Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cats On Tuesday: My Companions and other Funny Images

CATS ON TUESDAY is a group of cat lovers
who share pictures and/or stories about their cats once a week,
hosted by Gattina.

When I say cats rule don't doubt me. As soon as I get back from Bangalore-India, my cats showed how much they have missed me by the way they occupied my resting bed as soon as I lie down and were there till I woke up. Standtall Husband captured us all (lol)

Now what were they going in circles for? Lol. I am sure they thought I was going to the kitchen so they can follow me for food.

What manner of sleeping posture is this? Well, Smallville seemed to be enjoying his sleep near my bag.

My proud Scofield with all the terrible cuts I met on his face when I got back. They (the other cats) are always giving him marks!

Copy Cat. WHo copied who? Smallville and Daddy Scofield!
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Writefreak said...

Yay! i'm first!

You and your cats are hilarious!

bArOquE said...

ugly thin cats...hehehe

poeticallytinted said...

Oh these are simply divine pics. Gosh. Smallville sleeps just like Stiggy. Well that's what brothers are for

SHE said...

May I know what inspired the naming of these cats?

Just curious...

Adaeze said...

Wow, they are so beautiful! No wonder you love them :-) Ive been away for a while due to health reasons but everythings cool now and I am back. Will try to catch up with ur past entries!

Buttercup said...

lololol love the pics...hilarious!!!!

how've u been???

Geebee said...

I just had to drop this one on Cat’s Tuesday. I had a bad nightmare over the weekend (seriously now) . . . and I hardly ever dream. I was beating up a cat with a stick . . . and it’s not as if I hate cats. What’s your prescription, CatWoman? lol

LusciousRon said...

They are cute but I still don't like cats. Is it comfortable sleeping like that? Why those names?

Cats scratch too much.

Anonymous said...

Those cats got it going on!!
As for the one that keeps getting scars from the others,talk about a cat with 9 lives. Hehe!

Anonymous said...

personally i wont say i love cats but i think they can be cute.but one thing i have learnn though is tht forget the cat dont eat much saying cuz i recently discover that this cute smallish looking things if care is not taking can slowlly eat you out of ur savings.so standy,how do you cope or are you just that rich? keep up the good work girl(i mean about ur blog not the cats-heeheehaa!

Afrobabe said...

Gosh your cats are so clean....lol @ them going round in circles...cant wait to go back to naija and get a dog...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cats! They are all a hoot!

Tricia said...

Great photos! They look like sharks in the circling one. Good thing you weren't a mouse or bird.

Tabbikat's Thoughts

Tigeress said...

Waow u sure do love cats. :)

It must be nice to know that they really missed u tho. :)

Jay said...

they are really cute...i want one :)

Courtney said...

What a lovely glimpse into your life!
thanks for sharing!!!

Rita said...

I love the copy cat pix...so beautiful...

In my head and around me said...

That's a lot of cats. How have you been?

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I love all of these photos~!
Especially the circle one~!!!
I think your cats are all very thin,
me and Lego are too fat, hahaha~~

Thanks for stopping by,
I would love to see more of your bloggie news!

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Haha...I know what you mean. Whenever I come home, all 4 Spice Cats would be waiting for me at the door.

Ellen Whyte said...

There's nothing like being covered in fuzzies when you come home from a trip. Bet they were not sleeping in your bag but sneaking our your passport so you can't travel!

Grahamn Kracker said...

I had to come and see what you had done for Cat Tuesday. I had a feeling it was going to be wonderful.

It is!

Great pictures.

Cats do rule.

And because of cats, you and I are friends.

LusciousRon: there are nights that I cannot sleep, and then one or more of my cats well lay down atop my shoulder or anyplace he can find. It is so soothing, I go to sleep.

Of course, there are also those nights when they get mischievous, and wake me up.

But usually, I sleep better when the cats pile on.

The Bookaholic said...

The content of your blog is very interesting: cats, general issues, feminism, etc.

Keep it up!

Sisem E. Naidem said...

Hi Standy!!! Not been able to comment for a while... How you dey? Did you see my e-mail or should I re-send it?
So I'm not the only paparazzi eh? Love all the pixes...
Predicted you'd be nominated in some categories of the Bloggers' Awards (thisismyp.blogspot.com). Let's see how well my juju go work... LOL!

Anya said...

Very special effect photos in black and white :))
I find it very beautiful, my compliments.
My cat Kareltje is not thin ..LOL
Nice blog you have.
I have a cat fun blog. You're welcome (@^.^@)

LG said...


Olufunke said...

you and these your cats!
I dont do pets, and I ...em...em....do not like cats.
but I like those pictures, and I respect people that keep pets.

I like the copy cat pictures

The Activist said...

Blogger Writefreak: Yes we are. You should see us all together.

Blogger Baroque: LOL. They are slim but not thin. Socfield is fat though.

Blogger Poeticallytinted: Yes o, the spirit of brotherhood.

Blogger SHE: Socfield was named after Michael Scofield of PRISON BREAK while Smallville rep Clarck Kent of Smallville

Blogger Adaeze: Welcome back. Hope you are fully recover. So sorry...

Blogger Buttercup: I have being fine. What of you?

Blogger eebee: Lol. Anytime I dream of cats is either they are fighting off snakes or attacking whoever want to do me harm. So for this your dream hhhmmmm are you sure you like cats?

Blogger LusciousRon: Lol. I know how to go around there scratches. So, for me it's managable. I named the 2 after Michael Socfield of Prison Break and Smallville that featured Superman when he was young

Blogger Blogratti: lol. Nine lives indeed.

Blogger Blazing: Are you sure you dont just love cats?

Blogger Afrobabe: You want to come home to get a dog? Can’t you adopt one over
there? Hmm my cats are clean thanks to all the washing I do and the licking they do (lol)

Blogger Andree: Thanks dear

Blogger Tricia: I get you cuz birds and mouse are in trouble with those lots around

Blogger Tigress: You are right. I felt so loved when they saw me and started meewwing, it was like dancing around me

Blogger Wordmerchant: How do I get a cat across to you in Gambia?

Blogger Courtney: Thanks C.

Blogger RITA: Thanks.

Blogger In my Head: They are sure plenty (LOL). I am fine and you?

Michico* Adan: Thanks. We are not thin really we are just slim being watching our weights and all that. Though Scofield is not good with weight watching. He’s big!

Blogger Just Sharlene: It’s divine. They are so wonderful to be around. Those wonderful feline kids.

Blogger Katztales: You are right.

Blogger GK: Thanks my Alaska friend that came to be cuz we both adore cats….

Blogger Bookholic: Lol. Thanks. I hope you love what you saw on my blog

Blogger Naughty Eyes: You are sure not the only mamarazzi o (lol). I didn’t see you email

Blogger Anya: Thanks for stopping by.

Blogger LG: Thankssssssssssssssssssss

Anonymous said...

nice copy cat picture. i'm sure gonna start my own cat tuesday.

The Activist said...

Ezra Olubi: It will be good if you start. I have tried recruiting you in the past (lol)

Anonymous said...

StandTall: you've succeeded this time. :-)

The Activist said...

Ezra Olubi: Thank GOD!

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