Saturday, April 19, 2008


  1. Female sex workers are called prostitutes and male sex workers are gigolos;
  2. Women are no longer the ones dominating hairdressing; make over business all over the world. Men have taken over;
  3. The best cooks/chefs around are male;
  4. Men have taken over fashion, hairdo, manicure and pedicure;
  5. Men are the best gossip ever;
  6. No species can out gist men. They always have something to gist about from football, to women, to the latest car etc;
  7. Men are more emotional;
  8. Men have taken over market-business so we now have plenty (Baba Loja meaning market men);
  9. More men are now studying music, theatre art while they leave medical, dental and engineering courses to women;
  10. We now have more stay at home dads than in the past.
Note: I do not believe that women are the best at no 1 to no 10. These are derived from the crowd mentality (lol)
You are free to add to the list and send your agreed, disagreed, strongly agreed, strongly disagreed feedback in a polite manner. As they say truth hurts (lol).


Anonymous said...

Reiterating point 1, when a man sleeps with different girls, he's sowing his wild oats, let a girl do the same with different guys she's a whore...(hiss)

ablackjamesbond said...

Are there stay at home Dads in Nigeria?

Thanks for stopping by.

tobenna said...

I disagree with 5, 6, 7...
Infact, I disagree with everything.
It's because its a novel thing, thats why m doing them are more popular.
Women still top the icing on the cake.
Your post is just another grand ploy by women. Part of which I said in my post (link below) What the objective is, I don't know.

The Activist said...

ablackjamesbond... you will be surprised

Tobenna: I remember I warned that anyone repsonding to my posting should be polite.
I can't help if you feel intimidated by these facts. Sorry o (lol). But just know it's a woman's world. Remember a woman brought you to this world. That is a fact you cannot change.

LG said...

lol!!@ no.1,gigolos
I agree with 2, 3, 5, 6,
not sure abt no. 7, 8, 10,

For the love of me said...

I agree, particularly with 4.Why are men so interested in fashion, hairdo, manicure, nursing, who then will do the carpentary and plumbing?

Smaragd said...

u are very right.

I would much rather have a guy fix, cut or even braid my hair (once i ascertain he's good) than a woman of equal ability.
I left a spa "unmassaged" because it was an unfriendly looking masseuse not a masseur.
I daresay that meals cooked for me by guys so far have proven very tasty, but not necessarily better than women's.
The last manicure i got from a guy left my fingernails paralysed for a LONG time, so NO to guys on that.
I agree that stay at home dads in naija are popping up,though not common yet.

U've made good points here Standtall.

Flourishing Florida said...

i have a problem with genderized jobs (except 4 stay @ home dads - not 4 me o. abeg, make e comot dia go look 4 job, which kain nonsense), both where it applies 2 bobos & bebes

Bubblegum Thug said...

i think every individual has their niche. I dont believe in the comparison of men and women. Apples and Oranges if u ask me.

The Activist said...

@ for the love of me, We have lady mechanic now and I believe we have the yet to be seeing
Lady-plumber and lady-carpenters

@Smaragd, thanks for ur comment

@Free-Flowing_florida, a stay at home dad can be a computer guru that works online, make money right under his roof and still have time at his disposal for other domestic affairs

@Pink Glove, nice point but people compare women and men all the time, hence the genderised jobs and behaviours

Anonymous said...

all what was sed is true, men are taking over the female jobs why cant women rise to do men's jobs

Blogger said...


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