Thursday, August 6, 2009

Interview Thursday:"My choice of architecture and then engineering was inspired by my love for buildings and wanting to change the status"- Archiwiz

It is not every time that one gets the privilege of interviewing an Architect\Engineer that is so female, so brilliant and so cool. She was the very blogger that notified Standtall about the BlogHer International Activists Scholarship and I made it. Archiwiz the Architect, Archiwiz the Engineer has agreed to let us share in her belief and dream on "Interview Thursday".
You are an architect, what inspired your choice of course?
I’m actually an engineer now. My architecture days are on the back-burner for now. But the real thing is, I love buildings: in their totality. My choice of course (architecture and then engineering) was inspired by my love for buildings and wanting to change the status quo. When I was younger a three-story building collapsed in my city and about 200 primary and secondary school children died. I remember asking my Dad why and who was at fault. And the answer was between the contractor, owner of the building, and the absence of laws and Codes for Structural Engineering practices.
Where do you intend to see yourself in the next 5 years?
Ummmm… Hmmm… My vision is not clear enough to talk about it right now. I like to keep things like plans/hopes/visions close to my chest.
You have a unique blog with your direct beautiful hand writing, how did you start this?
Aww, thanks for the compliment. I’m not sure Vera will agree with you though. J. Like you know, I’m a techie. I got a tablet pc for school because I was tired of carrying too many notebooks and textbooks. I realized that it was therapeutic to blog with my writing so that’s how that went on.
You said in a post that Africa women should appreciate their natural hair or something like that, do you wear your hair natural?
Apparently that post engendered a lot of controversy. Highly unnecessary. I said that I was upset that a child was told/allowed to feel that she was not beautiful because her hair was not straight. Its not right for an African/African-American/Afro-Caribbean or any other African-related woman to utterly reject what God gave her and call it not beautiful because the media promotes straight hair. My hair is natural, and I wear my hair in many ways. A natural afro sometimes, a weave afro sometimes, regular weaves, and braids at other times. I got tired of relaxers and was getting concerned about the impact of the chemicals on my brain, so I grew out my hair and cut off the perm when it was long enough. J Now I’m not saying that everyone should rush and stop perming/relaxing their hair oh. Not at all. I’m saying that they should accept that they are beautiful the way they are and not pin beauty to any or every standard shoved at them by the media and various insecure, unsure, and uncultured people.
Will you encourage Black women to wear natural hair and why?
I will encourage Black women to embrace themselves and love themselves fully and wholly. The hair is many times an extension of the security or insecurity many women feel. Natural hair is not for everybody. Its not very easy to take care of and then there is the stigma of “rebellion” or “witchcraft” or some other hot ignorant mess people spew, for us to deal with. Its not easy to stand up against it, but for those who can, go for it. I know what my Mother would say if/when I loc my hair, talanger k less of some White dude who has been conditioned to see locs as a sign of rebellion or some type of “against the world.” So it’s both reconciliation and an education thing. Embrace who you are and love what you have. Express yourself without care of catering to the limits that society puts upon you as a Black woman.
Mention 5 things you will rather not hear in the world again or that you will rather have eradicated.
Hmmm… Hater, swagger… for the words. Judgment, colonialism, and subservience in every form (forced or willing)
Why will you want these aforementioned things eradicated?
The word, “Hater” is now being used to turn back the tables on whoever criticizes anyone. Not necessary.
As for swagger; didn’t that horse die ages ago? Why are we still flogging it?
Judgment: This one is hard to tackle.
Colonialism: Africans need to stand up and take their place in the world. We can not be giving out or “dashing” out our land, goods, services, or repairs to the rest of the world. Look around. How many African countries are celebrating the talent, artistry, and intellect of their children? We would rather have an Israelite, American, Chinese, British, or Lebanese person do or provide us with things.. Look inward and bring out the good that God has put in you Africa! How do you think Japan rose to the top of the industrialist countries? They put an embargo on imports and made everything they needed from scratch. China followed suit and where are they now? Bailing out the U.S. with five hundred billion dollars. So yes, we need to look inward and use our brains that God gave us, just like the rest of the world.
As for subservience don’t even get me started. Any and every form of subliminal slavery, forced subservience, conditioned servitude or the misnomer that one gender is secondary to the other, or lower than the other, or is less than the other is just appalling in the twenty-first century. The worst part is when some people twist words and phrases from the Bible to suit their feelings. That is the same argument that slave-owners and slave traders used to carry out two hundred and fifty years of the most inhumane treatment of human beings ever.
Do you think there is hope for Nigeria development?
I believe there is hope. As far as there are Nigerians who have a heart burning for Nigeria’s future, like the current lightupnigeria movement on twitter and facebook. Nigeria will move forward. It is time we stop singing “Nigeria go survive” or saying things like “e go beta” and just do it. Nigerian youths of today have the power, and the will. The road might be long, and hard, but we have very capable people and we will make it happen.


Vera Ezimora said...

I'm first????

Vera Ezimora said...


Vera Ezimora said...

How on earth did I come first?

Vera Ezimora said...

Archiwiz, you're right! I definitely do not agree! LOL

Stop that yeye hand writing ooo. Per the relaxer, I have no qualms with it. I'm indifferent about it - so to say. I use it because it's convenient. Would love to wear my hair naturally sha BUT it's expensive to maintain it.


Standtall... good job!

StandTall-The Activist said...

@Vera: only you 4 comments? Lol

TheJunkie said...

I love this lady already and I do not know her.

All the best in the future ms!!!

pls check out mine, I'm a newbie

Buttercup said...

It was nice knowing more about Archiwiz. Great interview, Standtall!

NoLimit said...

Archiwiz comes across as a strong black woman!!!
I totally agree with you, it is time to stop singing the same old song and just DO IT!!!
I actually used to think Archiwiz was a dude!lol


loved this interview. I'm with Archiwiz on the 'hater' and 'swagger' silliness. Just heard some commentator on the Golf channel say "Tiger's got his swagger back" and I almost puked, lol!

Nice getting to know more about the tablet lady. Even i want a tablet!


Good Naija Girl said...

I love archiwiz! She's always very humbly trying to help people out, in particular by finding ways of connecting people, just like she did for that Blogher award.

Thanks for selecting her as the subject of your interview, Stand Tall :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Suru said...

This interview was really interesting I actually wrote about the black hair dilemma and the Chris Rock documentary coming out on my blog recently. Everyone pls check it out and I appreciate your comment since I'm new.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Where is Archiwiz? We need your response o. SSD: I will stop by yours soon. forgive me.

Grahamn Kracker said...

Fun blog! I love the way it is put together. I have seen no other like it.

Personally, I liked the story on the air.

I felt a little sad to be lumped in with the miserable men Archiwiz has encountered, but I also felt the pain of the moment that caused her to lump us all together.

On the other hand, maybe its true. Maybe we are all rotten. I don't think so, but maybe we are.

Grahamn Kracker said...

"story on the hair" not "air"

StandTall-The Activist said...

@ GK: I am sure that the lumping together might be on the side of generalisation and Archiwiz expressing her mind on the issue in a passionate way but that you are all rotten? No, that's not true.

aloted said...

how did i miss this post...

hmm another natural in the house! nice nice..totally agree with u on ur stance on natural hair.

we rock! :D

StandTall-The Activist said...

@ Aloted: hmmm guessed you missed it cuz of too much blogs to visit I am coming to London in sept!

archiwiz said...

@Vera LOL... Na wa 4 u oh.. Sha I don tell u my own about writing. Please change ur glasses to cowaschiate. :P

@TheJunkie Thank you ohh... :)

@NoLimit He he... Thanks. I think many people used to think I was a dude.

@SSD Please please please buy a tablet... Like I said on my blog u can get a used one 4 <$400. It will revolutionize the way u look at computing.

@Goodnaijagirl... Many thanks. I'm humbled.

archiwiz said...

@StandTall... Sorry. I am here, ma. :D

@Grahamn Kracker... Thanks for the compliments.
LOL @"lumping". Which category are u talking about being lumped in? I think you're really cool peoplesss... :)

@aloted You have natural hair too? How do u carry it?

@StandTall... Haba, which country u no dey go. Abeg u go try make time for us for here ohh... :)

aloted said...

@archiwiz- i wear my hair similar to yours. Baale, my hubby, is still getting used to the idea so in the bid to compromise i usually have afro kinky or braids on and then leave my hair to rest for a week or so.

i have been natural since last year nov and i must say its been an experience...might just blog about it one of these days :)

@standtall- nice one!!! we must to hook up when u come

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