Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cats On Tuesday: I am Scofield and I am fabulous!

This is an initiative of Gattina.
Hi, my name is Scofield, I am Standtall’s first son. She is my first human pet. Yes, she is my pet. Anyway, I have 2 sisters Molly and Garfield. I impregnated them because it’s a taboo to marry outside our clan. We keep everything in the family. It’s our catitude inheritance.

Yes, Standtall my mother adopted all of us when we were about 8 weeks old. She is a sweet lady!!! She takes care of us till date. Our father Mr. Standtall is cool too. I am his favourite!!! Molly my sister (I will do a post about her another time) does not see eye to eye with our father. I still don’t understand why they both cannot get along. But Garfield is cool with daddy and mommy. She is currently playing a mother hen role by co-breastfeeding Molly’s kittens. She got attached to them after her kittens were weaned and gone. I missed them.

My first kittens!!! Now momma had neutered me and I can’t
commit anymore. I would have loved to have more beautiful and handsome kittens to play with.

Momma said a lot of Nigerians don’t like cats and she would have to struggle to get good homes for the kittens. Why can’t we keep them? I asked and she said we don’t have extra space for them all. Why can’t we have more space? She said we just don’t!! You don’t have to snap mom, just an innocent curious question I asked!!!

My momma isn’t strict with us and we take advantage of that to the fullest. Just about now, I went to colonize her bed. She won’t mind but papa will be mad and chase me down. Kinda like to enjoy this little nap since momma asked papa to let me be. Thanks you sweet momma. My human pet!!!
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, short but sweet nap. Lemme go and look for something to nibble at. Well, I wanna eat. Mommaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa am hungry…………


Free-flowing Florida said...

girl, i feel u 4 dat pple not being comfortable wit cats thing. i don't mind cats myself, but i don't see myself keeping one sha. though i do have a problem with seeing all these oyibo kissing their cats/dogs. ewwwwwwwwww

Rita said...

This is so sweet...

"taboo to marry outside our clan" Is that not incest?

Criz Lai said...

Opppss.. I just remember that it's feeding time for all. Hmmm.. surprisingly, no one reminded me of that. I think it could be due to the cold weather here and all of them are sleeping soundly now :P

By the way, my Mama Jessica is on birth control pill now. I will need to gather some budget to spay her soon. It's really tough to have so many kitties in one home now. You have to handle their food, messes, sickness, naughtiness, etc, etc, etc... all at the same time. :P



funkola said...

i love love love cats. they are the most beautiful and tidiest creatures on earth. i've had Lee, Kimora (an unusual valentine's gift) and Aoki. i also loved Ceasar (t4's cat) who we had a proper funeral for when he died...lol!
i don't have any1 at the moment. Standtall, is any of yours up for adoption?

aloted said...

Nice series!

Ah pls o which one be "standtall is my mama"...Cat will not be your pickin in Jesus name...lol..

We want little standtalls jare..lol

Afrobabe said...

lmao...you've surely lost it...

Afrobabe said...

@ rita....cats get incest so???

Standtall said...

Free-flowing Florida: Ah na oyinbo u have problem with, wait till you see Standtall and her cats

@ Rita: It's incest to human but a taboo to the feline race (lol)

Criz lai: Birth control pill is cheaper than spaying a cat right? I dotn if it's same here in Nigeria

@ Funkola: yeah mi-lady, I have the last kitten to be adopted. Email me for more talks

@ Aloted: hmmmm dont let me follow you get religious on this one (lol). Scofield na the first son all other lil Standtallers or Tall Standers must accept that fact

@ Afrobabe: lost it ke? I am just finding it. (lol)

princesa said...

O girl u dey try with all 'em cats o!

How far? have u made ur payment? SBR must hold o!

Abby said...


Luna said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog.
Nice story, Scofield, I think you are a handsome cat.
We are all neutered but Luzie had 3 years ago 4 kitten . After that she had for 1 year the birth control pill. It is cheaper here in Germany too.
Have a nice day!

Rita said...

@ Standtall, Afrobabe: i didn't know...thank God i did not say this thing in public... I just read somethings about cats and taboos and incest...

1." In human terms, inbreeding is considered incest; cats do not have incest taboos."

2. "Cats do not share the same taboos about incest as humans do. If left entire, closely related cats including brother & sister, parent to offspring will mate. It is advisable to desex your cats before 6 months to prevent this from happening."

Chari said...


What a coincidence! I did a cat post today too...hehehehe

ben n gwen dont miss mommy!

Funms said...

lol...... nice to meet u Scofield. can i get one of ur kittens?

bumtight said...

what's it with u people and cat? Chari also put a picture with cats up. of course I hate cats, I can't afford to have bartonella!

isha said...

aww, cute!

katztales said...

Target and Au are retired gentlemen cats too - but they sure have a lot of fun!

Nigerians don't like cats? Never heard that before. Who couldn't' love cats???

Gattina said...

I think I am more a servant to my cats and not their pet ! I have nothing to say ! you look so cute !

Cidersweet said...

D'u know, before Scofield's pic loaded, I was thinking you were talking about Prison Break's Scofield (the hazards of too much tv).

Very nice!

PS: Cats are cute, but I wonder why ppl call them devil things. (My roommates were so horrified when they discovered that I had a cat at home who loved to chew Nokia chargers. I think it even crosssed their minds to throw me out of the room... Oh well:-))

Waffarian said...

Nice to meet you cofield! My name is waffy, I am a regular here. Good to know you have a nice momma.I don't have any cats myself but sometimes, I babysit two cats. Aramis and knirrer. Aramis is on diet now, the vet says he is too fat. Knirrer is such a lovely cat but fond of escaping when nobody is looking. They came over for a visit last weekend, it was nice having them around.

Waffarian said...

Oh sorry, its scofield, not cofield.

Yewande Atanda said...

Why cats?

Standtall said...

@ Princessa: yes o cats rock!!! I have paid ma SBR dough

@ Abby: to bad. You are missing girl

@ Luna: thanks for stopping by. The female cats are gonna be neutered next

@Rita: thanks for sharing. I actually found some of this info out when I was mislead into thinking cats wont mate with thier family members.

@ Chari: yeah, it's indeed a coincidence. You may consider joining cats Tuesday

@ Funms: you are welcome. All the kittens are all adopted. But keep your fingers cross

@ Bumtight: lol. Cats rocks that's why

@ Isha: Thanks

@katztales: Thanks for stopping by. A lot of Nigerians are superstitious about cats. They link cats with witchcraft and all. But I am discovering a lot of cats lovers now...

@ Gattina: that's what m husband says to. He said I should just admit that I am my cats slave not even servant(lol)

@ Cidersweet: I actually named him after Micheal Scofield. And it's an irony cos he is allergic to cats and dogs.
A lot of pple give in into all the superstition they have heard about cats. That's why

@ Waffarian: I like you already. And I already to momma Standtall so. You mean you "catsit" 2 cats? I would have loved momma to arrange same for me and ma sisters. Greet Aramis and knirrer

@ Yewand Atanda: why not cats? lol

Baroque said...

did you let Scofield type that post himself?...i wish i could teach my dog to do that trick...LOL

archiwiz said...

Hi Scofield...I'm Archiwiz. Its nice to know you have a nice momma. I like your momma too. She's very practical.

@ Momma Standtall...I applaud (partially) those who take great care of their pets. I'm not fond of animals though...:)

Grahamn Kracker said...

Hi Standtall. I left a comment yesterday, but it doesn't seem to be here. Anyway, it is good to see the kitties!

Still not sleeping. Brain too dull to write more right now.

Black Cat said...

Hi dear, thanks for your comment; I'm glad you liked my graphics, I hope they made you laugh! Bozo is an imaginary cat, so if you have any real ones who need a new home, ship them over (leave a comment on my blog with your email) and they will be so loved and well cared for.

Nigerians: Do not fear or hate cats! The ancient Egyptians revered them and Jesus teaches us to love and respect all life! Snakes and spiders will do you more harm than cats but all are God's creatures, as are we humans!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Unfortunaltely, Im part of the non cat-liking clan....
Tell your cats its not them, its me..LOL

Vera Ezimora said...

This babe, you don dey kolomental oh. First human pet ke? I don't hate cats, but I definitely prefer dogs. I love dogs. Funny thing is, I'm also very afraid of them.

Tell Scofield or whatever his name is that he has done 'alu' (abomination). He got his own sisters pregnant? Tufia kwa! lol.

poeticallytinted said...

This is so cute ST. Looking forward to getting my 'white female'. That's what we jokingly and fondly call her. lol.
When I was trying to choose one from the pics you sent to me. One of my colleagues took one look and ran back in alarm! She hates cats! According to her, it is easy for demons to possess cats. I tried really hard to be grown up about this and not burst out laughing in her face. I wonder if education actually affected some pple any.

DB said...

'most Nigerians don't like cats'
you r so rite bout dat one.
there r deez wild cats dat run about our area. One time, this one cat dared to bring her kittens to our backyard. you should hear the 'Holy Ghost fire!!!'s my mom rained on them.
She stopped just short of killing them.
Glad you finally addressed the cat issue
And there IS a Mr. Standtall who happens to like cats cos I was beginning to think of you as that 'cat-lady' (*wink* *wink* totally not serious)
Actually think cats r harmless maybe a little full of themselves, not as friendly as dogs. Wish my whole 'world' thot dat. My mom would skin me alive if I thot of even adopting the claw of a kitten.

Lolade said...

My dad brought this kitten home and it's big now. Had her own litter sometime back but no one's ever seen a male around the neighbourhood.

Where did she get them 'kits' from?

Personally I don't find them amusing, cats I mean. I see a lot of them in Ghanaian restaurants and I get the creeps. Olorun maje!!!

Dogs be the "big deal" for me o!

Zena said...

I'm not going to lie, I was scared just looking at him, I don't like cats

It's bn ages Standtall, how are you?

Don said...

Sweet post. I enjoyed and felt your shared sentiments. Looks like he's enjoying your love and care.

Reminds me of the one pet which I had for five years. I ended up ahving to give her (female dog) away, due to switching states, but I always think about and appreciate the good memories shared. I gave her to someone that would give her just as good of a home.

EXSENO said...

I think somehow me do become our pets, pet. To say the least we are certainly their maid.

lamikayty said...

Hmmmm Standtall thanks for stopping bye....i'm good...
U know when I saw 35 comments, I was like 'on top cats'. I'm sorry but I cant stand em!
I lived with my grandmum sometime ago and she had cats about the house but I couldnt stand them or the thought of them curling up by your leg just when you least expect!
Well, e ku itoju!

naijaleta said...

I also love cats. If I was back in Nigeria I would have asked for one of the Kittens.

We had this cat once, funny thing it never had a name. We just used to call the cat 'pussy'. Ahhh! back then, pussy meant something totally different from what it means now.

You remember puss-in-boots now.

Standtall said...

@ Baroque: Scofield is not a good typist lol. He asked momma Standtall to help him type everything.

@ Archiwiz: Thanks for praising my momma Standtall. She says her head is swelling. You are not fond of animals. Try cats.

@ GK: good to hear from you. We want you to rest

@ Black Cat: I left a comment on your blog already. Thanks for stopping by

@ NDQ: Lol. It def you. I am Scofield and I know you are missing the love we could give

@ Vera Ezimora: Is it momma Standtall you are calling Kolomental? I am a cat and I am better than any dog ding! Try me.

@ Poeticallytinted: Our Adorable. “ White Female” is looking forward to meeting you too. Ah, that your colleague is missing ooooooooooo

@ Lolade: Ah you didn’t read Scofield story well o. We are 3 cats. 2 female and I am male. I gave my sisters kittens

@ Zena: But we the feline clans love you…. Don’t be scare of us

@ Don: I am happy someone capable of taking care of your dog got her.

@ Exseno: Sure, you are our maids but we love you- Says Scofield

@ Lamikayty: ah you are not a cat lover. You are missing oooooooooo. Curling up unexpectedly it’s why we are so loveable. We are the finest of all

Standtall said...

@ Naijaleta: lol. We would have loved to give you one of the kittens cos you are a cat lover. U are def qualify

rayo said...

cool. u actually keep cats in nigeria. my grandma used to keep some pink ones, dont kno if she dyed them tho, but i thot they were cute. now mama'll just freak if i bring a cat home

Standtall said...

@ Rayo: pink cats? Must be a special breed

Black Cat said...

Oh Standtall, thanks for your comment! I'm looking into this and will email you. Don't hold your breath, it could take some time, but I'm serious. I will get back to you. We both love cats and want the best for them:) xxx

Buttercup said...

that was really sweet!

Uzezi said...

i only admire cats from a distance cos they are fine, just don't bring them near me sha. thank you very much. im not an animal person.

u dey try sha.

Abbie said...

There is something special about cat owners. You my friend are very special.

dry humor said...

actually i've met those cats before and ther're really lovely. even if u don't like cats i can assure u u'll fall in love with these ones. hi scofield,molly and garfield.

rebecca said...

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