Friday, October 21, 2011


I read today, about a Nigerian who is in Argentina, who yesterday (or today in Argentina), had written to the Nigerian Ambassador there to transmit his letter to the Presidency, about his revocation of Nigerian citizenship, to which he called ''membership''. I share with you, his thoughts. - Anonymous

Revocation of my Nigerian “membership”
Tops of the day to you all,

I am Akinyemi Adeseye fondly known as “Teekay Akin”. I’m a free lance human rights and Afro-centric consciousness writer and teacher.

I’m using this medium to renounce my membership or you may use the word citizenship. The reasons can be seen in this piece attached Since I was born, I've been told that I'm Nigerian; the nationality of the people from that land mass around the River Niger which was created from the amalgamation of various kingdoms by the British and the name coined and enforced by some Brit called Lugard, I'll throw up in my mouth if I use the word "Lord" before his name, and his mistress in 1914. 97 years on, everyone that was every born or came out of that region will be known as Nigerian. - A heavy mental blow dealt to people from various kingdoms and identities. A chain that will bind their fates together in an unholy way for almost a century, I suddenly began to reason; if a Frenchman is from France, an Englishman from England, a Spanish man from Spain, a Portuguese from Portugal then why aren't I, a YORUBAMAN from YORUBA KINGDOM??

Nigeria may stay or fall, but I'll always be a YORUBA MAN! We all need to realise some hard truth, that for many years we have been avoiding and running away from. This union called Nigeria wasn't made by our own accord! THIS IS STILL SLAVERY! This is nothing more than the slave master gathering up all his slaves, bonding them together with his slaver master powers, making them work and live together for years, creating an identity for them and after a while stepping aside. Those slaves still are bound by the curse of that slave master! And the people that make up Nigeria are still bound by the curse of the British and later brought in his American buddies for the feast, the feast of flesh and blood!!

The greatest form of freedom is that of the MIND and the attainment of a new level of consciousness as our own people, as independent people as free people is our only way forward! For 51 years since the so called independence, which during the last one I asked "Independence from what exactly?", we have been entrapped, enslaved and bound within this union, running helter-skelter like sheep without shepard. For 51 years, we have watched our lives, hopes and resources plundered, as this was never our home? The nation was never ours in the first place, it was that of the colonial master- It was his nation, his creation and his large backyard he got his oil, minerals, tested his medicine, economic and political experiments in!

It was his own little playground and the so called rulers his sheep and dogs. The Sheep and dogs he could commands and control, which is why we see that our so called leaders aren't there for the benefit of the people. As the people- Nigerians is an abstract concept which doesn't exist in any real sense, but rather for the reason of exploitation, oppression, control and repression! Take a look around you today and tell me what exactly it means to be a Nigerian, take a look around you today and tell me if it actually means anything to us other than that geographical location- something like a foreign product manufactured in China which is exported for the use of others but still carries the tag - Made in China, so Nigerians are a foreign concept conceived by the British and manufactured in the area called Nigeria! In 51 years, we have been plagued by our differences in every form, our differences which existed in most parts before the formation of Nigeria but never so violent and barbaric, those have now become the order of the day.

People who were once free in their kingdoms, with their norms and traditions, languages etc have now become slaves in this Nigeria, their resources being looted, their lands being ravaged and raped by the day and their children being torn from the souls of their communities! The time has come for us to wake up from this slumber and free ourselves from this bondage! The time has come for us to re-define this unholy union. The time has come for us to break off these chains, send slavery and colonisation finally packing from our minds, return back to our kingdoms. If we feel the need as a people to unite, then WE and only WE should sit down and determine this, no one else!

If we well, we've had enough, the fine; we go our separate ways with mutual respect for each other and return to our kingdoms! I, personally uses this medium to renounce my membership of Nigeria and tender in my membership card- which I'll be doing later this week in an official letter to the caretakers or so called presidency through one of the embassies. Hence I'll be officially stateless, nation less BUT a FREE man, a man from an ancient Kingdom albeit still held captive by Nigeria and her owners, a man fighting for the freedom of his people and a Kingdom that supersedes all these nations and states. I'm YORUBA; that is my ancestry. That is my IDENTITY! That is what DEFINES me. As we attain a higher level of consciousness we shall all see this!
Kindly find enclosed a copy my Nigerian “membership” booklet #A3101928. The original I’ll hold on to as a souvenir of a sort for generations to come.

What do you think about this soul cry people?


'Lara said...

Wow, I thought he was kidding when he wrote it on his FB wall. I know him, we worked in AIESEC together.

I get what he is saying, but sometimes I think he pushes things too far.

He has always been an aggressive one. But common, renouncing Nigeria does not make Argentina accept him. He still carries a Nigerian Citizenship, except maybe he now has an Argentine passport which I guess will be his goal right now if he does not have it yet.

Does he renouncing his citizenship make him a better person no. the Yoruba Kingdom belongs to Nigeria, so he can shout I am a Yoruba man all he wants but to claim that, then he has to be a Nigerian... my two cents...shikena

Aseni said...

Dunno about denouncing Nigeria oh!. If he is so proud of being a yoruba man, y not live there. He lives in Argentina and denounces the state of Nigeria, i do not think his argument will be taken very seriously!

Adeniyi said...

Hehe, this is very funny actually. The funniest thing is that he did not drop his original passport. All this is just a fiasco.

Drop your original passport and TRULKY become stateless, then i will take your quest seriously!!!

Why are you claiming to want to keep memories of a nation state whose history you so much disdain?

Joke of 2011 all over again, my learned friend.

Adeniyi said...


Adeniyi said...

TRULY* sorry!

jacob neruda said...

You are a Great while writing in the blogs it is awesome I liked it too much good and informative thanks for the sharing.


SHE said...

Of course the writer is joking.

His argument has too many holes. He lives in Argentina. How do the "chains of slavery" of being a Nigerian affect him?
What point is he making? That he will renounce "Nigerian-ness" and take up "Yoruba-ship"?

He said it himself that slavery is of the mind. Therefore, whatever he is called should not affect him so. Simple.

Chizy K said...

Are you for real...he's really funny the fact that he lives there don't make him an

Teekay Akin (Akinyemi Adeseye) said...

Interesting that this has been published on here as well:

Just to clear up some inaccurate facts:

1. I don't reside in Argentina - I wonder where you/your source pulled that out from.

2. Lara..
What does it mean to push things too far? "too far" a place where no one dares to tread and another does?

Aggressive? LOL That is quite misleading.. :)

3. This act isn't to make me a better person, but rather a personal choice. The Yoruba Kingdom doesn't belong to Nigeria, it's a part of what was united by some bunch of foreigners to make Nigeria. That region is where I'm from and I don't recognise Nigeria as a nation, but rather a geographical area!

Btw, I can't place which Lara this is.

4. Adeniyi... {If is the same one I know, going by the aiesec already mentioned on here]
I'd say, you brought up this as well, before you had your meltdown and blocked me off FB, and I told you, your thoughts or what you assume, I care less about, simply because you could cook anything up and stick to it, but does that change the facts and reasons I've got? NO!

So, I couldn't be really bothered. :)

5. Becoming stateless is NOTHING HUGE! If you understand Int'l laws very well, you would notice there are provisions for them, but this aiint a place for me to enlighten your ignorance, you should be responsible for your learning. Now get on that learning path!

6. A proud man from any region or culture can live/reside anywhere, NOTHING compels anyone to live within his region, MIGRATION has been part of humanity from day one, step outside the box.

7. And I see the rest have gone off on the false pretext of where I reside and jogged down that dark road! Well, :)

Teekay Akin (Akinyemi Adeseye) said...

As I have written:

StandTall-The Activist said...

Interesting, I never know this is Teekay's write up. I got it somewhere and found it profound, hence putting it up on my blog. The anonymous who shared this must have got the idea that you reside in Argentina somewhere. Sorry for the misinformation. I do heart you and your choices. Bold!!!

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