponder on this issue, it might make some lose their faith.

TMinx said...

The males placed higher importance on men in those days (I mean its still happening now) Adam and Eve had girls as well, thy were just not 'relevant' to the story. The bible is not a blow by blow account of every single thing that happened every second of the day.

There are quite a few instances of incest in the bible..

Abraham married his half sister

Lots daughters slept with him to continue the family line when they ran off from Sodom and Gomorrah.

Incest was practised at a time when the human race was growing, procreation was essential.

Then things changed, I'm guessing incest wasn't actually the sin but the result of incest...families were probably getting torn apart by all sorts of jealousy and strife and so a new law was created. Still I think it was accepted if the two were married..See 2 Samuel 13, Mark 6 17-19, and Leveticus 18, nowhere do I see its not okay to marry your brother or sister or cousin..just not to sleep with them especially when they are married to someone else (Maybe people were just sleeping with people left right and center lol)OR it could mean not to marry them..meanings get lost in translation. So someone should break that part down for me oh.

In many of those romance novels we read when we were young all those English and French peeps were married to their first and second cousins. Ancient civilizations married within their bloodline but now people have to worry about deformitites and such because genes are not so pure anymore.

My 100cents.

Free-flowing Florida said...

my sista, no b only u oh. i wondered d same thing too, but not so deep sha.

my dad's response 2 me & now my response 2 u is dat God created 4 different Adams & Eves in 4 different parts of d world - one 4 Africa, one for Europe, one for Australia, i dunno where d 4th Adam/Eve were placed. So, according 2 him, Cain married d daughter of one of d other 3 Adams/Eves. it makes sense, does it? i mean, dat also accounts 4 d skin colour & particularly d bone structure. have u noticed dat blacks basically have a different facial bone structure 4rm whites. we r not just diff in skin alone!

Free-flowing Florida said...

@ Turbo Abolade & baroque: kai, dudes. we should really stop attacking pple 4 holding a personal opinion. nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone, but we need to b nicer abt it.

on another note, having these question doesn't mean one doesn't believe God. daz was my problem with 'church-people'. u r supposed 2 accept everything hook, line & sinker! in these days were pple r using their heads 2 think out things? ha! i don't subscribe oh. i believe d God who created me with intelligence is not repelled by me using some of them to convince myself of certain things, including his existence. daz 4 moi, oh. as they said in Igbo, onyi obuna na chi ya.'

LG said...

*scratches head*
very deep stuff

Dammy said...

Hmmm...Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am really sorry that I haven't been here to drop a comment. Honestly, I have no excuse.

I try as much as possible not to want to express my view about religion in a public forum like this, simply because of the sentiments that comes with knowing that someone has a contrary view to your religious belief. Be that as it may, I am not one that to accept and believe everything I am told without asking questions, otherwise, why were we giving the capacity to reason if God did not consider it necessary that we understand facts about our existence and our world?

True that we cannot question God. There are certain things we may never find answers to but we must not be quick to forget that mortals wrote the bible though under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, we cannot totally obliterate the fact that such human narratives may be prone to human error as observed in the missing link in the Creation story. Probably, Moses lived in a male dominated society hence his silence about Adam and Eve's female child or children if there were any! Also considering the fact that the bible has gone through several translations, the possibility of a human error cannot be discarded!

Did I confuse you the more? Lol!

How u dey?

Standtall said...

@ Buttercup: the fervent position claimer. Na wa for you.

@ OluwaDee: who knows.

@Afrobabe: I tire for all these dont ask certain questions life style. Yes, I have got a useful insight from the link DON provided. You might visit same link

@Baroque: Too much grammar!!! Thanks for confusing more but I have got some answers to this riddle

@Isha: you a kinda right about that. In Islamic clan, you are allowed to marry your cousins...

@Don: the link provided was really useful I tell you. I must thank you

@Naija Idol: Abi you wan chicken out? I wonder why the term is even "CHICKEN OUT" cos chicken get plenty liver. This kind of question just makes one faith stronger and not the other way round I tell you

@TMINX: your 100 cents was worth it. Thanks so much for this insight!!!

@Free-flowing Florida: you are right, we are not supposed to accept everything just like that, like Dammy mentioned, how are we sure some of the written were not truncated along the line.
And Baroque was just being funny while Turbo just needs to go for communication lessons.

@LG: you don avoid making comment again? Finish scratching that pretty head of yours and get back here ASAP!!!

@Dammy: ah you are here at last? Thank you, thank you. Contrary to your question, you did not confuse me the more. You just echo some of my deep thinking.

Woomie O! said...

Standtall sis...there's alot we all don't know.
Some people just like the idea of a God...of religion...of holiness...but most of us are ignorant.

In Genesis, God said, 'Let us create man in our own image'...

why 'let us'???

If I say to you, 'standtall, let us move this chair over there', what am I implying???

simple...I cannot move this chair on my own...abi???

who is 'us'???
The angels???

The more you read the bible...the lesser u comprehend...what majority of us read is only what King Solomon wanted many of the christians to believe...remember how King Solomon fell out with God and edited the Bible and then mass produced it???

There's a lot we don't know...
I got tired of researching a long while ago when I found this, it made a lot of sense:


there is only one God...
he begat none...
neither was he begotten...

The Bible said 'jesus is God's 'only' begotten son'...
the same bible said Solomon was God's begotten son... I could go on and on and on...

Standtall, if you believe in God, hold on to him, worship him, love him, never let him go...
if you don't believe in God, just trust your instincts, do what you know is right and never consciously hurt anyone.


kay-shawn said...

When I read your post, I couldn't wait to read the comments.
I couldn't have put it better than tminx. I wont tell you to accept what he has said but if you look at it properly his comment was the most sensible and for your information, the true position of things. Never visited his blog before, running off there now. I think you really should advice everybody to read his comment.

Jaycee said...

I'm just reading this...

I really love FFF's comment, "having these question doesn't mean one doesn't believe God. daz was my problem with 'church-people'. u r supposed 2 accept everything hook, line & sinker!"

It's an excellent thing to have questions. Note that there were these noteworthy people in the Bible who were called "Bereans". They didn't just take in what people preached to them, they went and searched it out in the scriptures for themselves.

I believe that if we have questions, the God who gave us His Word will answer those questions by Himself. We do not need to defend His own word for Him.

But just to shed a little bit of light on your curiousity, the full story of Genesis and the creation is not in the pages of the Bible. Just like the stories of our various lives cannot all be written in a book, so also the bible.

Infact many bible scholars have studied and said that a lot happened in the space between Genesis 1 and 2...

If you dare to pray to God for answers, and also if you do your own part by studying more...I'm sure the answers will come.

I join u in the search for answers to ur questions, seeing as I do not have all the answers.

Lolade said...

Pretty interesting dicourse going on here I'd say. Quelle question! Well as much as we like to run away from religious issues like this, it begs the question; who really did Cain marry?

I would like to say that the Bible is a chronology of the Hebrew race and they are free to narrate life as they deem fit. There were other folks and races on earth long ago. There was civilization in China long before many a Westerner discovered it. The Yoruba Myth of Creation holds that Oduduwa climbed down from the heavens via a chain and founded Ile Ife. If the Yorubas had conquered the world and took their civilization with them, I bet we will all be looking for the chain, cockerel and palm tree that Oduduwa brought with him on that maiden trip.

The story of the world is told by those who conquered us all. I bet Cain married one of the many Assyrian, Mesopotamian, Chaldean and even Yoruban babes that were already in existence before the Hebrews got the inspiration to write the Bible.

Please forgive me, but we all need to repent over this "blasphemous" topic because still there is heaven and hell. That is what the conquerors told us and we have believed it.

Standtall said...

Woomie O:
Your contribution was so insightful. Waoh. I am happy to be in blogsville and meeting deep thinking people like you. Hmmmmmmmmm I am thinking already with the issues you posed

How did you draw your conclusion that TMINX is a “he”?

Waoh what a mind blowing contribution!!! You have answered this skillfully in a lot better way than some pastors that I know

Lolade: ah “repent over blasphemous" topic? Asking questions and seeking clarifications is the only good ingredient for the soul I tell you. I do love this part of your statement” The story of the world is told by those who conquered us all”. Hmmmmm deep-saying.
And how on earth didi you come across all these “Assyrian, Mesopotamian, Chaldean” names?

Standtall said...

Woomie O:
Your contribution was so insightful. Waoh. I am happy to be in blogsville and meeting deep thinking people like you. Hmmmmmmmmm I am thinking already with the issues you posed

How did you draw your conclusion that TMINX is a “he”?

Waoh what a mind blowing contribution!!! You have answered this skillfully in a lot better way than some pastors that I know

Lolade: ah “repent over blasphemous" topic? Asking questions and seeking clarifications is the only good ingredient for the soul I tell you. I do love this part of your statement” The story of the world is told by those who conquered us all”. Hmmmmm deep-saying.
And how on earth didi you come across all these “Assyrian, Mesopotamian, Chaldean” names?

LG said...

@finish sratching dat ya pretty head:
babes thanks for d compliments, loll
seriously in dis kind of marrer , na siddon look i dey do,
but i believe only God knos EVERY..
i ll save all my questions 4 lata..

how far? d ilajemen don reach ya end?
*zoooooms off*

Afronuts said...

About 5 days ago I watched a documentary titled 'Banned from the Bible' and came across facts that answer ur questions;

Not all the books that were historically documented were put in the bible. many were rejected because they were either too sensitive, heretical or just myths concoted by Gnostics

The story of Adam and Eve had different versions. one of them said that Adam and eve also had daughters from which cain picked a wife.

According to research, the different races came from the lineage Noah. His sons gave birth to the different races (there was no such thing as seperation). The black race is descended from Shem who was the father of the kushites.(Now you know where the group KUsh got their name from).It was not until the seperation which took place at the tower of babylon incident that races were set apart by their languages. (God must have had the languages accorded to skin color)

There is a lot of historical document that hasnt come to the knowledge of many..

* there's one that says God gave adam a wife called Lilith who was also made from the dust. She became pompous and did not submit to adam. She was taken away and made into a demon with satans angels and God took adam's rib to make eve.

I could go on but I think I'll reserve the rest for one of my blog entries

This and the fact that there are questions that we shudnt bug ourselves with is what I think we shud put in mind just as JAYCEE said

Standtall said...

@LG: ah, you sense of humour is beginning to enrich ma day!!! But if I catch you still.... u go hear wen!!!

@Afronut: pastor, Rev, Envg Afronut,hmmmmmmm thanks for conttibuting your beautiful piece!!! How did Kush get thier names from the Kushites when there are Kushmo now funkified as Kushmond(death no recgonise am) a typical name if you ask me.
I still think we shd bug our minds about a lot of questions to seek understanding. God even challenged us to usw our wisdom..... I heart you!!!

aloted said...

men this ur question got me thinking as I never really thought about it. Anyway i googled it and i think found the link Don or someone already pasted here...and that kinda made sense to me..
I also found- http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Where_did_Cains'_wife_come_from

On another level i believe some things have been hidden from us or are not clear..some things are mysteries...i guess that is wat christianity is about..faith...we cant see God but we believe he exist...

omo there are sooooo many questions...when i get to heaven i go ask Baba God. abi?

NigerianDramaQueen said...

I have a firm belief that you can judge a person of intelligence, not by the answers he/she gives-but by the questions he/she poses. I applaud your boldness to discuss something as controversial as this. I appreciate people who are not afraid to think outside the confines. You gave me food for thought! I pretty much agree with TMinx and Afronuts.; but to add my deux cents:
Who did Cain marry?
-As already stated, the Bible is not in an exact chronological form. Genesis 5:4 states, "Then the days of Adam after he became the father of Seth were eight hundred years, and he had other sons and daughters." It is believed that there is up to 130 b/w the time Abel was born and Seth was born. Jewish historians state that Adam had 33 sons and 33 daughters. In Genesis 4: 16-17, you see the verse “And Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and bore Enoch. And he built a city, and called the name of the city after the name of his son-- Enoch.” Some mythology suggests that he married Lilith before his exile to Nod.
What about Incense?
-The law forbidding marriage between close relatives was not given until 400 to several thousand years later- during the time of Moses (Leviticus 18-20). Remember that Abraham married his half-sister (Genesis 20:12) and God blessed this union to produce the Hebrew people through Isaac and Jacob.
Where did diverse races come from?
I don’t need to reiterate the Noah story, but I just wanted to throw in the fact that modern genetics suggests that current variations in Skin Color, etc are only very recent-as recent as a few generations ago.

But our knowledge is limited. I ask God alot of questions. Sometimes He answers me. Sometimes I realize that there are somethings I simply cant comprehend.
So keep asking---and when you get answers, holla at me!

Hunter girl said...

Hey standtall, your layout is pretty cool too!!!!!

WeirdGurl said...

God is a mystery, trying to understand somethings will confuse you more or make you go crazy.

Writefreak said...

Lol @ fff...that explanation is so funny!
I do not believe in pushing questions aside...the bible encourages us to ask questions. Like Jaycee said, the Berean Christians were said to have gone to search to know that the things they were taught were true...nothing wrong in us searching, we just have to be looking in the right places...
Not every event is recorded in the bible and to fill in the gaps, we must research and ask the God that was there in the beginning, who is still there now..
I do nto have the answer, but sometimes i accept a few things without questioning..
I so hope that makes sense...lol

Sugabelly said...

To the risk of sounding arrogant, I would say that as far as skin colour goes, it's very simple. Adam and Eve must have been two halfcastes. I say this because it has been genetically proven, and we observe this everyday anyway, that between them, two halfcastes can produce a rainbow of children of every colour and ethnic manifestation from purely caucasian with blonde straight hair and pointy noses to very black with superkinky hair and broader facial features within the same family. Because interracial marriages are on the rise, we're getting so many cases of mixed race and white/mixed race and black giving birth to twins and one is clearly African while the other is clearly Caucasian or mixed race.
It's sweet innit?

God is so smart!!!

Waffarian said...

Well, from my own understanding, I have always believed it is all incest...I mean if only Adam and Eve were created then clearly the whole family were speed mating to reproduce...there is no other explanation...

blazingdaola said...

that will teach to swallow all that we hear, i mean it so just there and yet we try not to talk about it.Abeg i got to ask Rev.okotie abboutn this but i have a feeling i will come away more confuse or as an unbeliever.not funnuy!

Standtall said...

@Aloted: ah reserving your questions for God (lol)

@NDQ: thanks for the compliment!!! And of course you give a lot of wonderful insight to this issue...........

@ Hunter girl: thanks me lady

@Sugabelly: nice, nice. Very nice

@Waffarrian: simple and straight to the point comment

@Blazingdaola: I am sure you are meant to write: "that will teach you not to swallow". Well, asking Okotie will be a good deal as he is still honeymooning and he will be in the mood to break it down in simple and unconfusing manner

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