Thursday, August 28, 2008

Interview Thursday: Chatting with my Boss

My warm-hearted, good looking, resourceful, intelligent and wonderful boss had a chat with me.
I intend for this to be the beginning of my Thursday interview series. Expect more….
I have a very wonderful boss and I was so glad that she could honor this interview. Thank you Ore. You are the best.

Standtall: You have being blogging since 2005; can you share your "blogging" experience with us? How has the journey being till date?
Ore: It's been great, though the frequency and nature of my posts have changed over time. Initially, I post very frequently. The relative anonymity I enjoyed also gave me more freedom to write whatever I wanted. Now, I feel more constrained by the fact that many people know who I am and as a result am more careful about what I write. However, I love to write and am happy to have one more outlet for my writing.

Standtall: What advantage do you think a blog has over a website?
Ore: A blog is much easier to update than a website. I have both blogs and a website and find that I update the blog far more frequently than I do the website. The blog also enables people to give comments and feedback more easily.

Standtall: Do you think everybody should blog or own a blog?
Ore: No, I don't think a blog is for everyone. It's most interesting if you have something to say. Also, it's important that you have the time to write in your blog frequently. Bloggers also need to be willing to share their viewpoints with the world.

Standtall: As my boss, I have seen you as a warm, accepting, open-to-ideas, encouraging, purposeful and professional kind of individual. How did you build this personality?
Ore: LOL!!!! Well, thank you very much. I feel honoured to hear this about myself, as I think that I can be VERY impatient. I am, however, very interested in hearing what people think and learning from other people. Over the years, I have learnt to curb my impatience. This took a lot of practice though and I think I am still a work in progress. Similarly, with all the other traits you mentioned, I work on these everyday, though some come more naturally to me than others. It's important that I exhibit many of the traits that I like and admire in others.

Standtall: Is there any weakness or weak side of your personality like getting angry (I am yet to see that though), is there anything you wish to change or correct about you?
Ore: My impatience! I want things done yesterday. I feel that with sufficient discipline, one should be able to do anything as a result, I tend to demand a lot of myself (and of others).

Standtall: Should there be any rule a leader should follow or adapt to, to be a successful leader?
Ore: Yes, so many, but ultimately a ruler should be more concerned about doing things for the good of their followers, stakeholders or constituency than for themselves.

Standtall: What is your opinion about the current state of things regarding Obama Campaign (or is it Mobilization) Dinner held recently in Lagos under the auspices of Ndidi Okereke's group?
Ore: It seemed to me to be rather fuzzy about what she intended to achieve with the dinner; initially it appeared that the money was to go to the Obama campaign. Since US laws do not allow that, it appears now that the money is to go towards mobilization of Nigerian-Americans to vote for Obama. It seems so typical of Nigerians that we should be more concerned about things going on in other countries than problems that need tackling in our own backyard. That fundraising expertise could have been better put to use to address Nigerian issues.

Standtall: You have being working a lot with women and girls, I will like you to share with us your experience in empowering them through ICT?
Ore: It's been a good experience so far, but there's still so much to be done. First of all, many people do not acknowledge the importance of women and girls being more engaged with information and communication technologies. The fact that half the population is under-represented in the use, management and development of ICTs is cause for concern. We have been able to empower some women through our programs, but this is such a small drop in the bucket and highlights the need to work more strategically, e.g. through alliances with organisations or groups working in this area.

Standtall: Of what truth is the saying that women are their own problems?
Ore: People are people. I don't like to generalize. Some women are backbiting and catty; many are not.

Standtall: Do you see a better future for the female generation in Nigeria?
Ore: Yes, I do. While patriarchy reigns and I think will in Nigeria for many years to come, there is a growing awareness that women are entitled to the same opportunities as men - though sometimes is feels like this knowledge is more in 'theory' than in 'reality.' I know many people who feel that anyone in support of women's rights is flogging a dead horse, but the preponderance of gender roles that still exist in our society show that women are not as free as many would like to believe. This problem has existed from time; I am currently reading 'A Room of One's Own' by Virginia Woolf, in which she makes the argument that men need to think of women as weak in order to feel better about themselves (a generalization of course, as I'd like to think that this does not apply to all men). And honestly, I feel that in Nigeria for women to free themselves from gender-based discrimination, we need to emphasise men and women working together.

Standtall: On a personal note, I have noticed that you hold your smile a lot even when you are taking pictures. Does this come naturally for you or did you work on yourself?
Ore: No, that was something that I've worked on over the years. I tend to look very serious when I'm not smiling.

Standtall: Any final word before our chat comes to an end?
Ore: Thank you for the honour and for showcasing me on your blog.

Standtall: The pleasure is mine. I am grateful to you for sharing with blogville (blogsphere).
Ore: You are welcome
The much awaited Summer Bloggers Reunion (SBR) comes up on the 13th of Sept, 2008 at Lekki Beach. Click here for details.

Remember the story of a man with 86 wives and 170 children I shared on my blog? The update on it is that some Islamic Scholars in Nigera are now on his case. They asked him to pick 4 wives out of the 86 or risk going to jail!!! So, how many children is he allowed to pick out of the 170? I wonder. Read more here


Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

Very very enlightening interview... i'll print a copy for myself to read again. I'm also very proud of what you and your boss are doing for females. There is still hope for the women. Please keep up the good work. BTW, did I tell you that I come from a family of 6 girls and 1 boy? When my dad died, they said all of us (females) would stop going to school? Thank God for His grace otherwise where would we be today?

Your update on the man with 86 wives is really amusing.

Afrobabe said...

wow, i cant even imagine blogging for that, guess the trick is not to think about it as a task..

Read about the ppl asking for the islamic healers's gonna take care of all those kids..they better leave him alone..

My God Rita, I almost made first here, everywhere I go u were first today...grrrrrrrrrrrrr lemme catch u...

Free-flowing Florida said...

blogging 4 5 years!!!!!! i nefa reach one year sef & i don dey tire!!!!! anyway, i generally have an attention-span problem. can't stay interested n anything long enof (& i dey marry! wahala dey o! lol)

it's nice u have a boss u admire so much. is she ur immediate boss? dat would b nice. dunno wot it is with & supervisor but i've found 3 out of 3 of dem suffocatingly irritating.

poeticallytinted said...


"While patriarchy reigns and I think will in Nigeria for many years to come, there is a growing awareness that women are entitled to the same opportunities as men - though sometimes is feels like this knowledge is more in 'theory' than in 'reality.'"

Subject close to my heart. I think your boss is cool too.

Free-flowing Florida said...

2005 - 2008 makes it 3 years, not 5. forgive my error. maths has always been my weak spot

Anonymous said...

This is really intresting and I must say I am really impressed by the work u guyz are doin for our women by empowering them and all....

Mr. 86 Wives is in trouble!!! I wonder what he's going to do know...

isha said...

wow, very impressive...

Vera Ezimora said...

Well, I guess I should be happy that I made top 10.

Very enlightening interview about your boss. Never even knew she was your boss. So are you gonna be interviewing bloggers every Thursday?? Seems pretty kool! Can't afford to take up such a task. I can't stay interested long enough. lol

That 86 wives man ehn, his story is just starting 2 make me laugh. How on earth is he supposed 2 pick only four wives out of 86??? lol.

Standtall said...

@ Rita Esuru Okoroafor: Thanks. Ore, my boss is a very wonderful person.

I am happy your education did not stop. A lot of women did not end up with a good story like yours. What a world

@ Afrobabe: I am sure u will blog for longer time. Let's wait and see. I dont think they shd live that 86 wives man alone o b4 e go commit again

Free Flowing Florida: Maths can be tricky. She is the owner of the NGo I work for. She is the very excutive Director

@ Poeticallytinted: Yes, she is a very cool lady.

@ Chari: thanks dude. The man is defending himself o. He said God did not mention any punishment for marrying more than 4 wives

@ Isha: thank you

@ Vera: thank you. I intend to interivew different pple from bloggers to non-bloggers.... I believe it will be fun.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

This interview was very informative. I can't believe she has been blogging for such a long time...i hope to be able to do the same.
I always appreciate your insightful don't just blog for the sake of it. You always have something to say..good job Standtall
So the guy has to pick 4wives now? Oh Lawd!

AlooFar said...

Very lovely interview.

Woomie O! said...

Ore's your boss???
I had no idea...but i suspected it...I think I met her twice during V-monos early this year, good sense of humor...true thing about her smile.
Loooking forward to next thursday's interview.

Mr 86 wives has already enjoyed his life, what use is his picking four...he has already sampled 86 women, let them free him o jere. Where is HIV when you need it???lol!

Don said...

That was a pretty good interview, Standtall. You asked great questions which led to great answers which led to the great read that it was.

I wonder if my blog record will be as impressive after my blog is all said and done.

Buttercup said...

i really enjoyed the interview..

but um, what is ICT?

as for mr 86 wives..i guess its good for him but what happens to the 82 wives he has to let go of???

nneoma said...

wow, i really enjoyed that interview. i had no idea that you worked for ore or ore's notes. from both her blog, work, and this interview, she has become my personal inspiration.

LG said...

3 heavy Gbosa! for my one n only ....
norrin do una

njoy ur w'end
my rgards to Oga n the 'meows' lollll

tobenna said...

Standtall aka Cat Lady.
Of course I know you...
How can i avoid your blog... na beans?
ok, ok ok. I admit, I have been awol on your blog. Not intentionally of course. Somehow, it slipped.
Pls. forgive me...
I wonder who is chasing who as per the posts. Clearly me, of course :P
How are you doing?

Was this an oral interview or what?
Did she really say 'LOL' when you asked her the question?

Parakeet said... real work you give yourself so Standtall but I'm sure its worth it. Very insightful. I like your bosses response to whether women are their own problems.

As for the people calling for the head of a man almost close to his grave, I say more power to their elbow. Again Nigerians has proven to me that they really do not know what is going on in the wider world. Shame!

Standtall said...

@ NDQ: thanks a lot for the compliment. Yes, she has being blogging for that long.

@ Aloofar: Thanks. Hope you enjoyed it

@ Woomie O: Yes Ore is ma boss. I was with her at the V-monos at Muson centre. Were you there too? Lol at your response on the man wiv 86 wives

@ Don: Ah your blog is impressive as it is my man. Your blog rocks. Thanks for taking time to read the interview

@ Buttercup: ICT means Information and Communication Technology. Thanks for taking time to read the interview

@ Nneoma: I work for Ore. She is such a wonderful boss and she is my personal inspiration too

@ LG: Gbosa! Gbosa!! Gbosa!!! Thanks a lot LG!!! Have a wonderful weekend too

@ Tobenna: Shirak!!! Lol at you oooooooooooo. Well, it was an online interview hence the lol

@ Parakeet: Thanks for reading the interview. I like her response too to the women being heir own problems.
The man wiv 86 wives needs to be showing something oo b4 he will stand has inspiration for other people. Aside that he made a strong claim that he’s Muhammed/God that said he should do what he’s done. I think all these Scholars just want to redeem Islam…And he may want to still get another wife ooooooo after all ma fada had me after 100yrs!!!

Buttercup said...

ohhh silly me..i knew that..i wonder what gave me the idea that u were referrin to some organisation or somethin..

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

@ Afrobabe: I was first at the blogs, at the expense of my work... now I have to work extra hours...

Attorneymom said...

Hey, Standtall. I love your blog. Great interview. You are blessed to have such a loving boss.

Sidebar: I will try to give you more support. Bare with me. I am married mom of 3 little children Corporate Attorney. On top of that, I try to bring humor and inspiration to the world through blogging. ;- ) said...

Hey there StandTall!

This was a great effort!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Standtall said...

@ Buttercup: dear it happens oooooooo. I cant tell you a lot of abbreviations I have mixed up

@ Rita Esuru O: Eeyah, sorry for working extra hours o. It happens to the best of us (****wink****)

@ Attorneymom:it's a great honour to have u stop by. I understand about how demanding your time is. I do understand. Thanks for coming here

@ Lisa: Thanks for your kind comment. How are you doing?

Ore said...

Thanks, Standtall. It was such a pleasure.

Waffarian said...

Ore is your boss? I read her blog often...I think hers was one of the first blogs I ever read...although I have never left any comment! Anyway, I guess I will now. Kudos to you guys, well done! No worry, I go cook for una next time wey I land.

Standtall said...

@ Ore: you are welcome!!!!!

@ Waffarian: yes she is ma boss. You never left any comment on her blog? Pls do so. I am salvating already o. You must cook for us when you coem to Nigeria. I take this as a promise...

aloted said...

hmm nice concept..and nice interview..I admire the work you and Ore are doing.

Hmm 2005, not bad at all. I started blogging in 2006..hmm it's been long..maybe i shld blog on


Nice interview. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you and yours?

Don said...

@ standtall: thank you or the kind words and I enjoy your blog as well.

Standtall said...

@ Aloted: yeah blog about your journey thus far. I will love that. Thanks for your comment

@ SSydelle: thanks for stopping by. Long time!!!

@ Don: you are welcome

Grahamn Kracker said...

Say "hi" to your boss for me. Sounds like she must be a good one.

bunmi said...

this is a very interesting interview i love it.

Standtall said...

@ GK: She is sure is. I said hi to her as requested by you

Bunmi: thanks

Chi-Chi said...

I'm glad I discovered your blog. I especially enjoy this comment of yours: No, I don't think a blog is for everyone. It's most interesting if you have something to say. Also, it's important that you have the time to write in your blog frequently. Bloggers also need to be willing to share their viewpoints with the world.

My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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