Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Why do I allow the mistakes of the past to hunt me?
Those mistakes made in good faith
The ones made while trusting so blindly
The one yet made for the love of adventure
The mistakes that came to be because of error in judgement
Did I really make those mistakes?

It must be the other part of me that is long gone
It can’t be me sitting here
It couldn’t have been this reasonable, articulate, objective, charismatic me
But it could have been me
Had those errors, mistakes not being part of your integrity building?
Have they not been able to help you be better in life?
Have they not being a blessing in disguise come to think of it?

Just in one word,
You are wasting time brooding about non-issue
You are focusing on the past that cannot be changed
You are succumbing to the past that you ought to control
You are making another big mistake!!!

I now I trust but with sense
Now I make friends but with caution
Now I speak without fear or favour
Now I know keeping silent has it’s blessing
Now I know that there will always be adventure
There will always be new things to explore
Now I know that I need to move on error or no error
Blunder or blunder, mistake or no mistake
Now I know that no one is in infallible

But, I keep this in mind in all I do:
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concern?
Will God approve?
Is your conscience in line with your act?
Yes, I think before I act!!!


Afrobabe said...


Afrobabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Free-flowing Florida said...

u know what, i was saying d very same thing (well, n different words of course) 2 myself yesterday night. i dunno, of late i've been remembering all d stupidity of my youth & dem plenty eh.

thanks 4 sharing

Free-flowing Florida said...

lol afrobabe's deleted comment. i don dey begin wonder o. actually, i went back 2 check if we were reading d same blog!!

Afrobabe said...

Please forgive my last comment, was having a blond day...
Yes, i also think before I act as well as think before I speak...mistakes have been made and lessons have been learnt...

Afrobabe said...

I dey read two blogs at the same time oh....only to comment on the wrong one...lmao...immedietely I posted it I told myself something was not right/....lmao

chi-grace said...

Been there....
....nice read

BrownSugar said...

It's all about growth. Keep standing tall!

Afronuts said...

Oh! you were a interact or rotaract person>? Judging by ur last lines...

a good lesson to learn from. never dwell or brood over ur past. It can hurt ur future

Standtall said...

@ Afrobabe: lol remember, mistake is allowed. I do wrong commenting a lot myself

@Free-flowing Florida: that said, we need the spirit of moving on. Cos no need dwelling on those past events

@ Chi-grace; been there done that hmmm. Such is life

@ Brown Sugar: so right you are mi-lady. Thanks

@Afronut: I am not a member of Rotaract but I like their 4 way test it makes a lot of sense

aloted said...

Hmmm...nice me thinking

Reminds me of the scriptures:
"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Isaiah 43:18-19a

"Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead" Phil 3:13

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

Standtall, this is really deep and touching. Sometimes I pray for selective amnesia - to forget some things in the past. But the good thing is there is today and tomorrow to make a difference.

I like the questions you keep in mind.

isha said...

The best you can do with mistakes of the past is learn from them. Don't let them make you doubt the love of God or if you've been forgiven. You know, they only make you stronger.

Jarrai said...

Never let the past hold you down...after all it has come and can never forget the past but can choose to leave it behind. Every lesson is a blessing.

Yep, i'm always careful about what i say or do and how i speak to people...they say words are sharper than the mama's wisdom.

Lovely post

Standtall said...

@ Aloted: I think I shd call you pastor Aloted. You sited the right scripture!

Rita Esuru Okoroafor: Lol at the "selective amensia".

@ Isha: I agree with our mistakes making us stronger. Yes, it will with the right approach to the issue

@ Jarrai: how r u doing? I sure agree with you

Standtall said...

@ Aloted: I think I shd call you pastor Aloted. You sited the right scripture!

Rita Esuru Okoroafor: Lol at the "selective amensia".

@ Isha: I agree with our mistakes making us stronger. Yes, it will with the right approach to the issue

@ Jarrai: how r u doing? I sure agree with you

poeticallytinted said...

Was hoping I'll be at least 1st 5 for once... this my job na wa oh.
I used to bury mistakes and indeed all my past unpleasant memories somewhere deep inside me, I didn't know that no matter how deep I buried them they'll always hover over all my axns like a dark cloud. Then I became angry and defensive when I could bury them no longer and acted like I didn't give a hoot and had planned to do those things anyway. (attitude was: Go to hell if you don't like me). This only led to more mistakes. The truth is I am now at a place in life where I have decided to learn from the mistakes of the past and think a bit of 'Go to hell if you can't get past the past and see me for who I've become' :D The point is I don't let the past rule me now. But I sure have learnt from it. I am all grown up now... not above mistakes no, but i can deal with those better. I definitely think before I act!!!
Standtall I know your blog is not the meeting hall for 'Sinners Anonymous' but I just felt like sharing...

Vera Ezimora said...

We have all made some STUPID mistakes, things that we wish we could go back in time & change. But mistakes make us grow. They make us wiser, I guess. Yesterday, I was reading some funny quotes on a website, and one of the quotes said, "Worry not about the mistakes you have made; worry about the mistakes you will make." I couldn't stop laughing @ that coz that is soooooooo true. I shudder to think of what mistakes I will still make. Dang!

Anonymous said...

hmmmnn serious word here o Standtall...I likey...

Ben and Gwen say hi!

funkola said...

concentrating on the rear-view mirror when driving is a recipe for an accident but a quick glance every now and again won't hurt nobody. babes, u gotta keep looking ahead, forget wot's behind; except it's of any good.
dayymmm! i wish i could take my own advice.

Parakeet said...

Hmm, very true. I guess we all do that. Key thing is to live the past in the past and focussing on the present and future. No matter how much we'd like to believe we've arrived, we'll still always be work in progress! God help us.

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

I'd like to see that wedding picture in colour! Takes me back. I spent a couple of years in Nigeria as a child. The weddings I remember however, emmulated Western values I remember hot pink brides maids gowns brilliant on dark skin, and how shocked the adults were that the bride and groom actually kissed. In those days holding pinkie fingers was considered risque. It' wonderful to see Native dress worn in this one. Hey maybe it's why I like wearing a turban. Many African women in Nigeria did so ;) Happy WW

Jaycee said...

When I saw these lines...I felt connected...because I know too...

"Now I know that I need to move on error or no error, blunder or blunder, mistake or no mistake

Now I know that no one is in infallible."

TinTin said...

is everyone one thinking my thoughts right now!!!

u've just echoed how i'm feeling this exact moment!! scary!!

Omo calabar. said...

was about to yell first and then I realized i got beat to it. When am i gonna be first? lol. Nice read though.

Standtall said...

@ Poeticallytinted: I really love your perpspective. So deep and inspiring. Lol at the "Sinners Anonymous". why not if not?

@ Vera Ezimora: that funny qoute seems so meaningful gal. I kinda like it. Thanks for sharing

@ Chari: Abi o. Hi to those babies

@ Funkola: nice advice. I tapped from it already. We dont alwaz follow our advice na. But may God give us all the courage to do so

@ Parakeet: the "work in progress" concept is so so true............

@ Sukhmandir Kaur: Thanks for stopping by

Jaycees: Bringing those lines out, gave me a new insight to what I had written. So nice of you

@ Tintin: Scary ke??? It should make us deal with the past and zooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm off

Omo Calabar: ah wait your time for 1st position later o. Afro no gree this time.

LG said...

i no undestand anything o,
why u no write am 4 peegin ehn class captain??? lolllll

been there!!

Standtall said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Standtall said...

@ LG: If I attempt to write this in pidgin, it will not be funny

Kafo said...

i needed to read this
for mii forgiving myself is harder and than anything else

Hunter girl said...

Fantastic!!! I agree...i make my friends with caution, i cannot change the past....but i firmly believe every hurt or scar from the past has made ME!! I am stonger and wiser for it...and i bless God for it!!!

How u doing??

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