Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cats on Tuesdays: Becoming my Cats

Standtall - The Activist thinks she is becoming her cats and not the other way round. I am fast becoming them in the following departments:
  1. Sensitivity
  2. Curiousity
  3. Observation
My new found sensitivity will soon land me in trouble as I cannot stand anyone touching me or placing thier hands at my back in a vehicle ( and this is done a lot since we are always packed tightly together in a bus). I am so annoyed about people that will bump into you without "excuse me or sorry". Where is our etiquette these days? If anyone makes screeching noise or play with thier keys, it just gets worse. You should see my feline cats twisting thier ears at any slight noise. Hmmm, I am done for.

Don Scofield curiously taking a nap (lol)

I am now so curious about something and everything. I won't be able to explain the level of my curiosity or what I am curious about. Thank God they are kinda positive stuffs and I don't go getting into people's affairs. I am just darn curious about developmental issues... but my feline kids are curious about the content of my bag, what goes on out the door etc.

Garfield there, observing where to bite on me-leg

What am I observing really? It's all entwined. There is no how you will be curious and not observe stuff. No how you will get sensitive and not observe. So, I am here... becoming my cats.
And now that I have observed a lot of development stuff in relation to Lagos State, I need to have an appointment with Fashola, the governor. No kidding

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poeticallytinted said...

When you see Fashola, tell him for me that he is doing a good job but there is a lot more to be done. Yes Lagos is looking better, not great but significantly better. My mother was in Lagos in January and was able to see remarkable changes between then and March '08 when she was last in Nigeria.

But now I ask, How about the people? Shouldn't we fill empty bellies first before filling pot holes?

poeticallytinted said...


poeticallytinted said...

this has never happened before. Shame on Temite and Afrobabe! I am first second and third!

poeticallytinted said...

okay. I got carried away. lol at you becoming your cats. My own cat is just crazy. lol. Don't wanna lose it like he has. lol. Or maybe i have already lost it cos i love him to bits.

poeticallytinted said...

...and I am fourth and fifth by the way... and could make it sixth if I want.

The Activist said...

Poetically Tinted: Better get back to work!

Gov. Fash is definitely providing employment for peeps, I think. Do you think differently?

LG said...

haba kilode?????? very soon now 'molly go become minister :)
BTW: greet bros fas 4 me o

@poeticallytinted' wat r u feeling like????? :)

aloted said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Writefreak said...

Hmmm...on sensitivity, i think i have always been sensitive, i used to wipe my body if someone mistakenly touched it, i think i've changed though....being oversensitive is not good.

As per curiosity, it killed the cat o, though satisfaction also woke him up..lol..just messing around really

It's good to be curious..helps you ask questions, then you get answers, and yes Fashola is the best governor lagos has had in recent times...de

Writefreak said...

lol @ poetically tinted...you bera not get sacked at work..hehehe

aloted said...

haba...poeticallytinted...pls now..stop dominating this page jo..lol

hehehe..standtall, i feel u about being sensitive. i cannot stand any form of body contact from people i do not know...kai! i just cant...lol

I hope u get to meet Fashola soon o

Tink said...

Ah well, there are worse things you could take over from your cats! :) The black-and-white pics look great!

Geebee said...

Now what do we have here? I thought the cats should have been the ones taking after you. Here comes another CAT WOMAN, right. Sensitivity, Curiosity and Observation are perfect traits if you’ll ask me, so long as they are not done in excess. I’m wondering if I won’t become like my dog soon. Olorun maje!

Please, ask Fash what’s up about the fourth mainland bridge thing. The traffic from Lekki to V.I is going to kill me soon especially with my having to climb okada and spending good money every damned day.

Gattina said...

Bags and boxes that's something for cats curiosity, lol !

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post.
Happy COT
Claudie from Canada

catsynth said...

I think that's fairly natural to become more like one's cats (and to have your cats become more like you).

I'm not really up on Lagos politics myself, but it always interesting to hear what's happening locally in other parts of the world (we mostly get the big national stuff in the media).


That's part of life: learning to
walk in anothers shoes or in this
case paws! We will see life in a
different way!

kuanyin333 said...

I like this: you're becoming your cats. Interesting concept!

TorAa said...

What a Beauty.

Even more than Rosa and Felicia?


Afrobabe said...

I can't stand people's body touching mine either...

Anonymous said...

Temite walks in
looks around
number 21
no way
shame has catch me o
walks out with a tail between her legs.
laters Standy.

Buttercup said...

lol wow..interesting!

the pics r so cute.lol @ poeticallytinted

Sade said...

o my! i'm so scared of cats!
am never a great fan of furry pets.

Its good to be sensitive and curious.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

The Activist said...

LG: Molly is a Senator o. And Socfield is A don and a President. Smallville ( I am sure you don’t know him) is an Honorable!

Writefreak: Curiousity no longer kills the cat o. It saves the cat these days (lol). And I think I am getting over sensitive, God help me. Fashola is hearing you right now. Lol

Aloted: You know the worse, when you are talking to a stranger in a bus and he/she touches you for emphasis. Kai! And they do this to me a lot

Tink: thanks. Do you care mentioning the worse stuff one can take from ones cats so I can start getting careful?

GeeBee: Will sure ask Fashola. Hmmm, my cats should be taking after me too but I am too lenient with them hence…

Gattina; you are so right. At times, they forget the examining thing in my bags, they will just fold up in there and sleep (lol)

Claudie: Thanks. Happy COT day. My purring goes to your feline kids

Catsynth: The Media as a way of exaggerating stuff really. I am becoming more like my cats but they are too spoil to be like me. I will check to see what they have taking from me though

The Activist said...

Jewelgirl: You are right about that.

Kuanyin Moi: Lol. Thanks a bunch

TorAa: Thank you

Afrobabe: Touching you or touching yours? Hmmm I wonder if it means something else o

Temite: You are becoming a comedian o. You worked out with a tail bte your legs (lol)

Buttercup: Thanks. I am looking forward to buying my own camera and I can take my cats as I like

Sade: Sorry about that. You should have gone straight to read other post and ignore the cats post but they are really the best (lol)

Luna und Luzie said...

Interesting post about: Becoming my cats!
Cute pictures!

NaijaScorpio said...

I love the picture of garfield sleeping.

The Activist said...

LUNA: Thanks

STING: Thanks dear. That was actually Scofield curiously sleeping (lol)

Grahamn Kracker said...

What with the crazy nature of my travels to the inauguration of President Barack Obama. followed almost immediately with the injuries my wife suffered in her fall - minor in terms of long-term outlook but major in terms of immediate suffering and difficulty functioning and need of almost constant care, followed by the tortuous trip back to Alaska, two weeks earlier than we had planned, but spread out over three days to make it easier for her to deal with, I have been absent from this and all other blogs that I visit for the whole time.

But now I sit in my office at the side of my house in Wasilla, Alaska, and yours is the very first blog that I pull up.

In time, I wind up at "Cats on Tuesday" and Wow! What beautiful photographs of Don Scofield and Garfield! Had I taken them myself, I would have been most pleased to have created such images.

And your observations are sharp and pithy, interesting and fun to read.

Living in Alaska, I don't often find myself packed into crowds, as you describe, but having just been to a gathering of two million people packed into the National Mall in Washington, DC, where I was in the very midst of this enormous gather of people standing shoulder to shoulder, back to front, for hours and hours and hours on end, in uncomfortable conditions - and it was wonderful.

Such a spirit that was there - two million people, from all races of the earth, packed tightly together and not one arrest, not one ambulance call and, absurd as it sounds to say, a feeling of peace, joy, brother and sisterhood, hope in time of crisis, vanished animosity in a time of terror, no anger in a world filled with rage.

And all this was brought to us by a man whose father came from Africa, mother from America.

But I did not see a single cat on that mall. There is one curled up on my chest right now, though, supported atop my arms, making it difficult to type.

Wish you could have been there with us, dear friend Standtall, who I know only in pixels, yet love and admire as if we sat together in a Cafe somewhere, drinking coffee, sharing stories about our cats.

The Activist said...

Graham Kracker: I have being hitching to hear from you! I so love your comment and thanks for stopping at my blog first! Thanks so much!

How is your wife feeling now. Please give her all my love and care. I wish her a quicker recovery

I was glad you enjoyed the inaugural albeit the difficulty in getting back to Alaska.

I saw most of it on TV and it was awesome! I hope Obama will meet up with the expectation of the American people

Thanks for praising those cats photographes. I never knew they came out so well...

I will be sending you mails soon and I am sure we will see face to face some day

My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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