Monday, September 21, 2009

Is someone still speaking this language?

Weaker sex- but she is expected to do all the cooking.
Weaker sex- but she is expected to bring up the kids.
Weaker sex- she does all his laundry and provide sex at will.
Weaker sex- she is expected to think, go to work and serve her family.
Weaker sex – and she carried that pregnancy for 9 months!
Weaker sex – and she nurture all the men after given birth to them.
Weaker sex- and her place is in the kitchen.
Weaker sex- we know she is brilliant, intelligent and logical but her opinion is not needed.
Weaker sex- when it was Paul talking and not God talking!

Is someone still speaking this language?
Is someone still thinking this thought?
Is someone seeing women this way?

Wake up dude, you are mistaking!


juiceegal said...


Tisha said...

nothing like that o

juiceegal said...

Femininity does not equal being weak....God made Eve out of Adam's ribs to be his helpmate not housegirl. Its a known fact that a woman is very strong, maybe not physically..i guess that's where the mix up is..people confuse femininity with being weak..they measure being strong based on physical strength.
Men and women both have their designated roles in life, its not a competition as to who is stronger.

blogoratti said...

Good one..guess some people are still speaking it.

funkola said...

if indeed there's any such thing as weaker sex, they know who they are, dat's why dey feel the need to label other people.

lucidlilith said...

Like I always say, those people still using that language should try to push a 7 pound human throught a hole the size of a dime and then come and tell me about who is weak. Shio.

ttlolla said...

In Nigeriam yes, they still say my brain is not as developed as a boys own and that i should obey him

The said...

It is a proven fact in everyday life that women are stronger than men...maybe not physcially but emotionally, mentally, spiritually

Myne Whitman said...

Weaker sex indeed, but people still speak it. Including women who expect/demand doors to be opened for them.

juiceegal said...

Demanding that doors be opened for you does not automatically make you week..just saying

FFF said...

well, wen it comes to physical strength, we really are the weaker sex. i've come to accept that lifting heavy objects isn't only unlady-like, but downright detrimental to my back! So, i solicit for d nearest male to do it 4 me. Yes, daz wen i play d weaker sex card & am not ashamed of it. Another place is with machines, heavy machines to be specific. but this has more to do with who i am as a person & not my gender. I don't get machines, so i look out 4 a man to figure it out 4 me. For me oh, aint no shame in it too.

Other than these aspects, am as strong as any man. My mental capacity is, actually, enhanced by my gender cos i can think of so many things @ d same time!!!!!!!!!!!

That said, men & women are meant to work hand in hand, as they said yin-yarn (i hope that's how it's spelt). I firmly believe God made us each inadequate by ourselves, so we can rely on d other person @ times for help. That's d building block for friendship, companionship, trust & peace.

Naija Babe said...

Being a woman doesn't equal being weak. Weak is an adjective that is not gender specific and anyone who still thinks this way is missing it.

Yet, people still do, men and women. Some women propagate that myth. They look themselves in the mirror and claim weakness because they are afraid to acknowledge their own strength or because it has been pushed down so deep by society that they don't even know they have strength.

Some men use the term submission as an excuse to subjugate, yet that is not what was intended or commanded.

Like the other writer wrote, God made Eve out of his rib. not his pinky finger, not the soft fleshy part of his tummy but his rib. One of the hardest working and most important bones in the body and that was his design.

Women are strong and necessary! Relevant to every facet of life. A husband who ignores his wife's opinion or doesn't seek it, is foolish and one who tries to put her under his feet is even more so.

Celebrate life as a woman. Celebrate life as a man.
Let us celebrate life in its entirety however we find ourselves...even like my dear runner...those that are intersex...

StandTall-The Activist said...

Sorry that I have to jump comment.

FFF: what you said cut my attention, I don't think we need to accept we are weaker in anyway cuz that will not be true. For instance those heavy stuff you can't lift might be easily lifted by another lady that has built her physical strength also your ability to call out to someone to get this job done makes you wise... and not weak. I am just saying.

StandTall-The Activist said...

And in addition, "weaker sex" is less used when it comes to lifting stuff but when it comes to brain work, like when you need to make decision and all. Then, they remember how weak we ought to be!

Kafo said...


standtall ooo and continue to speak d unspoken

pink-satin said...

weaker sex my ass

Tigeress said...

Yup- loads of guys still think and chat smack like this!! Even the so called modern ones.

And yeh, i do think we are the weaker sex but at the same time we are VERY strong.

histreasure said...

When Paul(with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) calls women the weaker sex, i believe he meant to drive home the point that women ought to be treated with utmost respect and gentility because our constitution physically and emotionally is different from that of men.
No matter how strong a woman is, she cannot be a man(that is why even in sports where we have the strongest men and women, that classification is made. we r different but different doesn't mean bad and it doesn't mean stupid or intellectually deficient. of course this is obviously not so.

i know that some men still play the weaker sex card in an obnoxious manner but then i always assume that such men do not understand the essence of what was meant in that passage and yes, they should wake up, for the world has passed them by.

Rhapsody B. said...


Yes this language is spoken the world over it is the language of patriarchy no different to the language of the slave master that designated people of African lineage - Lazy when they build their houses, cook their food, nurse their babies, plant and reap their harvest; A thief - when they were trying to reclaim what was stolen; An animal - when they deliberately and systematically denied a decent standard of living; A Cannibal - when they were shipped as slaves and left to starve plied in like rats and fed the dead whenever some died; Stupid/imbeciles – when it was part of the enslavement plan to keep the enslaved illiterate revolution against was met with death, beatings, loss of limbs.

As people we need to be mindful of the language we use when speak, think about the historical context, the implication of meaning behind how we speak to each other, of each other, how we look at each other, criticize each goes beyond the patriarchal it is a categorical kind of erasure of our humanity as women and as a people.

Nice piece, keep writing.

Geebee said...

Hmmm, that was a deep one. Women Liberation Movement has begun again o, with StandTall leading the army. lol. Seriously now, there's a strong need to review the manner in which women are seen in our world, especially in Africa and I definitely support the motion that the 'weaker sex' acronym used for women be banned for good. However, I still believe that the man remains the head of the house.

bArOquE said...

is it about speaking 'this' language? it is about it still being what it is, or have you now become a man?

femmeautonome said...

my family was having a discussion that delved into a biblical one through email....I made the point (especially since my dad was included in the thread), that Jesus NEVER made ANY woman submit to him. Ever. Jesus never "put any woman in her place." Ever. Didn't get any response to that. lol.

Paul wrote his letters to churches in specific cultural and political settings. Thank you for pointing out that PAUL wrote the epistles where he said women should submit - people should look into why he wrote that.

My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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