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Interview Thursday: Whoever cannot take care of a child, should not be allowed to have any" - Allied

She is a writer, but she claims she is more of a story teller, she is a techie and she is female. She was a member of the 14th and Serenity Teams .Have you being to her blog? If not, you are missing. Here comes Ms. Allied!

Allied is a Techie and a creative writer, how do you come about these 2 extremely different gifts?
Being a techie is something I fell into, it was because I did not want to become a doctor like my mom wanted, so I picked the first available class in college and I came to like it A creative writer you say? Well, I see myself more as a story teller. I love stories, I used to envy those children in "tales by moonlight" I wished I had that, but we lived in the city. We had an entrepreneur for a grandmother and there were no trees in the yard. You should even count yourself lucky if you are outside long enough to see the moon. The gate man chased you in at 4pm... I always imagined myself telling tales to my children, then my grandchildren but the problem was that I couldn't express myself because I used to stutter, So I began to pen my stories down

What does your job entail?
I am a Business analyst. Besides being in charge the whole SDLC ( System Development Life Cycle) of a project, our work consists of documentation. I am not sure if this section in my work has kept my passion burning (story telling) or hindered it; meaning our documentation has to be written in very simple language with no ambiguity.

You were one of the 14th and Serenity writers, how did you get your team and theme together?
Yes, I am one of the writers. The team was already selected before I came aboard. As for the theme, I don't remember how it was chosen.

Who is the initiator of 14th and Serenity and how did the originator come about the idea and can you please tell us more about the originator?
It was Catwalq's idea and believe she was working closely with Waffarian as weel. As you know from thier blogs, these 2 are very talented. Though, I am older than Catwalq, I still want to be like her when I grow up (Smiles)

What do you considered your achievement in the 14th and Serenity?
My achievement of 14th and Serenity is entirely different from blogville POV. The first achievement is being called to write amongst talented writers and still stand out. The second is not sticking to the familiar, though I see it was one of the problem blogville had with the plot. They wanted a bit of Nigeria-ness to it. I like that as Nigerians, we can write about other cultures as well. That's what makes you a writer.

Will there be follow-up episodes or more writings on the 14th and Serenity blog?
No, I don't think so. If any project is to follow, it will have its own blog.

I have always get captivated by the skillful ways you write your posts, is this very natural with you?
Natural? I won't say so because be as it may, I still do some research on my stories, though its birth might start from looking at someone on the street thinking about their lives. I still do some research as to what I write. Amongst many reasons why I cannot stand Yoruba movies the biggest reason is the false information they provide to viewers just because they heard someone say it e.g "because you can't conceive means you were a wayward girl in college with multiple abortions under your belt". Fiction has to make sense because our readers are not stupid.

If giving the chance, what will you like to change in the world?
If I have the power, I will make a decree that whoever cannot take care of a child, should not be allowed to have any. I know some people might not agree with me but I am saddened when people bring children into poverty and use them as slaves. If you are poor, having a child is bad enough; they continue to have about 5 children. It is not fair on these children.

Do you think the change going on all over the world especially with America in relation to their new leader can happen in Nigeria?
Yes, it will. The changes will eventually trickle down to us., it might take a few more years but Nigeria will also become a proud nation one day. But in order to do so, we need to stand up and rise. We need to get rid of "this is Nigeria" mentality, "this is our culture" mentality. If it is not working, then another strategy should be in place. We need to demand of our leaders what they have promised, we need to let them know Majority carries the vote and we are the majority. We need to get tired of the crumbs thrown to us. We need to DEMAND what we want.

Until then...

Any last word you wish to leave us with?
DREAM... always dream because with that you will always have Hope and Hope doesn't disappoint...


Adaeze said...

Great interview! I could not agree more about the issue of having children. People unfit to have children should not have any, for the exact reason Allied said, it's not fair to the CHILDREN. In my opinion, this goes both for poverty but also people that are generally unfit to have children (I see this happen where I live all the time - mothers who are more interested in their own lives than their children. They end up ignoring their children most of the time and resolving all problems with beating etc. leaving the children to raise themselves)I guess it's a luxury problem compared to the problems connected with poverty, nevertheless it's an irresponsible approach. I'm also thinking about the kind of people these children will grow up to be when not being cared for sufficiently. Ultimately it's a problem to the larger society. Also couldn't agree more on the "this is Nigeria"-mentality!I understand where it's all coming from and how difficult it is to believe in change but I still think it needs to stop. One can't resolve problems without identifying them and having a "I give up" - attitude is not going to help. I always get so provoked if I'm in Nigeria and get annoyed about a situation or simply ASK QUESTIONS, the only thing everyone around me will say "This is Naija for you"..."This" should not be Nigeria..I agree everyone should start demanding for their rights.That's where it all starts.Start asking questions when something isn't right.

Writefreak said...

Good job again Standtall!

I agree with Allied as per people who can't take care of children not having them. I see so many people and i say 'this one na pikin miss road o'. Sometimes i wonder why God gives such people children...but then it's a question only He can answer...and then again it's just a natural law...

I admire your writing style Allied, dunno if i ever said that on your blog before!

Funms-the rebirth said...

great interview again...... Allied, i always admire the way u write and i want to be like u when i grow up too..... and how can i be have that shape of urs

bumight said...

I've always enjoyed reading Allied's stories, she is uber talented!

LusciousRon said...

Another fabulous interview.

I am in total agreement with Allied, if you can't take care of these kids you have no business bringing them to the world in the first place.

Geebee said...

Another super interview. I love the sincerity with which Allied responded to the questions. I also agree with the ‘children aspect.’ Children should definitely be bundles of joy but when they come at a time when the parents are least prepared for it, then such children cease to be bundles of joy. Why bring a child to the world only to suffer? Well, sometimes some of us are lucky. I had my daughter at 22 and I was most unprepared and somehow it’s been like the best thing that has ever happened to me. Allied’s positive view on the Nigerian situation also appeals to me and I’m beginning to believe in this pathetic country (pardon me) again. Thumbs up, Stand tall! Allied, twale!

aloted said...

loving d interview.
I am also a BA. Exciting isnt it?
Love ur stories as well.

@Standtall make una well done

Jinta said...

fantastic interviews

OluwaDee said...

Love allied's blog.
I always look forward to her posts.

Madame standtall, una well done.

poeticallytinted said...

I humbly pass the baton to Allied! great interview as always. Again Standy, i am now convinced you have 'expo' on everyone. how do you know what questions to ask?!

Afrobabe said...

Wonderful interview but one couldn't have expected less from Allied..

One of the crative writers I truely admire and look forward to meeting...Love her mind, the way it works and ticks...

Someone once told me that poor people have so many kids cos making them is the ony hubby they can afford!!!

Rita said...

Welldone Standtall... I enjoyed reading more about Allied.

You've been tagged in the 2 truths and 1 lie meme. Please see my blog for details...

Smaragd said...

Standtall, i am extremely proud of u and this interview initiative, it's just so smart and well-conceived! i wish i'd thot of it (i think i've said that b4? lol)

Allied, great answers, straight to the point. i like u and i can't even say why.

Black Cat said...

Great interview yet again dear Standtall! You have a knack for finding people who aren't prepared to "toe the (government) line" or just shrug their shoulders and say, "This is how are, it's our culture, we can't escape from it or do anything about it". I so agree with Allied's stance on children! In these times you can avoid having children if you think you'll be a bad parent. I did! Of course the victims of rape are different, which is a whole other story, but you know that... And these issues apply equally to the so-called "western world"...

I can't believe how quickly "my" snow went! The rest of Britain is still snowed under. We have our own mini eco-system here south of the South Downs, but according to the weather people it can't last:(

Luvzya lady, keep doing what you're doing! :) xxx

Black Cat said...

Edit: "This how we are...", lol!

bArOquE said...

when i first read Allied was on 14th & Serenity & i wondered how come i never read her b4...maybe because i thought she was a man

Grahamn Kracker said...

Once again, Standtall, you have introduced me to an interesting individual and a blog that I would never have viewed without you.

And the self-portrait that Allied uses - one of the best that I have seen on any blog: alluring and striking, yet reserved, holding back; standing before the world to tell her story, yet retreating into the dim recess of shadow.

I have to say, though, I like the full frame as it appears on your blog better than the cropped version on hers.

As to the notion that only people who will care for them should have children, an understandable sentiment, but... who could ever determine such a thing? Who should have that kind of preemptive power over other individuals?

Life is a morass, and characters most evil and despicable can emerge from the finest, most loving homes; individuals of greatness can rise from the most broken and abusive of homes.

So it is a dilemma.

Standtall, as you know from my recent blog entries, I live in a state of exhaustion, barely able to function, wondering how to take the next step, so I have been slow and laggard in my communications with you, but something that we discussed may be taking a bit of shape.

When I find the energy, I will mail you.

Enkay said...

Been to your blog before but this is my first time commenting. Thanks for stopping by mine!

Since your post was on 'Allied', it led me to her blog and even though I'm still catching up,I do think she writes interesting stuff and she does it well too!.

I totally agree with Allied's view on the 'Nigerian' attitude.We truly can change.

Buttercup said...

well done standtall..

i havent been to her blog..she sure does sound intelligent n interesting..

StandTall-The Activist said...

Allied I hope you read all these wonderful comments? The space is yours to respond. Thanks

Buttercup and Chari: I am combining the 2 of you when the time comes (lol)

StandTall-The Activist said...

GK: I am with yu in spirit. Pardon my own communication failure. I will get across to you ASAP. Hpe you are okay.

Allied is referring a lot of individuals that I have seen making more babies when they can barely cater for 1. Some will make as many as 8 in the name of looking for a boy child mostly. Some just leave the nature to sort things out and thereby enslave the children....

Buttercup said...

we r gonna be interviewed???? yay!!!!!! :D

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