Thursday, April 29, 2010

Your pains, my pains.

If only you knew...
How I feel your pains
How I imagined what you are going through
How I put myself in your painful shoes

Forced to marry as a child bride at 13
Forced to have sex with a man five times my age
Forced to get pregnant, have babies when I am yet a baby
Forced to learn the adult ways
I don't even know how to dream
Or what my tiny little dreams would have become
As my future has being stolen from me before I am awake
All my known and unknown dreams gone!
If I were still so unlucky in my highly unlucky situation
I will lose some of my babies
I will lose the control of my bladder I will get VVF
I will be force to leave his house
After he has ruined my life, my future, my hopes!

Not that I will have a place to go to
Have already being sold by my foolish parents!
I am now an outcast, with a worthless life
The one forced to give up her childhood
The society cares not, my parents cared not
And this is how I die!

I do fell your pains
I do want madly to change the World
I do want to fly around the World and rescue
Rescue all the poor innocent girls
Kill all the perpetrators of evils against children
And have a big, satisfactory smile of victory on my face!

Yerima the paedophile
Yerima marriage to under age Egyptian girl
Nigerian Women protesting Yerima's marriage to another underage girl
Child Bride in Yemen died of Internal Bleeding


Kafo said...


Kafo said...

oh my word

just read about Yerima
there must be a law some law to prevent him from doing this and HE was a governor
i really want to get on a plane right now and cut off his penis


swap marriage
so he couldn't wait to marry until his sister was 16 or freaking 18
he had to swap marriage and force his underage sister into the hands of his friends

in what world
do men get to do this stuff

crap it's in this world


Jaycee said...

I heard about this, and it was heart-breaking.

blazing said...

Bloody hypocrite,chopping people's limbs off while still a Governor,wish someone will give him a taste of the pill and chop his randy paedophillic tool off-and while at it, some strokes of koboko will suffice.

LaFani said...

someone really should cut off this guy's stupid old penis and then someone should find her parents and shoot them...WTF is wrong with the world?

Myne Whitman said...

I hear the Senate is calling him to order and he is now denying that the girl is 13. He should be removed and charged. Even the last wife was 15, whats's with him and children?

Dee! said...

Yerima should be castrated! Yeye shameless man!

blazing said...

My heart goes out to all the young beautyful girls who are having thier might have being lifes shattered by perverted beings and greedy heartless parents.I say its time we the world become their champion-stand for them,speak out for them and fight for them(incase of Yerima-kill for them)

Shola said...

this really puts the pains of child brides in perspective. how can that man close his eyes to the obvious, its beyond me. *sighs*

Naijalines said...

Situations like unthinkable and sadly true. I hope Nigeria outlaws this practice of marrying off child brides. There is no place for it in a civilised society.

Well done on all the good work you do to raise public awareness of injustices against women.

Lara said...

The girls parents must be really greed to sell of their child to a man this old and Our society for allowing this to happen

AlooFar said...

I copy Dee!

Anonymous said...

Well done!........................................

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

你不能決定生命的長度,但你可以控制它的寬度 ..................................................

Courtney said...

i've been away from the blogging community for almost a year, but it seems your writing has not changed one bit. thank you so much for continuing to raise awareness and be a voice to those who cannot speak. keep writing!

Anonymous said...


Afronuts said...

This poem made me shudder!
And it makes me think more passionately about my soon-to-be-a-year-old daughter.

As a father, my heart breaks when I hear of such occurrencies. I question what manner of tradition it is that says overgrown adults should marry underage children?

gosh...Yerima...that name just sounds like the devil's oriki. First time i heard it was during this! Uugghh.

My blood boils!

Standtall...I never knew u could do poetry...nice.

Anonymous said...

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