Thursday, December 11, 2008

Interview Thursday: Our 2nd Male Guest; Remarkable RETHOTS!

I present to you gentle ladies and gentle men, our Remarkable Rethots. This guy is so creative and accommodating. All these I deduced from visiting his blog cuz I have never met him in person. You are very welcome Rethots and thanks for sharing with us

The Interview:
S: How did you come about your blog name Rethots?
R:Simple, I had a former blog Thotstimi, closed it 'cos I felt patronized Why? I know not. However, the pen refused to rest so….. I wanted to blog again but realized I couldn't use the former blog name. The blolg theme idea was going to change not and thus 'Re'-thots was birthed, 'Rethots' without the hyphen. I love its seeming anonymity; it allows people to relate to you based on your thots before an unveiling if there ever is one.

S:Can you tell us your favourite movie, book and music?
R: I don't have favourites. However, movies……I love epics, "Commodus is not a moral man" – Galadiators, "Choose your words carefully" – 300, Troy et al; books….. I read randomly these days. Back then, loved Sidney Sheldon, Jeffery Archer, John Grisham, John Maxwell and recently Helon Habila. Of course, I read 48 Laws of Power and The Art of War. I have never finished reading any of Wole Soyinka's books; music……Country, Classicals. Heard a particular song by some guy called Alfa Blondey hope that's the correct spelling and I loved it. Mary Mary's "Can't just give up now" is quite timeless to me.

S: Is Rethots a private person?
R: It goes without saying, I am a private person.

S: Can you give us a little insight into your life?
R: I am answering this question last because I have never been able to answer it. …tried on my blog home page but, for some funny reasons, I think in answering these questions, you would have had an insight into my life.

S: There have been a wide range of activities for 16 days of activitism against gender based violence, what have you done?
R: Nothing.
S: Lol. I am sure you have done something positive without realizing it.

S:On the state of the nation, what do you see happening in Nigeria in a few years?
R: Hmmm, actually, it is already happening. The actualization of the Nigerian Revolution, and many would be saying or, thinking "Ouch, I should have believed it 5years ago."

S: Who is your role model?
R: There is this lecturer I had back in school Funmi Obembe, she is an all rounder.

S: How have you been a role model to your generation and others?
R: Now, this is pretty tough. I don't live to be a role model to anyone; I live life to be me. I try to live so that should my story ever be told, I would be proud of the storyline.

S: Where will Rethots like to be in the next 5 years time?
R: …on your construction site? I will rather re-phrase that question to read "What…." and not "Where…" Hence, I would respond; the sought after architect.

S:Any last words?
R: Sure, why not? After it all, no one defines you but, you. What do I mean? Make someone your standard and the best you will ever be is second best to him (or her).

S: Thank you for honouring this interview
R:Ouch! Am I supposed to say thank you? Well, your guess is as good as mine, I won't; rather, I will say, the honour is mine.


aloted said...

hey first...oya let me go and read

aloted said...

me like!!!

i am glad rethots' answers were straightforward..sometimes i get lost on his blog with his coded posts and he knows this ;o)

poeticallytinted said...

@I've had the opportunity to gist with rethots outside of blogville. I find him really intriguing unfortunately i was so swamped at work i think he ran off when i started giving monosyllabic answers. forgive me rethots.

Loved your answers by the way not nearly as baffling as you could get sometimes.

Buttercup said...

i also find him quite intriguing..he's very different..

totally love his blog!

Woomie O! said...

Oh standtall!!!
It has been FOREVER since I was here!
I miss you!
Thanks for checking on me...I feel the love!
Nice interviews, will be looking forward to my own sometime in 2009 o! Or maybe before, since my God is a God of SharpSharp!
hope you're okay?
I don update o!

Robyn said...

first time here,,i dont even have an idea how i lande here but wat the heck i dont regret it.Your mind is too loud for me,,ama head back and let everthing sink in.

doug said...

@Woomie: Standtall is the ultimate checker-upper.LOL.

Nice interview. I believe I've been by his blog a couple of times.

Rita said...

Welldone Standtall.

I like the way Rethots appreciated FO. I'm very impressed.

Afrobabe said...

lol thanks for this interview...rethots is a blogger who has always intrigued me...I get the feeling he is a very disciplined young man...

OluwaDee said...

Rethoths; I find his blog intriguing.

"Make someone your standard and the best you will ever be is second best to him (or her)."

Writefreak said...

Nice to meet you mr

standtall, thanks for giving us an insight...his blog posts are intriguing

Writefreak said...

Nice to meet you mr

standtall, thanks for giving us an insight...his blog posts are intriguing

Jaycee said...

Lollll...he's blunt. I like!

Black Cat said...

Rethots seems interesting and a bit enigmatic. I shall go and visit his blog.

Thanks for your comment on mine! Any more news of Molly? :) xxx

Naughty Eyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Naughty Eyes said...

Hmm... the question about the 16 days of activism got me feeling guilty. Sorry I couldn't contribute to the Dec 10 event too. Been swamped with work!
Am I forgiven Standtall?
PS: So Molly's been sighted? That UMO (Un-located Mewing Object) had better come home oh!

BrownSugar said...

OMGeeeees! This is a unique interview here. The singular fact that he's got a lecturer for a mentor is really great cuz I can totally relate with that. One of my lecturers is an inextricable part of my (auto)biography. Kudos, StandTall!

bArOquE said...

lovely brief interview, Rethotz, alwayz my guy...didnt know you were an architect?

hmmm, 2nd to last qstn, real Food For Thought

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

loved this quote
"Make someone your standard and the best you will ever be is second best to him (or her)."
I find rethots intriguing too, i grapple to understand some of his posts but i guess thats what makes him unique

Jinta said...

i like the guy. you've got to read him slowly sometimes to understand, great fellow.

LG said...

yay!!! rethots finally unvielled :)

Grahamn Kracker said...

Congrats to male interviewee #2!

Now I will have to read his blog.

Vera Ezimora said...

Nice to meet ya, Rethots. Sebi you'll build my house 4 me?

StandTall-The Activist said...

Blogger Naughty Eyes: Dont we always have 16 Days of Activism in our lives? U can still do something

Molly has refused to come home, she comes around to eat and never wait around too long to be touched or captured. See?

rethots said...

@ Standtall,
"U wont believe me, I am finding it difficult coming up with questions for you. My head seems empty now. Na wa o" Now, this was quite intimidating; but, 'twas a challenge that could not be shied away from.

@ Aloted,
a true blogger, you surely were first. Come round and i will hand you your price. Hey, comm'n getting lost is not as important as getting found eventually.

@ Poeticallytinted,
Really, if only you had allowed me transport you home from work in 5minutes. What shall we do (in our youth) if we work not? You sinned not so, forgiveness arises not. Baffling??? ain't concuring with Aloted.

@ Buttercup,
Now i blushed......yes cheeks on pure black skin.

@ Doug,
Your presence acknolwedged.

@ Rita,
We can only try our best in appreciating people.

@ Afrobabe,
Wow!!! a disciplined......then, i have to be on guard for when we shall meet. Intrigue keeps recurring.

@ Oluwadee,
...that is the easiest way never to be the best.

@ Writefreak,
My pleasure......always thot 'twas Whitefreak. And the idea was quite fascinating. A 'white'freak....

@ Jaycee,
Blunt??? ....thot diplomatic.

@ Black Cat,
Enigmatic, that's new. Will have to check encarta for the meaning.

@ BrownSugar,
Unique have Standtall to thank for it.

@ bArOquE,
I knew it won't escape you ('brief' interview). Thinking about it, can't imagine whatelse i could have been.

@ Miss Definitely Maybe,
....and all my mails always bounce back.

@ Jinta,
The brother of the first male blogger i have met in person. Slowly, people say i'm a slow reader.

@ LG,
Now you can easily identify me on the streets of La....

@ Grahamn Kracker,
Your visit awaited.

@ Vera Ezimorah,
Sure why not? Only as long as you'd name it the blogger house.

Whatelse? .....been nice peeping into you guys minds. Moreover, your readership of Rethots. Tres bien.

My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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