Thursday, February 12, 2009

Interview Thursday: The 3rd Male Guest; "The roles of our fathers in shaping our lives ... are important" DOUG

He is HOT, he is a DUDE and he's definitely visionary. I often wonder how he gets toconstruct his wonderful and meaningful grammars! He is a walking vocabulary. If you don't believe me, check out his reflecting blog. My paddi (friend) Doug, has this space to share his brilliant views.
What kind of a blogger is Doug?
Ummm…I guess more than most, my personality comes through strongly in my blogging and even in the comments I leave on other blogs (Buttercup can attest to that…hehe). I’d say that I’m just a blogger dude who’s grateful for having the cyber real estate to let out his eccentricities. One bighead, genius friend of mine said he liked the “everyday zeitgeist roll of my blog”. I responded with a protracted “mmmm” and an attempt to appear quite profound – several months later I still haven’t the faintest what in God’s name he was on about.

How did you come about blogging?
Hmm…my experience with blogging has been rather interesting. A blogger called lareine and I had a mutual friend whom lareine had been badgering to start a blog. I saw her do it, tried my hand at it and, to be honest, I absolutely sucked the first YEAR or so! I sucked so bad that I took off for about six months, and only did a post every blue moon (with long absences) till a few months ago when I started seriously doing blog rounds and discovered some of the smartest and most intriguing people I have ever rubbed minds with. It inspired me to blog more consistently.

What do you think of the blogging community?
I think it’s a very intriguing community. A wonderful mix of egg-heads, activists, amateur philosophers, poets, party animals and so on. On the down side, there’s nothing altogether terrible about blogsville apart from the periodic plague of love-sickness, the odd heartbreak or two and the ensuing flurry of “men are evil” posts…but that’s everywhere in real life too no? So blogsville is awesome jo! [giggle]

Do you think blogging has had a good impact in human relationship and adventures?
Oh certainly. The interesting thing about blogging, particularly for anonymous bloggers, is that the connections you make with people are usually mental. You understand, sympathize, agree and disagree with them without having even seen them and so when a bond is formed it tends to be of a deeper, more meaningful kind than is formed from say, exchanging risqué pictures on facebook. Not that I would know anything about doing a thing so preposterous mind you…[ahem]. But basically, blogging builds communities largely on commonality of thought, and I think that to be much loftier than the approaches of most other social networking applications like [yaaaaaawn] facebook.

In our brief past chat, you had mentioned your vision to make a change in the world, can you share that vision with us?
Ummm…That’s a rather long topic but I’ll try to make it quick. I’ve had this idea for a while that much of the problem with society is connected with ineffective (or an absence of) fatherhood, and the miseducated men this produces. The role of our fathers in shaping our lives as men and, more importantly, our perception of the world and other people, is intrinsic to the proper harmony of the larger society and it’s a shame that so many men take this so lightly.

God gives us these strapping little sons to mentor for 20 odd years and we make a right mess of it and unleash them on society, and what’s the result? The deep-rooted lack of honesty in so many Nigerian men, the pervasive sexism in our society, the myriad broken homes and the mixed-up children they produce (of which I am one), and the innumerable ‘unavailable men’ as funms so frequently puts it.

Anyway my idea is a coaching camp that takes young men, fathered and fatherless, and provides mentorship and healthy education to them from childhood to adulthood. Much of it is going to be rooted in Christian doctrine. We’ll do volunteer work both within and outside the country to instill a sense of service and justice in the boys etc etc. It’s quite an elaborate idea but I think you should get the idea now.
Also I have a strong passion for the empowerment of uneducated, rural women. It started years back when I was a kid and watched a documentary about female circumcision and a host of other barbaric injustices against women in several parts of the world. There was this one where an Arab woman was screaming from labour pains and her husband refused to let her doctor see her. Those documentaries left a strong impression on me.

Last but definitely not least, I have a fanatical zeal for social change in Nigeria. Naija for life!!!!!!!!!!!!

When will these visions be actualized?
Haven’t you heard? Doug for President! Vision 2023!
Well actually I have done voluntary work with NGOs, crusade teams and civil rights groups in the past but lost steam a couple of years back. I’m getting back on track now though so I guess the time to start is NOW!!!! Actualization, I think, will rather than an event, be a sustained process.

Women make the world go round, can you mention 5 female bloggers you admire and why?
This is such a setup!!! 80% of Nigerian blogsville is female and so almost all my blogger friends are female. And there are soooo many awesome ones amongst them, and now I’m to mention 5! Mscheeeeew! Before I begin let me state, in anticipation of a potential war of words from one person who will not appear on this list, that I admire many female bloggers for many reasons, some of a rather personal or intimate nature. Others I have almost no relationship with but have a deep respect for their thoughts and values. This latter group is where I will pick my five from (the only exception being Standtall). This is not to say that the other group doesn’t….oh what the heck, if it offends you, good luck trying to box my ears...mscheeew!!!...

Standtall – She’s a doer. She believes in women and she spends much of her life doing something about it. It’s truly admirable the amount of effort she puts into her crusade and she’s helped me develop a better understanding of feminist thought. I even went through the trouble of reading about the subject because of her.

NDQ – She’s a girl with a keen intelligence and some lofty ideas who has that ever so admirable desire to come and do something about her country. She was one of those bloggers who inspired me to be a more consistent blogger. Unfortunately she’s gone. Won’t you consider coming back NDQ?
Funms – She’s probably the most philosophical of my circle of blogger acquaintances. She thinks so deeply about the things she writes about…and most of all she into I.T. How cool is that???!!!

Jaycee – I always come away from her blog with the impression of having conversed with a deeply reverent disciple of Christ’s. It has to be incredibly difficult coming up with the blogposts that Jaycee writes. If she is, in person, anything like the picture her words paint then she’s a truly remarkable person.

Solomonsydelle – In the case of this extraordinary woman there is really no point ‘taking sand to the beach’ as they say. One word is enough – A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

What do you think a relationship should be all about?
Ah yes…we come to the relationship question. Interestingly a number of people have asked me this question in the past few weeks. Does it mean I shall soon be rescued from the curse of fast food (I hope this doesn’t offend your feminist sensibilities Standtall)?
Anyway, a relationship should be about oneness of purpose, principles and perhaps goals. It should be about mutual gain, mutual interest, and a concerted pursuit of mutual understanding, happiness and peace. It should only be entered into with someone whom one would not be averse to committing one’s life to. Yes you heard me right, if I cannot bear to be married to you, I won’t date you since my faith does not permit me to have casual sex with you anyway.

A relationship should mean that I have someone who can give me a leg up when I’m tired (as I would her). It should mean that I finally have someone I can trust, and don’t have to be so guarded anymore. Most importantly, I should not need to ‘complete’ anyone. If you ‘can’t live’ without me, then we very likely can’t live together.

Much of what I have said might be wrong, but I’ve seen the converse of them all around me, and it has not been the most inspiring sight.

Should a man be the only one calling the shots in a relationship?
Definitely not! Let me put it this way, if only one party calls the shots in a relationship, then one party can be done away with. There’s nothing like a Redbull and a confident woman to make my day [hehe]

What does religion mean to you?
God has been so much to me for the vast majority of my life. I’m rather lukewarm now, but I grew up having a strong faith in God and did a lot of missionary work adolescence till I was about 21. Yes now you know I’m older than 21. Seriously though, Christian values have been a great bedrock for many of my choices and enterprises in life. I always say that if I die and find that all of it has been a lie, I will still have gained much from living the Christian life.
And with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you (and not to confuse you) that Chelsea is the team of great people.
Hmmmm, thanks for these wonderful and great insights to everything Doug. We are not confused but Liverpool is the team (lol)


bumight said...

i already know this is going to be an interesting read!

StandTall-The Activist said...

Bumight: It's not Thursday yet, I wonder this kind trick Blogger did on me

Buttercup said...

Awww dougizzle the meerkatizzle! I love ur idea of the coaching camp. Like u say, u r good people! :D ....(unfortunately) i have no reason to start another war with u, damn.

Well done standtall! How r u, ur husband n 'kids'?

Afrobabe said...

He is older than 21?
Let me rephrase that question so it looks gentler....

Hot Doug...You are older than 21???

Jinta said...

lol @ afrobabe. i think we should form a committee to track her down and torture her or something

doug comes across as easily intelligent, full of life

Anonymous said...

awww Hot Douggie boo! He is so funny in his own special way. I like his idea about the camp for Boys. Brilliant! Goodluck o jare and DOUG for president 2023!

miz-cynic said...

lol at temite... as in older than twenty one + (2023-2009)=ideal age to be president abi.

doug mi...nice interview u got there.....didnt know u could be dis deep with the layabt comments u usually leave on my blog.

standtall:-keep the flag flying...we are enjoying all of this....

AlooFar said...

Doug is really a real blogger. I enjoy him.

Jaycee said...

The part I enjoyed most was his vision for the development of fatherhood and also the education of rural women. May His vision come to pass...

...and @ God for your life...and thank you.

Danny Bagucci said...

Very insightful piece on the inner workings of the "Hot Doug".. On the evidence of this we need to renew our "brotherhood" after the debacle of the 2 truths, one lie meme...... So feel you on the fatherhood thing.... Big ups on the 2023 Presidential aspirations too..And you do have a way with words.....

Rita said...

I was impressed and amazed...the camping thing...Doug, please don't hesitate to ask for support if you need. You are indeed a rare kind of guy. All the best.

Standtall, u do well again...

CaramelD said...

The idea of a camp would be absolutely fantastic. Many boys join gangs and cults from a sense of needing to belong to a unit or family group because tehy don't get that at home.

BFF more grease to your elbow. There are amny who would love to help with your vision!

CaramelD said...

PS Lovely interview Standtall!

Funms-the rebirth said...

yay!!!! im cool, im cool, im cool (doing the cool dance i just invented)..... and my crush for Hot Doug keeps getting
I totally respect this view "Most importantly, I should not need to ‘complete’ anyone. If you ‘can’t live’ without me, then we very likely can’t live together"..... if only everyone could learn that.....

empowerment of uneducated rural women sounds so great.... dont let that dream die.....
hmm Doug, the only thing we need to address is how u can move to Arsenal cuz you being a chelsea fan aint working too well for me......

Standtall, good job!

isha said...

I'm wondering why I haven't been to Doug's blog before.

Robyn said...

to come in at no 16,me n my stupid tired i want to be a firstie anyway fuck it.u introduced me to doug, thanks ill be there in a few clicks.wats up?


wow! I truly enjoyed reading this interview, Aunty Standtall. Bravo, once again!

Mr. Doug, this interview allowed me to 'learn' a lot about you. I have to say that I am impressed by many of the thoughts you expressed and applaud you for sharing them.

Here are some outtakes I read twice -
"blogging builds communities largely on commonality of thought"

That was very elegantly put and I think most of us will agree with you.

Your 'speech' (lol!) about partnership and what it means to you was brilliant. It is something that we think we understand, but far too often forget theose basis principles. I am putting that one up at the ...Easier... site as a Quotable Notable!

Thanks for putting in a nice word for me oh! You are too kind! Most of the characters of this our blogville village are such incredible people, and yes, the majority are female, even though many think I am a man, initially, lol!

Standtall, thanks again for an opportunity to learn about a fellow blogger in the way only you can.


Anonymous said...

Temite here to explain the poem. You see, Ken is Ken Saro Wiwa. His is the story being told with a messainic team. ehn? Oily fields, infernos, hangings and the like. Let me know what you think then.
Je t'adore ma soeur.

FineBoy Agbero said...

I always had this crazy idea that some yeye fathers/men should be arrested and castrated so that they won't spread their seeds and contaminate Naija further. It's all a case of bad fathers giving birth to more would-be bad fathers.

Maybe, this is just an extreme version of Doug's Daddy's Boot Camp... LOL!

Nice insights...

Adaeze said...

lol @ Fineboy

What a great interview once again!I truly enjoy reading the views on fatherhood and love the idea of the boot camp. I love people with innovative ideas on changemaking.

Sade said...

nice interrview, insightful too..

doug said...

@bumight: lol. Thanks

@Buttercup: You brought this meerkat thing here huh? Well thanks sha! lol

@Afrobabe: shhhhh dont tell anyone now. lol

@Jinta: I agree on the plan for Afrobabe. Her own don too much. Thanks for the compliment

@Temite: Temie boo! Thanks jo! I'll need you in that administration

@miz-cynic: kai! na wa o! Layabout comments??!!! I have suffered in blogsville o! hmmm

@Aloofar: thanks a lot bruv!

@Jaycee: Thanks a lot Jaycee. And I meant those compliments.

@Danny: Our war is hereby ended bruv! And thanks for the compliments!

@Rita: Why thank you Rita! I shall keep that in mind!

@Caramel: I shall not forget to come and empty your bank account when the time is ripe. hehe

@Funms: Thats what I'm talking about! As of this moment, I'm officially a Gunner!'re you holding up these days?

@isha: you're welcome anyday

@Robyn: Looking forward to seeing you dude! Assuming you're a dude of course...

@Solomonsydelle: you're free to take anything you want Solomonsydelle! You rock! Thank you!

@Fineboy Agbero: LOL! Potato PoTAto! All na de same thing

@Adaeze: Thank you Adaeze. Hopefully this idea will be actualized.

@Sade: Thanks a lot Sade

doug said...

And thanks Standtall for featuring me. You're good people.

StandTall-The Activist said...

you are welcome ma paddy that is visionary!

Jarrai said...

Doug ma delivered. One of the best interviews

Standtall..well done yet agaon xx

Geebee said...

I’m glad we’ve got a guy in the Interview house at last. 3rd guy? I never even knew guys were allowed on this show. Doug 2023 dream? Now I think this dude has stolen my vision for 2023. Ask Nefertiti and a coupla others and they’ll confirm this. I shall be President of Naija, come 2023! Well, there is room for everyone to contest. Maybe he could be my running mate instead. Geebee-Doug 2023. How does that sound? Nice interview as usual. Great job, S.T, Thumbs up, Doug!

Kafo said...

ah i like this
thanks for showcasing

aloted said...

totally enjoyed reading this interview. good to know that there are still a few good men with VISIONS out there.

My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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