Thursday, June 25, 2009

Interview Thursday-"What struck me first about Chari was his charm" - Buttercup. "Sincerely, I really can't imagine being with anyone else" - Chari

They are the duo admired by all, run and maintains a blog as a friend and as a lover. They are the inseparable love of blogsville/blogsphere. They are the inspiration of true love and friendship. I present with joy in my heart our dearest Buttercup and Chari!

I like about Buttercup, her ability to be friendly and kind to everyone even as we all meet online, how do you do this?
BUTTERCUP: LOL. There's no 'way' I do this. It really just comes naturally. I treat people how I want to be treated and in most cases, the treatment gets reciprocated. :)

Does this say anything about Buttercup Personality?
BUTTERCUP: Yes, it does. Buttercup on blogville is Buttercup in reality..much more quiet and shy

How does this personality add to your relationship with Chari?
BUTTERCUP: I think it makes it quite easy for him to relate to and talk to me about anything. I can't speak for him but I want to believe I'm very approachable and quite the listener

Can you give insight into who Chari is?
BUTTERCUP: Hmm..where do I start? What struck me first about Chari was his charm. One can't help but respond and be drawn to him. He's very witty, intelligent, focused and driven. He just makes me want to do more. Chari has a way of making a person feel very much at ease; you won't realize when you start pouring out to him everything you thought was dead and buried. He's the sweetest guy I know, really don't want me getting mushy He makes me feel like the most beautiful and intelligent woman. He's very protective of those he holds dear. In summary, he's a very wonderful young man who has the brightest future I can see. :D

Chari, can you say a few things you admire about Buttercup?
CHARI: *sigh...I admire her ability to be trusting and understanding. Its something I admire and sometimes it scares as well as challenges me to have more faith in people despite my experiences [hello anyone? I grew in Lagos; Center for Mago-mago]

Your relationship is long distance, how are you both coping?
CHARI: Brandy said..this long distance is killing...but hey each day is a struggle...Its hard most of the time, especially when you're an agony uncle to your friends who have petty fights with their bfs when all you wana do is just to have the pleasure of holding the one you and crave for. There are nights when I sleep fitfully cuz I feel I would sleep better with her warm body next to me. I get called a fool often, cuz unilag people can hardly phantom that you would want to stay committed to someone who's miles away. But, through it all we remain strong TOGETHER. We help each other up and encourage ourselves with a promise of a future together.

Can we expect this to lead to Marriage?
CHARI: Sincerely, I really can't imagine being with anyone yeah God willing yeah...Free Aso Ebi for you, for asking...

Well, I am loving this relationship but I will like to ask an odd question, will it be easy for both of you to be back as friends if this doesn't work? Buttercup? Chari?
BUTTERCUP: I've thought about this often. I know it would be utterly difficult in the early stages. I might have to totally refrain from talking to and seeing him for months but I think it could be possible to go back to being just best friends..I'd just have to make sure he never tells me about any girl he's developing an interest!

CHARI: Would it? hmmn...I don't see any reason why not seeing as she was first my best friend before she became my lover. I can't deny that it would not hurt having her with someone else [the though itself gaan hurts] as far as we have come but I'd suck it in like a man.

Chari, you organised SBR 2008, what inspired you and are we looking forward to another one in 2009?
CHARI: LOL...Mehn...all props to Princesa ..cuz the truth is: I am more of a conceptualizing person and less of a planner so yeah...she did most if not all masef the planning...2009? who knows? maybe!

What can Buttercup say about the blogsville/blogpshere and it's people?
BUTTERCUP: Hmm don't get me started on this incredibly awesome place called blogville! I've come across the funniest, sweetest and most intelligent people here. I've read numerous posts that have made me smile, laugh and cry. I've learned so much from a lot of bloggers. I've even gotten spiritual help here too. I've read a lot of posts I can personally relate to and it feels very good knowing that I'm not alone in some particular situations. It feels like one huge family here..I can safely call it home. :)


NoLimit said...

Please tell me I'm firsssssttttt!!!!

NoLimit said...

Wow!!!...breathing a huge sigh of relief!...I am FIRST! thank you very much!
I haven't met this 2 great peops...yet...but I think they are a wonderful couple...and I really hope their relationship lasts for ever...scratch that...I believe it will...Buttershizzle! is a great gal and via Chari's posts...he seems like an intelligent dude!(I know he is!)
Here is wishing our very own blogville couple...the very best...

LG said...

awwww lovingitis :-)
all d best dearie(s)

Ms.O said...


Sting said...

Sweet. I heart buttercup n chari.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Awww Buttercup and Chari hold such a sweet spot in my blog Even if I stop blogging, theirs is one blog I'll keep reading. I sincerely hope it works out between them...and they better send me my aso-ebi oh!!!

bArOquE said...

i am as anxious...if & when, & if i get an invite, Baroque will show up in full flesh...hahaha

Rita said...

Even this post itself breaths sweetness and charm...I like their friendship and the beauty of their relationship, and I really enjoyed this post.

isha said...

Awww, this would be a wonderful Blogville wedding to witness. Lol.
I wish you two all the best o, I've done my share of long distance relationships, and mehn, let's just say... no more.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Severus Snape said...

OMG! So rimantic I'm almost falling off my chair.
It's so good to see two lovebirds who stick together despite the distance!

aloted said...

i totally loved reading this interview..

B&C me i am rooting for u guys...and i gus to be at the first blogville wedding by God's give us enuff notice so we can start saving..whether na Nig or SA..

Standtall nawa for this ur roMANtic photo :)

The poets voice ~~~ said...

lol @ Mago-mago in lagos!!
and Buttercup and Chari..u two are so sweet, very cute couple..
And standtall, this is another great interview..keep doing what you do best!

akaBagucci said...

WOW... Nice to rehash all these.. I think Buttercup made my re-entry into Blogsville a soft landing....And yup, they are own very own fairy tale..........Even if I have to come back from the moon, I'll defo be there!

Hopefully that will also earn me free aso-ebi...LOL

Geebee said...

I can’t help wondering if you guys (Chari and Buttercup)are for real sometimes. The relationship you guys share sounds like a fairytale and all I can continue to say is that I wish you both thebest in life . . . now and in the future. And don’t you ever let the thought of ‘breaking up’, ‘back to friends’ and stuff ever cross your minds. I doubt if either of you (or your fans like ‘yours sincerely’ for that matter)would be able to live with it . . . all the more reason why you people need to do sharp sharp and marry (any free aso ebi for me? lol).Seriously now, you guys are just great. I admire the sincerity, openness, commitment and love you share and you’re definitely right when you say blogvilleis HOME. It sure is!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Wishing you the best dear Buttercup and Chari!

Jabez said...

oh, these two keeps me wishing! Keep the love!!

btw, nice blog :-)

Good Naija Girl said...

Oh I love this couple! Thanks for interviewing them, StandTall. Buttercup is just too sweet for words...I bet she's never met someone who didn't love her!

I for one am hoping that marriage is the end result of this union...or should I say beginning?

Buttercup said...

Awww thanks everyone! *blushing*. I wish I could respond individually but I'm using my phone. Thanks once you guys! :)

Buttercup said...

Thank you, Standtall for granting us the interview! :D

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