Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Multiple award winning musicians, Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia, has put not less than 4 women in family way out of wedlock. His children will soon be 6 or 7 before the end of this year (Read the complete story by clicking link).
On my way home from work just this evening, we had a hot argument on this issue and I was taken aback that a lot of men supported his attitude. Some even said he was blameless.
Below are some of the points I took with me. I want you take!!!
Almost all the men in the bus were of the opinion and the conviction that:
1. Tuface is a star and that women throw themselves at him. My Question: So what happened to play safe advert in featured in? Is he practicing what he preaches? Is he a responsible human being?
2. Some said the women trapped him. Really?
3. They said the women have the agenda to get pregnant for a star. My question: what is Tuface’s agenda?
4. Another guy said to Tuface is a man now. Excuse me someone, are men animals, irresponsible and foolish?
5. Another school of thought said we know about this what of the people that are not stars. My own take, is it not the responsibility of a star to at least be a role model to the people as a matter of fact be an ambassador?
6. Tuface is human, he is liable to make mistake. How many times o? Are the women too not human?
7. How are we sure is the father of the kids? One person said. Did he not sleep with them? Did he not impregnate two of the women twice?
Click here to read the complete story on PM News
The argument went on and on and on with the men blaming the pregnancy on the women involved and shying away from Tuface’s lack of restrain and arrant irresponsibly. What is this world turning into?
The men practically expected the women to be upright and the men to display their wild oat as my friend Abbie would say. Say something my dear bloggers.


Anonymous said...

I don't know this fella, but why would anyone want to get pregnant by, he reminds me of Flavor Flav. Flavor Flav has 10 children by 7 or so different women. When you get a moment, google flavor flav. He is the ugliest man on the planet!!In these cases, the blame should be shared.

Today's ranting said...

Tu face should keep his thing in his panties or use protection.He is wise enough, he should be aware of the fact that women will always throw themselves at him and some desperate ones would want to trap him with pregnancy. Which one of them would he marry amongst the mothers of his children? That is his headache anyway. Guys should not be reckless and gals should not be foolish. BTW, I Like thse phrase "rebel damsel".

Afrobabe said...

awww, and I liked him..was hoping to be his main "Thing" lol..

I still remember when the plantation boys started up, we booed them off the school did we know..

What is happening to Tuface is the same thing that happened to Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse...too much too early, unexpected money and fame..

are men animals, irresponsible and foolish?

Ermmmm yes, the sooner you know that the better...goats, the lot of them..except the one I marry of course lol..

Loving ur blog already!!!

onydchic said...

There is no excuse for philandering. Anyone that supports Tuface's silly antics is just as irresponsible and has low standards like he does. I always find it funny when people say, 'oh the woman trapped him'. Uh.. HELLO? Did she knock him out and sleep with his subconscious? If he made it point to wear a condom EVERY SINGLE time, we wouldn't be hearing this story. Kinda hard to trap a 'protected' man, unless there are other methods im not aware of. Fine, the women too dont seem to have a shred of self respect or they would have been more careful too. I dont believe in all this baby-mama business, if the guy didnt get married to the first 2 chicks he impregnated, is it now YOU he will marry? God. He's become like all these American rappers that have children everywhere. What about those children? Growing up in disjointed homes. It's pathetic.
Sorry for the long rant, such things piss me off. :)

LG said...

me i no blame tuface o, abi him rape dem???????????????????????????????

The Activist said...

LG dear, no he didnt rape them but must he sleep with every lady that comes his way? He would always get women that desire him or have a crush on him but what of being discipline and living an examplary life?

The Activist said...

Onydchic dear good points.
Thanks for stopping by

Vera Ezimora said...

I agree with Afrobabe. I think he's suffering from the "too much, too soon" syndrome. Needless 2 say, I still love Tuface. I think he's gorgeous! His voice is beaurriful and he makes beaurriful music. I hope he changes his way; it's not healthy 4 him, the kids, or their mothers 4 him 2 be gallivanting around town making new pikins. Wat kinda family will the kids grow up 2 have? One time is okay. Twice maybe. But six or seven??? Haba!!! But uhm, who am I to judge? The bible does say that the righteous man falleth seven times. The secret is that he rises up again. I hope Tuface rises up. He is truly blessed.

Dojaa said...

Actually I am more amazed that all these women will allow them selves to keep getting pregnant for Tuface.
Are they hoping for a better life or what?

Anonymous said...

I like 2face Idibia the artiste and I think he is talented, and all these pregnant women, the AIDS is real advert and all hmm!!!! where do I begin the women know they are not exclusively dating him, so pls when sharing the blame we should leave some at their doorstep because they are consenting adults

The Activist said...

Efikprincess,I agree with you on the women sharing the blame cos they will bear the brunt if 2face should leave them to cater for thier kids alone but what I can't get out of my mind is "must he sleep with every consenting females"?

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