Friday, June 20, 2008


I worry a lot about the time I resume for work, I worry about the circumstances surrounding everything. I like to be perfect; I like to put my integrity first in all I do. I like following set rules and regulations. But it’s being very difficult to keep up with my principle as far as resuming for work is concerned.

I once worked at
Victoria Island and I said to myself never to work in that end of Lagos again since I leave far away from the said place. You are faced with endless traffic in the morning and same in the evening when you are going back home.

Well, I am back to the
Island, this time Lagos Island. I took the job because I love it but I still get late to work!!! I am supposed to be at work 8:30 am which is fair enough but I often make it to work after 8:30am. See me see trouble o.

Care to know why? I will just describe a typical day from Monday to Friday. But before then I will like to say here that if I leave home before
6:00 am, I will get to work by 7:00 am but if I leave home by 6:30 or 7:00am I get to work after 8:30 am most time. And the big unsolvable problem is, I wake up latest by 6:00am on the dot!!! My body has been so conditioned to this that it’s being so difficult to adjust. Let’s start:

  1. Long queue at the bus stop (this takes about 20mins or more than at times)
  2. Traffic; blocked road, 3rd Mainland bridge is worse, we could be there for an hour
  3. Bus won’t stop me at my desire spot at my bus stop, I have to trek a lot to get to work
  1. It’s Raining
  2. Conductors says my bus stop should not enter, which means more time at the park
  3. Flat tire on the road
  4. Traffic
  1. Bus enters the filling station to get gas/fuel. Takes forever to get done
  2. Traffic phase one before we ever reach 3rd Mainland Bridge
  3. Bus overheat
  4. Traffic phase two before on 3rd Mainland Bridge
It could be any of the above or road might be free

  1. Overslept!!! Hurried out of bed to make it work
  2. Traffic must add to my displeasure
  3. Rain might now add to my trouble
  4. Etc etc
I don’t like excuses and it’s now becoming increasingly difficult for me not to have or give one. I tire. I vex, am sad. I can’t help myself!!!


bumight said...

is there any of your colleagues that lives on ur route that u could hitch a ride with or any of ur friends from home who work on the island?

Sha said...

wow.. dat sucks..
oh well.. goodluck

Abbie said...

Girl, if I could, I'd buy you a ca ASAP!!!

AJIKE said...

yay am firt...yupee dandan oooooo!

ok now babes, i know howyou feel, heard so much about this lagos palava, but it is well, cheer up, don't be sad....i guess its one of the hassles of life.....maybe you might have to get up so so early after all...pele my dear

take it to the lord in prayer!!!

don't be sad now, remeber ure name..stand are not called that for nothing

ok let me stop yarning balls. when i remeber one song ild come back

muah muah

isha said...

pele my dear! I pray it gets better for you. It's just the first week yeah?
Enjoy the weekend.

femmeautonome said...

congratulations on your new job. I lived in Nigeria one year when I was much younger. In Calabar and my mom's village.

OluwaDee said...

Pele dear.
Try asking around ur office u might find sm1 who lives near u.

Am dreading the mainland - island traffic, when I move back 2 9ja.

Keep standing tall.

LG said...

i feel u my sistah, in the office , they kno me d last person to sign in, lolll, d good tin is dat i get to d office b4 my boss *grins*
newayz,'try to sleep early, change ur alarm battery *grins* n tell hubby to wake u byforce b4 6am lollll

njoy ya w'end
how r my cuties
*do i want to kno??????????,lollll*

Afrobabe said...

That sucks...would make me cry just to get out of bed....

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Eya kpele!
Maybe you could start waking up@ 4am?!LOL


my sista sorry oh!!!! e no easy at all.


aloted said...

oga o!

looks like you have to start waking at 5a.m! set up alarm to wake you at 4/4.30 and keep snoozing till 5..well thats wat i would do..i hear it takes 6 weeks to break a habit so all da best!

better still get a car..or hitch a ride with a colleague that can pick you up part of the way..

Pele dia!

Duchess said...

its not easy atall...i know...cos we have same story, cos i go thru all this too....Lagos is really messsed up...thnk God my boss is a lil wnt have bin easy for me either...
Pele dear!

Don said...

sometimes i struggle with the same. it kinda hurts my job evaluation, but i have to keep telling myself that everything will balance itself out. eventually.

i tell myself that, as well as stop turning the alarm clock off so many times, in the morning. LOL.

naijaleta said...

There was a time I was working on the Island and living in Agege. I used to wake up 4:30 AM everyday.

Buttercup said...

oh my word, that aint gravy at all! wow....the Lord is ur strength babe..

tankojjetty said...


Jeremy said...

Your wish is my command madame. Now, how about some reciprocationals?

Jaycee said...

I'll have to empathhize with you because I know how difficult it is to get to work if a person lives in Lagos! Traffic is just impossible...

I think the best bet is to get a really LOUD alarm clock that can wake you up at 5:30am, so that you can be ready to leave the house at 6.00am and get to work by 7.00am. What do u think?

Smaragd said...

i've vowed that if i get a job on the island, i'll move to lekki or ikoyi, cuz i dont think i can survive that daily traffic!

I currently leave home 8:15 to get to work 8:35! it's pure bliss.


AlooFar said...

Thanks for your comment on The Obama Speech on Nigeria ;)

tobenna said...

Truth is, you can do it.
You can wake up earlier and leave to work earlier. I waas in that same situation when I was working in VI. It was hell, but it was better to get to work earlier than to risk looking sloppy to my colleagues and oga.

Wake up earlier. It can be done.

Free-flowing Florida said...

pls, don't get me started on dis lagos traffic thing! its d only thing dat makes me dread dis possible move 2 lagos (2 go join MM).

Zena said...

can u hitch a ride with someone or have someone wake you up?

used to be late for work, had my best-friend call me to wake me up and it worked?

pele sha

Standtall said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Standtall said...

@ Bunmight:My former schoolmate works on V.I and he could dorp me off along the way but he leaves home at 5:00/5:30 am everyday!!! I no fit! Cos I will be gerring to work by 6:00am if I were to go with him.

@ Sha: thanks Sha, ya it sucks

@ Abbie: thanks love. The car would have solved a lot of these palavas cos that means I can ride straight from home without having to queue and all that.

@ Ajike: thanks for the inspiration. I am waiting for the song o.

@ Isha: thanks. I have being in this job since January this yr and I really wish I cld be gerring to work on time cos my boss is so considerate, she asked us to resume at 8:30 daily. She don try

@ femmeautonome: hmm that makes u a Nigerian mi-lady.

@ oluwadee: thanks dearie, the person I know leaves home at 5:00/5:30 everyday!!!

@ LG: mi-lady. Your case is better but mine isn't cos I feel so uncomfortable seeing my boss seated b4 I drag myself to work. She is not saying anything as in she is understanding but I dont want it to look like I am taking her for granted. She is the best

@ Afrobabe: that means u r not an early riser?

@ Nigeriandramaqueen: you wan kill me? I no fit

@ Solomonsydelle: thanks mi-systa

@ Aloted: i will try and see if I can break the habit

@ Duchess: The truth is my boss is an angel. She understands too but I am not happy with this situation.

@ Don: you too mi-brova? E go beta o

@ Naijaleta: that ur situation was definitely worse than mine. Kai

@Buttercup: yes the Lord systa!!!
@TankoJjetty: what a solution!!!

@ Jeremy: I would have sworn you were on mi-blogroll. I must have forgotten to put it back after I changed my template. No vex. U dye my blogline sha

@ Jaycee: I think apart from gerring a "LOUD ALARM", I have got to keep it 5 fts away from me cos of temptation to always turn it off

@Smaragd: I envy you mi-systa

@ Aloofar: you are welcome!!!

@Tobenna: I have got to try. Thanks a bunch

@ Free-Flowing Florida: "to go join MM" who is MM? I am curious. Anyway, if you come you might be luckier or you get use to Lagos life

@ Zena: My hubby is appointed to do the "pls wake your wifey up" thing but he got tired cos I am always fighting him to leave me alone. See my life. The person i cld hitch a ride with, leaves home at 5:00/5:30 everyday!!!

LoLu said...

Oga O! you are like me. Despite no traffic, I still get to work at 8:30am coz l cant wake up before 7:00am(shhhh...did l say that?)

Start to put alarm for 5:00am, best of luck!

Parakeet said...

Lagos palavar...kai. They need trains in that town. get people off the road...Lagos will soon get to be curse. You try standtall, pele.

Charizard said...

girl...I don come back...

darkelcee said...

Me i don tire for this lagos

Its 8.39am now and i feel so sleepy.

the rain that fell yesterday made lagos to practically float on water. gothome around 11pm when i should have been at home by 9

please govt should get a policy out to all employers to ensure that employee start some KM to the office! abi now? :)

Standtall said...

@ Lolu: You lazy o!!!

@Parakeet: Thanks dearie. I agree with the train initiative.

@ Charizard: welcome back mi-boy!!! This your Paris tirp is short o

@ Darkelcee: I agree with you o

The Last King Of Scotland said...

pele dear, i pray you buy a car soon or get promoted to ease this condition. pele. i would have suggested train.....but dont we need electricity first? have a blessed day

Free-flowing Florida said...

MM = my man. i was supposed 2 move 2 lagos after d wedding

Blue Eyed Blonde said...

I feel you sister! For those days am early, it means i was up at 4.30am, outta the house at 5.30, and at work at 7am, anything else and i get to work at 10am!....

kpele. That's the cross some unlucky lagosians bear.......

LoLu said...

Not my fault sleep late so l have every reason to wake up late non?(my bad habit)

Tairebabs said...

I soooo understand what you mean. My body has conditioned itself for 6.00am as well. Last year, I relocated from v.i to lekki. I work on Lagos Island as well. It used to take me fifteen minutes to get from v.i to work. Then my relocation to that lekki and I understood the saying you don't know what you have got until it is gone. The traffic is horrible and if you miss the required wake up time, forget it you will be lying all week. I have used up all available excuses, flat tire, car trouble, LASMAN self have been ropped into my late to work excuses. But hold forte, things will get better my dear, my body has accepted 6.00am now from 7.30 before. It is well take it to God in prayers, the third mainland traffic I just don't know a way out.

Standtall said...

@ The Last King of Scotland: O se o mi-king. And you r right we need electricity first.

@ Free-flowing Florida: oh I get it but I no envy you o. I want to relocate to Abuja sef

@ Blue Eyed Blonde: How are you coping with getting to work at 7:00am?

@ Lolu: o kay o. All the best in ur blogville idol pariticpation!!!

@ Tairebabs...kai this s something else. I will key into ur changed waking up habit and discuss this with God. Thanks dearie

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