Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cats on Tuesdays: The Neutered/Spayed Feminist Cats

Finally, Governor Garfield, Senator Molly and Councillor Smallville got spayed and neutered respectively. For Kitten Smaville, he didn't find it a big deal. He bounced back immediately ( his was but a simple procedure). Good for him as he had already started mating with Garfield before he was even 5 months! He became 5 months on Dec. 31st. He is too big for his age hence his misbehaviour (lol). He was in the picture below sleeping on moi peacefully

Molly threw up a lot when she got spayed. She defeacted as well. Her system really reacted badly. She started eating a day after. I was to take her back to the vet last week Friday for her stitch to be removed. Lo and behold, vet was still in new year mood. He wasn't there. So, I removed everything myself. Yeah, doctor StandTall did. Molly is fine. Her urge to run out of the house is reducing after 2 failed attempt that led me to the roof to pick her again. StandTall Husband is trying to be friendly with her, I pray it works. They need to stop this " I don't like you either" attitude of thiers. Both of them. Below is Molly's Stitched Tummy!

My Garfield, she got spayed and slept for 24 hours! I was worried. I woke her up several times during the night but no way. She didn't budge. The vet had to give her more sleeping dose because she had a little benign tumor by the side of her uterus that has to be taking care of. Poor baby, she did not eat for 2 days! Yay. That's Garfield tummy below!

Now they are all bouncing back for good. My happy happy feminist cats. And yeah, President Scofield says hi

Hope you enjoy the above video. That's Socfield and Smallville little brawl
Both Smallville and Scofield were bothering me for food and StandTall husband was there to capture the scene

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katztales said...

Poor kitties! But it's good to see they've all recovered - and no kittens :-) Happy New Year to you all. We're offline for two weeks but will catch up with you before Chinese New Year.

Afrobabe said...

Awwww...glad they recovered....

I need to stay away from ur blog on tuesdays, cant afford to be seen as a cat lover...

StandTall-The Activist said...

Katztales: Happy new year to you.

Afrobabe: Lol. You will just miss other important info too

sleek n' catty said...

Wow.. I'm a bit slow but just how many cats do you have?
I'm sorry they had to go through all that but thank God the'll be fine.
Oh, happy new year to you too!!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Sleek 'n Catty: they are four happy cats. Yes Four

Sting said...

I so love that u r a cat person. We had two cats in naija, Jamie and Lucy and everyone thot we were crazy cos of the negative association nigerians have about cats.

i remember once when Lucy's tail was caught on the rolling barb wire we had on top of our fence, everyone gathered to look at the evil witch that had been caught. Even the bike rider that brought my sister home, told her "dem don catch winch for una house". It was funny.

Anyway, i think those stitches look terrible. Couldn't they have been stitched more neatly. I've had two dogs neutered and the stitches didn't look as bad as that. Well, at least they have been fixed and that's all that matters.

Gattina said...

So the worst is over ! with females it's always more complicated than with males. Although with my little Rosie it was different because it was done by lazer and she didn't even have one stitch !! Just a little stamp sized square on her belly with a little point in the middle. But my other females went through the same as yours !
Happy to hear you continue with COT, sorry I forgot to put Mr. Linky but did it half an hour later !! I also decided to keep the old logo.

poeticallytinted said...

Oh My God those stitches look crazy. I am almost afraid to take Stiggy to that Vet now. look at that. I am glad they are recovering though.

Buttercup said...

aww..at least they r ok now.

happy new year to u n urs standtall!!!!

catsynth said...

Yikes, I could do without the close-ups of the operations. But happy to see the cats doing well now.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Sting: How cld they say that of cat in trouble. Naija cats haters!
I think the stitch looked terrible

Gattina: the laser operation won't be bad at all. Okay, we are keeping the old logo

Poetically Tinted: dont be afraid o. Stiggy operation does not involve any stitch hence my inability to capture Smallville's

Buttercup: Happy nu yr sweetie. Thanks for your love

Catsynth: thanks for your concern. I am happy it's over

Dianna said...

The only spay/neuter problem I've ever had was with my old tabby Amadeus, who after being clipped, hid in the closet for two days refusing all food and water and running up a fever. I finally dragged him out, and forced some Gatorade down his throat. Less then 12 hours later, the fever was gone and he'd scarfed down a can of food.

Julie said...

I'm glad to see they are all recovering...funny how they all had a different reaction. Love the video, those tails were sure in action!

Zena said...

Those stitches look like they hurt terribly,

You do love cats dont you? So dat means I can never visit you, cos I'm still terrified

Happy New-Year

Puss-in-Boots said...

Aww, poor kitties. My two went through that about 8 months ago and were pretty good after.

As for them going to school. I wish. This morning at 5 am, the pair of them were tearing around the place like mad things. So much for my sleep. Grrrr.

Thanks for visiting, too. Hope to see you again.

Luna said...

Oh, poor kitties. But we are glad to read that they are ok now.
Olli must be neutered next time too he is over 6 month and it will be time to do it!

Grahamn Kracker said...

Sad to see the kitties going through the pain of recovery, but so good to see that the job is done and now you have that much less to worry about.

princekay123 said...

Hope your cats are doing great. Happy New Year!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Dianna: Poor Amadeus. Good jobyou did dragging him out. I had to force water down Garfield's throat as well

Julie: Thank you. Trust me, it's part of Scofield's personality to always wag his tail. Always!

Puss in Boots: They are always tearing around the house at abnormal times. Lol. My foursome are so troublesome

Luna: It's Ollie's turn to be baptized. (lol)

GK: Yeah the job is done. ALL THANKS TO YOU for your kind heartedness

Princekay123: Thank you. Happy nu yr to you to

Black Cat said...

Poor Molly and Garfield, they went through a bad time but I'm glad they're better now! Hopefully Molly won't feel the urge to go out on the razzle now, lol!

No I don't like snow coz I'm afraid of slipping over, but I do prefer cold weather to hot. Only drawback is the heating costs a lot and it's very cold here at the moment, coldest it's been for years! It's called global warming, lol! :) xxx

A Few Good Cats said...

All of us Good Cats are sending healing vibes and purrayers to the Governor, the Senator and the Councillor. We know they will be well-taken care of while they heal.

doug said...

[sigh] more olongbo pics.LOL

How you dey now?

Afronuts said...

Happy Nu Year dear!

Got your Text! Thanks so much, that was so thotful of you...you are definitely the faithful pal I never took serious.

I'm lazy when its comes to sending text messages. I owe yu big!

man! Your cats are lovely. But that stitched stomach is scary!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Black Cat; I am so happy Molly is adjusting. Sorry about these too much cold. Thumb down for Global Warming

A Few Good Cats: Thank you! Your prayers are working already!

Doug: Thank but you didn’t ask how my OLOGBO are doing o

Afronut: You are welcome. But how could you not have taken your pal so serious? She has never missed your birthday for a decade! That counts for seriousness men.
The cat stomach is healing and I am happy about that

doll said...

hey happy new yr…glad d kittens re ok…funny names they’v got..

Waffarian said...

Great! now that problem is solved...

You took the stitches out yourself? heheheheheehhee

Dammy said...

Glad they recovered.

But seriously, did you really take out those stitches yourself?

You've got guts girl!

Happy New year.

aloted said...

awww one of your kittens is called smallville...

i love the series ;)

Therapy said...

Wow I can't believe you took them out yourself. I felt weird (for lack of a better word) just looking at them. You're more brave than me - Lol.

Thanks for stopping by. See you around.

Take Care,
Therapy x

StandTall-The Activist said...

Doll: Happy new year. Funny names? (lol)

Waffarian: Happy new year. Yes, I took the stitch out o

Aloted: Yes o. I love those series too. We wanted to give him clark or Kent. Then we remember that Louis calls Clark Smallville. That's the handy work of StandTall Hubby and herself

Therapy: Lol at being more brave than you. I had to take out the stitch not easy but doable

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