Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No Word for RAPE....

I have ready countless articles on rape cases in Nigeria. Most times the victims are either under 18 or over 50. Many young girls of under 10 have being gang-raped and killed.
I have heard this argument in different quaters that "when women/ladies/girls will not stop exposing thier bodies,why would they not get raped?" "In fact they brought this upon themselves"

There is a right for people to dress in the way they are comfortable with and this is in no way a basis for rape! By the way, how has a 10 year old or a 90 year old female dress to bring this act upon themselves? How does anyone deserve to be raped?

There are marital rape too and this is in no way, excusable. When there is no consent by a partner to have intercourse and if he or she is forced, that is RAPE!

There is no word for rape than SENTENCE! There is no forgiveness for a RAPIST than to face the music. To have a better society, let us all say no to violence of any form against other human being. Our world will be a better place if we all do what is right and if we all respect the rights of others



Tigeress said...

Well said!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Tigress: Thanks

Just...Toluwa said...

I agree, there is no argument for why anyone should be raped. It is an act of violence period! regardless of how anyone is dressed!

That being said, the younger girls in Nigeria who should be aware of such acts should be more careful.

And as for the older women, i can only say, May God protect them.

doug said...

mmm...I agree with you. I have always said that I hate rapists even more than murderers. Rape within a marriage though will take some time to get addressed in societies such as ours. The truth though is, if you love someone, there's no way you're going to force your way between her legs.

aloted said...

i agree with u standtall

Temite said...

I agree. The fact that we are still having this conversation is really irritating to me. It is obvious that rape is wrong regardless of what the victim did, was wearing etc etc. RAPE is WRONG! in marriage, on the street etc etc.

doug said...

By the way Standtall, I've sent the email. I'm waiting for your response o!

Grahamn Kracker said...

My thoughts on women who "have brought this upon themselves" by being provacatively dressed, flirtatious, or even downright seductive:

The woman always, at any point, has the right to say "no," and a man should always respect that -even if she is lying right beside him, wearing nothing at all.

He will feel frustrated (I know for a fact!), but still the woman, including a wife, is the owner of her own body and has the right to dress and undress as she sees fit, and to decide for herself at any moment.

Occasional, or even frequent, frustration is just part of life. It must be lived with. It does not justify violence. Rape is always violence, even if carried out gently.

Personally, I don't know how a man can enjoy it if it is forced. From my perspective, the sight of a forced, frightened, "partner," no matter how beautiful and sexy, would be a very deflating experience.

But obviously, that is just me. If all men felt this way, there would be no rape.

James Tubman said...

how many women and young girls were actually raped in nigeria

do you have any statistical data that tells how many females were actually raped in a given year

its a terrible crime of course

and any man that engages in that kind of behavior should be punished

i would just like to know how many were actually raped

In my head and around me said...

I agree. It is such a violation and some men use it as a weapon. It is so sad...

StandTall-The Activist said...

Just... Toluwa: The only help for the young girls that do not even know what sex is is to have sex education so they can be weary of men coming towards them and all. Some young girls were ambushed while they were sent on errands. It's sad.
And as for older women and the girls, God protects but law should protect too

Doug: I value your contribution greatly. Some men dont believe a woman has a right to her own body...

Aloted: Thanks dear. I am still gonna email you

Temite: hmmm it irritates me too that the society still feel it partly the victims faults except the victim happens to be under age. In fact some would still ask are you sure she did not bewitched her assailant

GK: You are so right about this. There is a recent case of four men that gang-raped an 8 yr old girl to death! This is sick really. They caught 2 of them and the rest and being taking into custody too. I pray justice is done on this case. Even though they have cut her life and dream short

James Tubman: I am still trying to see how I can get the right figure from the people working in this area. But from my newspaper clips, at least there is about to girls to 2 women every month. When I say girls they are usually under 10 and the women, they are usually over 50! And some are actually rape to death. That brings my total to 48 women per yr.
Not to talk of women that seek shelther from marital rape. There is a shelther run by an NGO called Project Alert in Nigeria and they work with abused women.
I can't not give you an actual figure because there are others that I am not aware of. Up to 12 girls have died from this act this year (from what I read)

In my Head and Around me: Hmmm weapon of violence that brings nothing but destruction and prosecution. How I wish I know how this can stop forever

Afrobabe said...

fully agree with you babes...most people dont know that being forced by your husband or boyfriend is even rape...

Merry Christmas

rethots said...

...and when we begin to refuse what we want not, maybe, just maybe things will begin to change.

Vera Ezimora said...

Merry Xmas, love!!! My regards to all your fury friends!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Afrobabe: Merry Xmas. A lot of people laugh in my face when I tell them that husbands and boyfriends can be rapists too

StandTall-The Activist said...

rethots.... hmmmm good thinking.

Vera: Merry Xmas dear!

James Tubman said...

the reason i asked that question is because if you say that many females under 10 or over 50 are beng raped then that is giving a negative image to many men in nigeria

I dont know much about nigeria but i do know that they have a population well over one hundred million

so they probably have a population of over 50 million that are female

so if you say 48 females so far this year were raped out of 50 million plus females, im sorry standtall but i would have to disagree with your statement that it is actually a lot.

now dont get me wrong a lot of females wont tell anybody if they were raped so we have no idea howmany females were actaully raped

you have to be careful when you say things like this because many nigerians might be wrongly stigmatized because of these kind of over generalizations

im not trying to diminish the suffering of these poor women

i am saying though be careful

StandTall-The Activist said...

James Tubman: Thanks for the advice. I am sure I told you that that the number was derived from my readings. I mentioned too that a lot of this cases are being taking care of by some NGOs and of course they have the actual number that I can't not give you cos if I guess that will be a lie

I know you are all for "black praising" but dont forget that I have lived in Nigeria for 30 yrs of my life. There is no unjustify stigmatization if I can call it that. And for heavn sake, 48 innocent souls per yr! Are you saying well since they seem to be so little compare to million of women in Nigeria, we can by pass this and praise our men?

I will soon blog about my near experience to get rape or so on the xmas eve.

And if I am talking about rape, abuse, child trafficking, child labour and all that happen in Nigeria, is that enough for any reasonable individual to stigmatize the entire race?

There is a Nigeria male blogger that did a post on rape. I wish I remember is url, it would have being good for you to read it.

Will you mind doing some research by visiting Nigeria? I will be glad to show you round....

StandTall-The Activist said...

James Tubman. And of course, I will be careful about the use of English. It happens to be my second language, perhaps I am using it so wrongly...

My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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