Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Decay in Our Sports...

Standtall Husband attended the just concluded National Sport Festival in Kaduna for the last time. He was offered a Coach position and he turned it down because he believed he is not ready to be forced to favour a team over the other whether they did well or not or to syphon players money with his colleagues to be.

He and other players have witnessed in the recent as well as in the past of how the Sport Managment Team or Board would decide to share the money meant for the player in ratio 6:4 while the 4 will be for the players that the entire money was earmarked for in the first place. This is corruption in the highest order to me. How can this be allowed to continue?

Standtall Husband also said that when Gov. Fashola got to the camp in Kaduna, their own representative lamented about the peanut being paid to the sport people for their upkeep. Right there in front of everyone, Fashola was agitated as he conversed with the Lagos State Minister of Sports (though they couldn't hear him). They ended the program in a hurry. I do believe this is done just to save their faces and for Fashola not to get angry beyond normal infront of all. Corruption! I am sure Fashola could not believe what he heard.

But the height of this all is the manner in which some sport persons died. They have now introduced Kick Boxing into the festival. There was a player from Edo State that had his fighting opponent die, he gave his opponent a slightly kick on his arm and the guy fell and died. The Edo guy got to the final stage and he too was kicked lightly by a Kaduna Kick-Boxer and died. What?! A lot of people according to Standtall Husband believed this to be "fetish power". It's like the players were promised a lot of dough and winning to them, is the only acceptable grammar. What is this world turning into?

Hmmm, to end this story, Kaduna happened not to be a good place for so many sport people as they had to confront thugery attitude from a lot of Kaduna players who came with knifes, swords and daggers to claim a winning position. They tore up the drums and ready to fight with anyone if they should lose a game especially the Basket Ball Game. Are we breeding thugs in our sports? How can this people make it to the International Sports with this attitude? Will they go and fight to win?

And to think that no one checkmated these people or try to stop this act was beyond me. Where are we going Nigeria? When are going to end corruptions, hooliganism, Bribery, Fetish Belief, Cheating, Killings and lack of love for our neighbours?



LG said...

dearie' its really pathetic, last wk i saw a footage of a FEMALE referee being beaten by sum spectators probably fans 4rm a rival team; d other week supporters of a local club were ALL gunned down on their way to watch their team play, i stil wonder wat the NFF, NSC n FG is doing abt it

Unknown said...

ours is a crazy country.

StandTall husband is a man integrity.

Roc said...

Amazing stuff..

I can relate to the daggers and swords coming out all in the name of staying competitive..

Pity we don't take those fetish belief's to the Olympics and only use them within our smallish cocoon

Last post by RocNaija - Bad stuff I’m talented at!

Tigeress said...

This is just a dang shame. They should be ashamed of themselves.

LusciousRon said...

I don't like sports but hearing this is really freaky. Fetishness? how do they do do it?

May God deliver us. I am proud of your husband

sleekiest said...

Aww. why all this thuggery in my hometown??
But we really need to do a lot with reframing of our minds. I remember Taribo West reliving all the fetish things he did to play soccer as well.
So what will your husband do now? Any thoughts??

Kafo said...

two thumbs up to STANDTALL husband i wish there were more men like him

Writefreak said...

Hmmph...i can't even shout!

Standtall husband is a good man!

Afrobabe said...

lmao @ the fetish thingy...wasn't that why india was disqualified at some point from footbll???

Opponents reported seeing lions and elephants coming instead of men...

Chookz said...

You know politics seems to come into everything we do. Whatever happened to free and fair.

Geebee said...

Hooliganism in sports is not particular to Nigeria or Northern Nigeria. . . In fact, it’s the most bearable by my ranking. You need to see the craze among European football fans and you’d give Nigeria a thumbs up. Recently, a bus containing Arsenal fans was attacked in Rome by fans of AS Roma. This was before the match so I cvan imagine what else happened after Arsenal knocked AS Roma out of the competition. . . Sports aside, Nigeria sure needs a lot of redemption in terms of other vices. Bribery and Corruption, Fetish beliefs, Killings and others you noted are still very much around and day by day, we run out of ideas on how to solve this endless myriad of problems.

Apinke said...

its a pity, i wouldnt have had a problem with them being fetish if their jazz got us plenty gold medals at the olympics, e be like jazz pass jazz at that level abi? its a shame, sports is really dead in this country!

we should celebrate men like Standtall Husband, but unfortunately, i can imagine how many people beefing him for being a man of integrity.

pity, pity, pity!

The Activist said...

LG: OMG, this is really bad. I really hope this will be rectified soon or some of us might take it upon ourselves to do something about these issues

Aloofar: I will tell him what you said (if he hasnt read it yet). BTW, you are leaving blogsville?

RocNaija: are you encouraging the fetish power?

Tigress: that is the truth but I doubt if they know how to spell shame

LusciousRon: Thanks. I believe they consult those that can do juju for them to get the power. It's sad though

Sleekiest: KD is your home town? Hmm your boys didnt do well o. Standtall Husband is into his own marital art training with people. So, he's developing his work fully now. Thanks for asking

Kafo: Thanks dearie

Writefreak: Thanks

Afrobabe: I remember that India story. Well, it might be true...

Dabizniz: I thought politics should be about free and fair in the first place. How did we lose it?

Geebee: You are right. And if we really sit and think, we will know all these nonsense in the name of whatever did not worth it

Omotee: i am sure if they were to use the fetish power to get gold and silver, it will still result in killing cuz that was the intention in Kaduna as I was told ... I will tell Standtall Husband you appreciated his effort. Thanks so much

Courtney said...

WOW. Thats all I can really think to say. I can't believe this is happening.

But, I do commend StandTall Husband for taking a stand and being a man.

Olufunke said...

I am suprised, I didnt know Sports has become so bad in Nigeria., knives ? daggers? haba?

and how come they allow games where people die. It is sad.

Standtall husband is trying to.

poeticallytinted said...

I knew it was bad, but i didn't know it was this bad. How sad. I've heard about sport's management embezzling money meant for players. I even heard some Nigerian coaches of national teams demand a fixed amount of money as bribe before letting players into the team. About the jazzed deaths... i no fit shout.

poeticallytinted said...

U been tagged at mine. go claim your award. I am supposed to harrass you till you go :)

Buttercup said...

wow..but why am i surprised really??? it really is sad..we need God in that country..

bArOquE said...

this is just mad..i heard about the guy that was in boxing right? or some other combat sport...what has sports turned know what i think, they should remove prize money as the motivating factor, maybe it will return to what it used to be, for the JOY of it...anyway, welcome back

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