Thursday, January 8, 2009

Interview Thursday. Insight into Afrobabe's thinking

She is SMART, she is Liberal, She is a sexologist (lol) and she is down to Earth. Articulate AFROBABE is sharing with us this Thursday. Standing ovation everyone!

Your blog shows a lot of sex images but you do write about different issues. What I will like to know is if your blog is a SEX blog? If it's not, what exactly does Afrobabe intend her blog to be?
Hmmm tough one, I don't know if I can honestly answer this question because Afrobabe herself doesn't know.
I started the blog at a time when I was in between relationships and trying to get back into the dating stream. It was initially titled "The story of an African girl in search of love" and featured the men I went on dates with. Well, that didn't bode too well as a guy I seriously liked found the blog and stopped seeing me because he didn't want to be a story. He felt my story would be one sided and people wouldn't know what motivated any actions I wrote about…That hurt a lot because I actually liked him and I changed it to "The story of an African girl" and just talked about anything humorous. Funny enough he sent me an email recently after about a year of silence saying he was beginning to see blogging in a different light… No, I didn't reply him, couldn't give him the opportunity to hurt me that much again...
The pictures, I just like naughty pictures and felt my blog was a way to always have them where I could see them rather than search through them in my inbox and to my great surprise I found out I wasn't the only one with strange tastes out there… Loads of freaky people!!!
Did I answer the question??? Don't think so…errrmmm NO, I wouldn't say my blog is a sex blog. That said, I do seem to mention sex a lot. Maybe we can call it a shagged up blog!!!

How do you get all the erotic pictures for your blog? Are they made specially for Afrobabe?
LMAO….No, the pictures are not made specially for me. I initially got them from emails that friends forwarded then when I started the blog I would search for them online and now I have about a million unused ones sent to me by people who read my blog.

From the comments have seen you posted on other people's blogs, you sound to me like a liberal and pratical person. Am I right? Who is Afrobabe?
Afrobabe at a glance is a casual smart person, the type you meet on braids and jeans and teeshirt or on corporate attire. Meeting me you would never guess I was Afrobabe….I am liberal minded, If you want to be a single mother it's all good to me, if you want to be gay it's a way of life. I believe people have the right to be who they want to be.
Practical and impulsive is what I would describe myself as. I don't sit around debating how good an idea is before doing something…Most often I do it then realise its not a good idea but at least I tried….

Can you let us into your future ambition and what you do at the moment?
At the moment I am a Business risk analyst and up to about a month ago I was the head of risk in the firm I worked with, went on an unplanned vacation and met a termination letter for breach of contract on my return…lol…At first I was confused but then confused doesn't pay the bills so I quickly started learning how to trade on forex, (Foreign exchange market) I have now doubled my initial capital in the space of 2 weeks. My future ambition is to sit back and travel the world while my money works for me. Hopefully forex is the way forward.

It was a general belief that Nigerians are the worst criminals in the word, what's your take? How can you describe Nigerian both home and in the diaspora?
Working in business risk has brought that fact home. My job involved dealing with money in and money out of accounts, I would check the source the money came from and where it was being withdrawn to. I.e. why is Mr Smith depositing his account with a credit card in Miss Jane's name and then trying to withdraw it immediately through a cheque. I would freeze the account and demand ID for both Mr Smith and Miss Jane before any other movement. Trust me, 50% of the fraud we were able to stop was perpetuated by Nigerians 30% by women with Nigerian boyfriends or husbands. It got so bad that I unconsciously flagged any account that had a Nigerian name on it. This included email address with names such as
My take on it is that we the innocent are paying for that view big time.

How do you see Nigeria as a country and its people?
Nigeria to me is and will always be home, I am still looking for the foreign man I intend to marry and take back home with me. Hope it works…Nigeria is a place where there is nothing like fake documents, all documents are legit. Nigeria in my mind is the bar beach, suya, Gordon spark, elegant native dresses, men who respect women, men with a vision and focus, A place where the community raises the children, it is sweet sensation and Mr Bigs. A place where one cannot be lonely and the people are nosy…in a good way, well until they tell your parents they saw you kissing some guy!!!
Nigeria is a lovely place ruled by a bunch of jackasses. The people are friendly and happy despite all obstacles placed in their way.

Women have being stereotyped in so many negative ways? Do you think these stereotypes are justified?
I believe we have brought this on our selves…me inclusive. You wouldn't exactly blame anyone for calling me a sex addict after reading my blog would you? On one hand I am saying take me serious and on the other hand all my blog seems to pass across is sex! Maybe we should try more to be who we are and show our convictions as forcefully as possible, as women of virtue. That is the one great thing I admire in Jaycee and Uzezi
Hmmm, I will sure not find it funny if you were called a sex addict because of your blog. That will be so judgemental. I don't believe women brought this stereotypes on themselves. This will be a discussion for another day

Gender discriminations have affected a lot of women from being the best they can be, how can we avert this situation?
I think we women have a big role to play in this. When we stop seeing ourselves as a weaker sex then and only then can we stand up and take our rightful places in the society. Let no one tell you that you can't buy that particular car or work as an engineer or some other silly thing just because you are a woman. I once saw a woman mechanic being interviewed on Newsline back in the days in Lagos and I remembered the immense pride I felt. I remember my dad laughing at her and me thinking…but she is very courageous to do what she actually loves doing.
I know her story Sandra Aguebor. She has trained a lot of lady-mechanics. MTN sponsored her at some point to train more women.

Can you name 5 female bloggers you admire and why?
This is a hard one as there are so many female bloggers that I absolutely love to death but I'll try.
1. Guerreiranigeriana and Parakeet :Their writings make you wonder at things we have come to take as the norm, they make you think, make you wish you could do something about a certain situation. I call them thinking bloggers.
2. Solomonsydelle: Any woman who can manage three active children and still worry about the state of the nation demands admiration.
3.Vera Ezimora and Shubby Doo:For the sheer fact that even though they try to cover how smart they are by writing about everyday humour they still manage to make you wish you had written that or at least though about it!
4. Badderchic, Shonavixen and Ibiluv: Because they have the courage to be bad without caring about being stereotyped.
5. Fantasyqueen, NigerianDramaQueen, Smaragd and bumight:They make me wish I was a girl and could start all over again.
Na 5 be that abi?
No, this is called 5 in 10 (lol)
Where in heaven's name do I put all the great women I have met here???
Standtall only asked for 5 na? Sorry o

What can we look forward to in blogsphere as far as Afrobabe is concerned?
Afrobabe will try her best to remain herself, I will continue to blog according to my mood. Who knows, I might one day start talking about the state of the economy and the way forward and I may one day know who they are talking about when they mention Ribadu or know the states and capitals of Nigeria, I might even become an activist like you and start doing good deeds!!!


poeticallytinted said...

AFROBABE AT LAST!!!! I love your interviews Standtall. Your questions are so insightful and guess what always addressed to the right people. I feel i know afrobabe a bit better now. She is everything I admire in a woman, self-assured, self-motivated, smart and non-judgemental.

keep it up ST.

FFF said...

am first!

FFF said...

oh! not, after all. it's ok. my girl poeticallytinted is. howdy, babe. i never visit ur blog 4 a while.i dey come, i promise

am very pleased wit dis interview of afrobabe.ti confirmed everything i've suspected abt here. but babe, u no tell me abt ur job loss na. sorry oh. it must have been very painful. d good thing is dat u r a resilient young woman & no one can put u down. God is with you, dear. love u loads.

aloted said... poecticallytinted i feel like i know afrobabe a bit better from this interview.

Hmm standtall welldone o..cuz i can assume that coming up with specific questions for different people cannot be an easy task...well done indeed!

Smaragd said...

Standtall is making me wish i'd thought of these interviews first! lol

it's great getting to know Afro this way, even though i was never fooled by the

pls Afro, teach me this forex thing abeg, i hate my job! lol

and thanx for saying that about me, very sweet of u.

ShonaVixen said...

Afro is so right in that in meeting her you wouldnt think she's Afrobabe...she's just a great woman!!
Hmmm na which stereo-type would that be?The bad girl i guess..and you're so right, its taken guts to write some of the stuff I write about, I lost a potential boyfi after his sister found my blog and said i was way too 'risque'...but that won't stop me and to me that blog is not yet risque!!!
I love Afro!!!
Thanks Standtall for this interview

Parakeet said...

See Afro sounding all professored...hahaha. Nice one though.

Good job Standtall.

Good Naija Girl said...

Great interview! Afrobabe is one cool woman.

Sting said...

It was great to see Afrobabe in a serious light.

BTW, i don't get y pple associate ur blog with sex (besides the pictures). You hardly ever talk about sex like some blogs do.

I love the blogs/ pictures. Very unique.

Buttercup said...

loved this!


yay! I am so glad to read Afrobabe's interview. Even though we all know her she still was a mystery.

Afrobabe: I am sorry you lost your job. Those jerks don't deserve you. And when you become the rich Senior Babe and boss lady we all know you will be, they will grovel at your feet. Mark my words. =)

And, thanks for recommending my blog(s). I'm sorry I am yet to let my mom read yours though. lol!

Aunty Standtall! Another incredible interview. You have this on lock! Keep up the good work, my sista.

Jarrai said...

Very good interview...standtall you delivered again

Afro...well are still are very naughty girl..stop acting all coy!!

OluwaDee said...

I always knew afrobabe wasnt all about sex.

Standtall you have done a good job with this interview. Keep up the good work.

dat one okrika said...

Great interview Standtall.
I learned something new about Afrobabe today.

Tisha said...

nice. you did not mention moi

Temite said...

Oh my gosh - I LOVE AFRO. She is smart, poised, non-judgemental and naughty. I love you too Standtall for allowing us to view Afro in a better light. Do keep it up.

Funms-the rebirth said...

thanks for this interview....... it shows how wonderful Afrobabe is....


enjoyed reading this dear,thanks for this good interview.
very motivating.
muah x

Kafo said...

i like
this is the first interview i have actually read

two thumbs way up

Vera Ezimora said...


Afrobabe thinks I'm smart!! I mean, she KNOWS I'm smart rather. Hehehehehe.

Standtall, bravo! Another beaurriful interview.

I love Afrobabe. She seems like someone I'd totally love hanging out with.

Grahamn Kracker said...

I was just going to read your Thursday interview and then go to bed. Then I saw that it was Afrobabe, and decided that I had better wait until tomorrow to read it.

I need to get some sleep tonight and it might be a little difficult if I read this first.

I look forward to tomorrow, though!

Robyn said...


Waffarian said...

Afrobabe! Afrobabe! heheheehehe

keep doing your thing abeg!I love reading her posts cos you can never tell what she is gonna write. Some days she is witty, some days serious,some days naughty...

Too cool for words.

love you.

ibiluv said...

Sis you just had to show everyone we are not all about sex didnt ya???

Thanks Standtall for the interview....

my sis is a bigs girls(ask Jenifa)

you knew if my name no appear i will ban you from eating meat with your meals for a

AlooFar said...

at least we know a lil' about her... beyond sex ;)

Shubby Doo said...

awww afro you are a real sweetie...each post and comment of yours always supports my gut instinct about you...this interview cements it...

love you 2 babes

bArOquE said...

...nice interview...

I'd always known that Afrobabe didn't know how to count...bush girl...they say. mention 5, you mention 12...LOL


badderchic said...

I cant stop blushing. and Im black Imagine.

Grahamn Kracker said...

Well, I got my sleep - but one could hardly call it a good nights sleep, for reasons having nothing to do with any of this - then got up, drove into town through the deep cold like you can't even imagine in Nigeria, spent most of the day, drove back home, took a nap, got up and then finally read the interview.

I liked it. Afrobabe defies any stereotypes that all her delightfully twisted little pictures might imply. She comes across as intelligent, thoughtful, articulate, open and accepting.

Before Standtall dropped a comment onto my cat blog, Nigeria was nothing but a haze in my mind, an obscure place where all these scam solicitations come from, and where poor people sometimes got killed stealing oil from the punctured pipelines of rich oil companies.

Now, I am getting new views of Nigeria, thanks to interviews like this.

And if Standtall did not love her cats, none of this would be happening.

Thank you, Standtall - thank you, Afrobabe.

Jaybabe said... gals are crazy...!!!

LG said...

yesso my kolocious sista :P

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Afrobabe, you are always so honest... I love that about you. Thanks for the mention btw:-)

Standtall, great interview and very interesting questions. Rock on!

Rita said...

Standtall, you have outdone yourself with this one :-). I really admire your interviews especially how you bring out people. Keep it up.

I have really enjoyed reading this interview on Afrobabe.

bumight said...

i'm surprised afrobabe is sounding all serious!, lol. loved this.
sorry about the job loss, a bigger better one is coming ur way

PS: btw, are we talking about the same bumight? *blushes*

sleek n' catty said...

Well done to you both!!

Naughty Eyes said...

You know this interview convinced me without ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER that Nigerian women are probably the most intelligent on Earth... I love the way Afrobabe showed everyone she's not just a sex-talking blogger but a smart thinker with the ability to see into the near future and even point out correctly the attributes that we admire in the other female bloggers she mentions. Hmmm... quite an eye-opener, this!
And Afrobabe, we still love the blog how it is abeg! Leave National issues for the activists amongst us please!
Big ups to you two...

StandTall-The Activist said...

Poeticallytinted: thanks dearie. Your girl is trying. And don't we just love Afrobabe?

FFF: Right word. Our Afro is a resilient woman! See how she just dabble into Forex trading

Aloted: Thanks dear. You are darn right about how tasking it is coming up with specific questions. I do think a lot before I get some close to perfect ones and or the other hand I do put my knowledge about the blogger into consideration too.

Smaragd: You can still set questions for Afrobabe (lol). Hmmm learning about Forex will be great I think!

ShonaVixen: Losing a potential BF cos of what you write? He sure did not worth the trouble

Parakeet: I saw a picture of one beautiful male Parakeet and I was like waoh! Afrobabe is a professor na

Good Naija Girl: I agree

StandTall-The Activist said...

Sting: Ah, Afrobabe is a sexologist o

Buttercup: thanks sis. back to SA?

SSD: thanks a lot. You still have not let your mum read Afro's blog? She might find it amusing

Jarrai: Lol at Afrobabe "acting all coy"

Oluwadee: Yes I agree. I was happy to know what are view about women and other development issues are

Dat one okrika girl: What is with you and this Nice picture? (lol)

Tisha: I am sure Afrobabe would have mentioned you. Can't you see she cheated? She would ahve listed all the wonderful bloggers if I had not given her a limited number

Temite: isn't she so fly. You gave her much better description than moi

Funms-the rebirth: you are welcome. BTW, is this same Funm with a new name? I had always wanted to ask you

Marian: our fashion and make up Icon, thanks for taking time out to read this interview

Kafo: thanks for reading this interview. You can still check on the past ones via my archive if you have the time to spare

Vera Ezimora: when you 2 finally agree to hang out, you must thank me for it (lol)

Robyn: are you an Afrobabe admirer or blogging lover? I am curious (lo)

Waffarian: you are right on all counts. Our cool sis Afrobabe (lol)

Ibiluv: lol. She won't eat meat in her meal for a Month? Can't she survive it? And who is Jenifa?

Aloofar: she is always beyond that man. Am happy this interview helped

Shubby Doo: Awwww, I am touched. I wish I were Afrobabe receiving this wonderful comment.

Baroque: She sure knows how to count. She just did "ojoro" or "magomago"

Badderchick: You are getting blacking or blushing? Blacking is more like it (lol)

Grahamn Kracker: i always want you to have sound sleep without anyn interruption. This is what you need GK. Afrobabe defies all stereotypes are pictures suggested and so are all women. I hope she reads this.
Thanks for being open to learn more about Nigeria. I am happy our love for cats make it happen. You must visit Nigeria GK!

Jaybabe: it takes crazy gals like us to make huge changes in the world. Welcome to our club (lol)

StandTall-The Activist said...

LG: I will sure leave Afrobabe to answer you joo

NDQ: and so are you in the honest department and women advancement. Wait till it's your turn to share with us. I know you will rock!

Rita: Thank you! You promised me an interivew after I made 10 interview on my blog. Is it up to 10 yet? I think yes!

Bumight: I doubt if there is any other Bumight but you. Is there? Where is Afrobabe to answer?

Sleek 'n Catty: Thank you!

Naughty eyes: Dont be afraid my brova. Afrobabe has no intention of changing her blog she was just too happy to share with the Acrivist(s) amongst us her view on National Issues (lol)


Writefreak said...

Thanks for interview afrobabe, now i feel like i know her better...cos her blog makes me kinda

You're doing a fab job here...requires tenacity and intelligence..

i read this post since o but was too lazy to comment


sorry about the job loss darling but glad to hear you're making some cool dough now!

rethots said...

"Meeting me you would never guess I was Afrobabe…." ....wrong, rethots would spot you out without much ado.

Mista Jaycee said...

Very cool interview. I dig Afrobabe!

Zena said...

lol, can't believe how serious and grown up she sounds, but I love her and her blog,

love the interviews standtall, so who's next?

bArOquE said...

Afrobabe's busy being first on other blogs...

Uzezi said...

i always knew afrobabe was tougher than she presents herself to us. lovely interview

Chukbyke.Okey,C. said...

nice I did not miss this completely!!

Afrobabe said...

lol @ Baroque...busy coming first on other blogs indeed....

yes oh Standtall I still come here and read all the nice comments about me...

nahjaj said...

loved this interview. never been here before but i had to visit as i am a big afrobabe fan!!!

Severus Snape said...

Na wa o....
Afrobabe is something else and I think I'd like her

guerreiranigeriana said...

...thanks for calling my attention to this post standtall...nice interview indeed...nice to get to know afrobabe in a different light...thoughtful and reflective afrobabe!..and thanks for the recognition;)...*runs off blushing*...

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