Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interview Thursday: The Awesome SolomonSydelle

She was the second blogger to leave comment on my blog when I started. I actually wondered then how she was able to find me. I later realized that she found other new bloggers too. She is dedicated. She uses her talent to do a lot of wonderful and meainingful things through her blogs. Please, welcome with me, our very Scintillating SolomonSydelle

You are named the headmistress of blogville by Naijaleta. Do you feel like it?
No not really, but it is funny. Naijaleta called me that, I believe. For one thing, I don't think I am old enough to be a headmistress. Thankfully, I liked my headmistress from primary school. She only punished me once. So, as long as that 'Headmistress' term is a positive one, I accept it and promise to not punish anyone.

You have a very wonderful blog that discusses Nigerian issues- called Nigerian CURIOSITY, what inspired this?
Well, I am a very curious person and I am always seeking to learn. There were things about Nigerian culture, politics and public branding that I wanted to learn more about. I figured that starting a blog around those issues would prove educational and entertaining. So far, so good.

How do you sources for all the relevant issues you discussed on Nigeria Curiosity?
Well, the truth is that when I started, it was difficult to find a lot of the relevant information that I needed. Now, I am lucky to have readers send me information and point me in the right direction whenever I ask for help. Oh, and I rely heavily on my legal training to do research online, as well.

How tasking is this for you as you equally have another blog that talks about your children and also seek advice for germane issues affecting other people on that particular blog?
I never thought it would be difficult, but there are times when doing both is cumbersome. I thank God that at my ...Easier... site, we are such a fun crew that by the time I read comments or visit a fellow Nigerian blog, I am inspired to share a silly story about my kids.

What is your occupation?
Well, I am a lawyer by training, but I am now the Chief Home Executive of my family. So, I stay home and care for, play with, teach, spank and love my kids. Oh and I change loads of diapers too.

I know you want to keep your identity secret as you have being doing on blogville but could you please tell us something about yourself?
Um, uh. What with the recent arrest of a Nigerian blogger that discusses politics, I no go lie, I dey fear say awon SSS boys go read this interview. Abeg, I no wan wahala oh!

You announced once that blogville sisters should be careful of wolves and you invited them to join a particular group. Can you say more on this?
I was just encouraging all bloggers and especially young female bloggers to work together and remember that ultimately, we are a family that is stronger when we look out for each other. At the time, I had discovered that a few of us were being taken advantage of and pitted against each other for no good reason. That's all.

Is the group still running as I tried to join to no avail?
Ah, the Senior Babe Network is definitely up and running oh. I could name a couple member that you know sef. What do you mean you tried to join to no avail? Haba, but your invitation was sent to you nah?

How do you attract people that approach you for advice on "talk to the easier crew"?
Talk To The Easier Crew started as a joke. I asked my kids a question about bathrooms that a friend sent in. I recorded their answer and put it up on the blog. From then on, people started sending me issues that they wanted help on. For many, I personally answer their questions and correspond with them as best my schedule allows. For others, they expressly ask that their questions be put up on the blog and so, I do so. Thank God, most of the discussions have proven helpful.

Can you share with us your most remarkable moment and why it is the most remarkable moment?
I take it you mean my most remarkable blogville related moment. I would have to say it was in May 2007 when so many of us Nigerian bloggers got together to participate in the Nigerian Proclamation. It was inspiring to see so many Nigerians work together on something so simple. I was glad that Nigerian bloggers got respect via the BBC recognition and eventually United Nations recognition of our work. That was exciting. Oh, and Ms. Catwalq's excellent project '14th & Serenity". I cannot thank her enough for including me, a non fiction writer, in that event. It was so much fun!

From your blog commitment and the issues you always raise, you appear to me a very resourceful, purposeful and concerned individual, how do you manage to achieve all these with your young children and their demands from your time?
Oh, wow, are you talking about me with all those adjectives? Well, thankfully, my kids and I always find time to do what we love doing, goofing around and having fun. My husband is also very helpful. He knows that I thoroughly enjoy blogging and forgives me when dinner is oh, 5 minutes late because I am chatting away with a fellow blogger or laughing hysterically at someone's blog.

Can you name 5 blogs you like most and why?
Gosh, I read so many blogs you would be amazed. I can't help but mention Waffy's blogs. Her take on things is always so refreshing especially when she expresses them like a true waffarian. Notjustok supplies my Naija music fix on the regular. Jaycee's blog is always a great place to start the day with some wisdom. Mootbox satisfies my business/politics fix. And, I really enjoy reading your interviews and other posts. Am I at 5 yet?

Any last word for the readers/bloggers?
First and foremost, I have to say thank you for this opportunity. I'm not sure what I did to deserve an interview but this was quite exciting! I wish everyone the best and would just like to encourage all bloggers to continue what they are doing. It is not easy, I know. Just keep doing what you enjoy doing, try to be innovative and have fun along the way. Thanks again for this Standtall. I should have my kids interview you. Now, that would be interesting.


Jaycee said...

I guess I'm first because for some reason I woke up extremely early this Thursday.

I have to say Solomonsydelle is truly awesome. I started by reading the Easier blog, and then recently I subscribed to the Nigerian Curiosity. I obtain priceless info each time I read any of those blogs...:)

Tairebabs said...

Before I comment on Solomonsydelle's interview, YES/NO are we all getting interviews, I want my own interview o....just kidding.

Good interview and I must add that I have often wondered how bloggers maintain more than one blog. I love my blog no doubt but I am not sure I could handle two. Solomonsydelle has two blogs and I find Nigerian curiosity is a well informed blog and I wonder how she keeps it up....I loved the expression "Chief home executive of my family...sweet.

Seriously did a blogger who writes on politics get arrested? seriously???

aloted said...

enjoyed reading this interview :)

I also like that job title- Chief Home Executive

@tairebabs...where have u been??? MIA abi?...anyway thank God he has been released now.

Good work Standtall :)

bumight said...

i recently subscribed to Nigerian Curiosity. i dont know how she does it, it's awesome1

*now that i'm done ass-kissing, am I invited to SS's party?* :)

really though, I'm for real.

Anonymous said...

I loved the interview... and the job she is doing on both her blogs...

Can't wait to see more interviews on this site. well done!


Vera Ezimora said...

Solomon are a SHICKEN!! So you're afraid of giving details about yourself so you don't get arrested in Naija ehn? Abegi jo!! Dem no fit do you anything. They know me dia! Just tell dem that Madam Interviewee Vera gave you the info...

**Vera shaking hysterically, looking around, biting nails nervously, hoping no1 from Naija can read she doesn't get arrested when she goes to Naija...and starved. Or worse, deprived of suya. Oh,! Not the suya!!! Don't let them take away the suya..!!!****

Ehen, as I was saying, tell them I sent you. Me, I no dey fear ooo. Once I walk in2 Naija ehn...ah ahn, dem go bow 4 me!! U wan try me??

Naija Idol said...

guess ive never said it, but i love her. shes wonderful. but i dunno y i cant view her blog anytime i want to, its really frustrating. Only the Nigerian curiosity one works.

Zena said...

Always loved Solomonsydelle, was one of the people that actually commented on my blog as well,

Waffarian said...

I have enjoyed so many discussions and arguments on and off blogville with solomonsydelle.Its been so much fun discussing politics with a fellow woman who is as passionate as she is.

Nigerian curiosity inspired me to find my own voice in politics(wish I could be as objective as she is though...but i no fit dey calm and collected wey blood begin boil!) and I have never looked back.

I am happy that other women are inspired by her dedication to keeping us all informed about our country. My only wish is that more women would get involved in these discussions, especially the young ones...(why am I sounding like a politician? no be praise i be wan praise SSD? the thing don turn to political rally...chei)

I know say the one thing wey Solomosydelle go wan make i change na my bad mouth. I swear, I don try wash my mouth with soap and water.Forgive me sister, by the grace of God, this bad mouth must to clean.


Anonymous said...

I LUFFF AUNTY SS. You are so passionate and great and of course the next Nigerian Oprah! you go girl!

Rita said...

SolomonSydelle is someone I deeply admire. I love what she does with her blogs. And then this interview, I really enjoyed reading her responses.

Standtall, you've done another beautiful interview. Welldone.

OluwaDee said...

Solomonsydelle is really awesome.

love the questions you asked.

keep interviewing bloggers.

Howz ur fam.

Standtall said...

Thanks all for believing in Sydelle. She is great. Where is she? I am yet to see her comments or repsonses

Standtall said...

@Tairebabs: kidding or not, you must be interviewed from Lawyerstic point of view of course

Ladi said...

She is truely the Headmistress of Blogville!!!!

Parakeet said...

Well done Standtall...this is really good. Even more thanks to Solomonsydelle for sharing some of her wisdom. And yea me love Jaycee's blog too.

Grahamn Kracker said...

I hope her kids do interview you. Can't wait to read it.

What is it about blogging? Two, and her husband waits for dinner and she understands.

I sometimes wonder whatever got into me to do two blogs. Seems insane. Sometimes, I wish I had just stuck with the cats.

Or better yet, that I did not need to worry about making a living. Then I could do nothing but work on my blogs and my books.

That is my fantasy.

Keep it up, Standtall. You have caused me to know that Nigeria is a different place than most of us in the US even know about.

Sassy Kat said...

Wanted to stop over and wish you a Happy late Halloween, the moth of the house is doing fine and also thanks for checking in on us. said...

Hello! {waves}

Thanks for doing this interview!!


NigerianDramaQueen said...

I always wonder how Solomonsydelle manages to run two very different, yet equally resourceful blogs. I love the easier blog,cuz its so unique-the tales of her toddlers, the "ask the easier crew", etc. Also love Nigerian Curiosity for all the relevant info. Me I havent been invited to the Senior Babes network oh!
PS: Loving the interviews. Keep em coming!

Jaybabe said...

She is quiet awesome. It eve shows in the way she answers all those questions. Wow! Great post, great interview!

How you doing babes? I cant believe i haven't been here this long! God!

James Tubman said...

she sounds like an intriguing blogger

i cannot believe that somebody actually got locked up in nigeria for what they posted on a blog

that is insane

Buttercup said...

I really admire SS..and readin the tales of her kids just makes me want have mine immediately!

Welldone standtall..

Buttercup said...

I really admire SS..and readin the tales of her kids just makes me want have mine immediately!

Welldone standtall..

Writefreak said...

I must commend SD and tales of her children's antics are so funny i always want to go there...and for her constant devotion to blogging! I don't have kids yet and sometimes can't find the drive to write a post! I should borrow a leaf from her

Good job standtall!

Doja said...

Nice to know a little something about the mysterious Solomonsydelle.

My Passion, my focus, the change that I want to see in the world - is my propellent factor.

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