Thursday, October 23, 2008

Interview Thursday: WELCOME VERA!

Here with me on Interview Thursday is a very important personality on blogville. She is an interesting individual. You will confirm this when you read this interview or when you visit her blogs (WORDZ of MINE and VERASTICALLY LIVING). She is to me, an ENIGMA!

Let's meet Vera
My name is Vera Ezimora, and on Sunday, Oct 19th 2008, I rededicated my life to Christ. I live in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Half of my family is here in America, and the other half is back in Nigeria. I was born in Leningrad, Russia on the 14th of January. I lived there for four years before relocating back to Nigeria where I lived in Jos, Plateau State. Lots of people wonder how on earth (or why on earth) I was born in if no sane person gets born there, lol, and then they conclude that I must have been a mistake. Maybe my parents just got carried away one night. Maybe daddy didn't pull out on time. Maybe the condom broke. Well, let me clear the record: I was planned. My parents were married and were both in med school. If I was not planned, they (my parents) have done a pretty darn good job at hiding the truth from me. When I came back to Nigeria, I could not speak a word English; I could only speak Russian. My parents tried really hard to get me to learn English because obviously it was a little hard to communicate with the other kids. I learnt English, but sadly, I forgot Russian. My name, Vera is a Russian name, and it means 'Faithful.' I am an aspiring best-selling writer/author, but I haven't always wanted to be a writer. I've wanted to be other things, the first being a doctor, but I think that's just because my parents told me I was going to be a doctor (since they are both medical doctors too). Even though I kept winning the 'Best In English' awards in school, I never thought too much of it until I got bored, wrote an article, put it on the web, and got positive feedback. Everything has been history since then. Am I talking too much, Standtall? Sorry. I do that a lot. In case anyone is wondering, yes, my parents still speak Russian fluently.

Interesting! What personality best describes Vera?
I always describe my personality as Verastic to people. Obviously, Verastic is not an actual word - at least not yet. Oxford is still doing shakara. But from what I know of myself, and what others have said, Verastic would mean that I am playful, mischievous [sometimes], very sarcastic, funny, imaginative, creative, non-chalant, non confrontational, rarely shy, reliable (I'd like to think), realistic, and a creative romantic. I would not call myself a hopeless romantic. There is no way to say 'hopeless' and make it sound good. Wait, I just realized I didn't say anything bad about myself. Who am I kidding? There is nothing bad about me. I'm perfect!!!
Is Vera a normal person because your posts suggest you are not?
LOL. Standtall, nawa for this your question oh. Of course, I will say I'm normal. Now, if you were to ask a number of other people like my closest friends, Busola & Funmi, and Uju or my mom....or in fact, anyone who knows me, they will probably beg to differ, but what do they know? They don't know me! I think the better question is, 'what does "normal" mean?' In fact, who decides what normal is? And who is to say that that person or those people is/are normal? So maybe I have officially digressed, but you get my point. I am normal by my standards. Alright, fine. Honestly, sometimes, I find myself doing some strange things that even I cannot explain. Like on Saturday, I could not stop practicing how to laugh like Spongebob Squarepants. And as if that wasn't bad enough, I kept singing the Spongebob theme song over and over. Now that I think of it, maybe I'm not normal after all. Times without number, my mother has asked me what is wrong with me, and when I ask why she asked the question, she says, "I want to know when "it" starts." It, being madness.

Hmmm who is normal anyway? There is always a very strong sense of humour in all your post, how do you sustain that?
I'm not quite sure how I do that. I just know that I find myself laughing hysterically at lots of things. Today, I spent almost half an hour laughing at a friend's wedding picture because one of her groomsmen was so short that he looked like a junior groomsman (or maybe the ring bearer even), and his tuxedo looked like a gown on him. I laughed till my stomach hurt, and now, my voice is cracked. That being said, there is a very strong sense of humor in every member of my family. Sometimes, it's even very disturbing. When my father's cousin died, he went to the village for the funeral and "offered" to watch over the meat. That's like letting a dog to watch bones. Of course, he ate & ate & ate, not minding that it was for a funeral. It was later something to laugh about at the dinner table. So basically, the thing that makes me want to blog about something in the first place is the fact that I find it funny.

What do you like most about blogging?
I love the people the most. Secondly, I love being able to express myself in the best way that I know how to. The things that I write about, I share them with virtual friends, people I have never met, and then I love receiving your comments in return. I hardly remember that I have not met these people I communicate with online. I feel like we are friends. I feel like I know them inside out. Like you, for example. I have never met you, but I know not to ever, ever EVER buy you cat fried rice from the Chinese restaurant (not that I'm implying they eat cat, of course.) lol

I will sue this Chinese restaurant! What do you hate most about blogging?
Hate? I wouldn't say I hate anything, but my least favorite thing is the amount of time it consumes. Blogging is fun, but it is a full time job, plus over time. If I don't read blogs it two days, I'll be in big trouble. It'll take me hours to go through everyone's blogs, read them, and comment on them. By the time I'm through, the day is over.

Yes, you are right about that. Mention two favourite blogs you visit and why they are your favourites?
Favorite blogs? Hmmm. I really like Naapali's blog. He's very smart and it shows. And I like smart people, which explains my attraction to Obama. Seriously, when was the last time I was attracted to a president? No offense to OBJ & his successor. I love Temite. Before she started blogging, I used to blog juat once a week, but now I blog at least twice. She makes me wanna do better. I'd really love to meet her some day. I really like Aloofar too. He's another very smart guy. Quite nerdy too. Jaycee, Life of a Stranger, & Rita are very inspirational. They make me wanna live better, and thank God, I am currently living better, but the narrow road is not the easiest one as you know. And you, Standtall, how can I not mention you? You were even the first person to contact me when I made my number public. You rock, gal!! Oh wait, you said two blogs, right? Well, sorry. Too many blogs.

Ah, thanks for the sentiment. What does Vera like most about being a Nigerian?
I love all the funny dramatic things that come with being Nigeria. For example, it's only in Nigeria or amongst Nigerians that you can have a nightmare where someone is chasing you, and then the next day, you can deem it fit to walk up to the person and accuse him/her of being a witch. Honestly, this actually happened....right here in Maryland. I also love the suya and the fura de nono (not together, of course).

Hmmm try and buy indomie Suya flavour when next you come home. When last did Vera visit Nigeria?
I have not visited Nigeria since I left in 2000. Maybe this year?? Depends on God.

What are the 2 things you wish will change about Nigeria?
I wish Nigeria will actually become a democratic country in action, not just in words and on paper. I wish people will not be jailed for speaking their minds, and elections will not be bought by the richest party, etc. I wish jobs will be provided for our young, hardworking youth, so they can stop seeking 'alternative' ways of making money.

What makes Vera thick, warm, hard, soft or nasty (too much questions in one, yeah I know)
Standtall, this your question get K leg oh. Okay, I was initially confused by this question, but after you explained it... I'll say this much: I think I'm pretty easy to deal with. I don't ask for too much (I think). I'm quite slow to anger, but not as slow as God obviously. I'm quite patient too; I try to understand everyone and deal with them accordingly, but I'm not perfect. I get very pissed off when people try to play with my intelligence. I don't like it when people try to play mind games. It's quite immature in my opinion. But I'm human; I'll be lying if I said I have never succumed to such pettiness. But the way you asked me about what makes me hard....hmmmm! Standtall, I don't like what you're insinuating. I'm a girl oo! I am anatomically incapable of getting hard.

I see. Who do you think will win the forthcoming US election?
The smart, intelligent man, Obama, of course!! He should better win.

I hope you are right about who wins he US election.
I have put in my prayer requests to God. I want one of two things to happen on election day: either all the McCain voters mysteriously oversleep till the election centers are closed, or something enters them, and they vote for Obama instead. I'll prefer the latter to happen.

I hope for that too. Any question you wish I ask, that I didn't ask?
Frankly, I was wishing you'd ask me for a date or something. I am not quite used to people being all about business without trying to get a little pleasure in between. C'mon Standtall.... do you really not want me.... at least just a wee little bit?
I would really love to hang out with you. Perhaps when I come to US or when next you are in Nigeria.

Thanks for always being you and thanks for granting this interview?
You know it's my pleasure doing this for you. In fact, if you want, I'll gladly be your guest next Thursday and the next Thursday and all the Thursdays after. Why do your readers need to read about another blogger anyway? Once they read about me, they should be good to go. And once you post this, make sure you don't update till my birthday, January 14th 2009. Bye, darling.
That’s why I love our Vera. Very entertaining!


Rita said...

Waited patiently...:-)

Rita said...

As usual, Vera is so humourous. This is a very interesting interview. I'm glad to know more about Vera.

Standtall, welldone.

I really ROTFL @ "I am anatomically incapable of getting hard"

@Vera: Thanks for appreciating my blog.

darkelcee said...


Verastic vera!

standtall this session is very nice

aloted said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aloted said...

it was really fun reading this...the best interview so far...i think... Vera make ur head no grow big o.

so did u really rededicate ur life to Christ on Oct 18 abi na sunday sunday thing?? whatever the case...halleluyah to the Most High! :D

ah nearly forgot to acknowledge madam Standtall...make una well done with the interviews :)

Abbie said...

Lovely Interview, both the interviewer and the interviewee (abi how do you say it?)

Vera, you have an awesome sense of humor. So do you know Anastatia personally?

Anonymous said...

VERA!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LOVE DODO!!! You this woman you will not koba me o, like I am in the library and all this people are currently giving me nasty looks because I was just laughing histerically. I so love the meaning of your name and I didnt know it was russian. I think I sahll name my future daughter Nkem Vera.. sounds nice. I LOVE YOUR BLOG O!!! AND I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE MY BLOG TOO! Thanks Standtall letting me further my obsession with this Woman. Vera we definetely have to meet one day. soon and very soon.

Anonymous said...

I just wantted to say I LOVE VERA!!!!

Doja said...

Vera is one of the most consistent, talented and creative bloggers around.

Zena said...

awww, Vera is verastic, lol I love her humor

temmy tayo said...

I am just beefing all the blogs that you love. TEMITE, i am beefing o!!!!!!!!

bumight said...


Yewande Atanda said...

nice interview but plenty wordings. abeg i don't read large posts o!

when r u doing my own interview?

Rita said...

Just came back to read it again...seeing more hilarious things in this post...

temi said...

LMAO @ "I am anatomically incapable of getting hard"


NigerianDramaQueen said...

Vera is always quite the comedian! I especially love reading her comments when she is harrassing someone!
Verastically fun read!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Interesting interview, Vera is always so 'verastically funny.'
Our birthdays are probably just hours apart......dont know if that explains anything about my mental state or hers lol.

ps Standtall can you ask Vera to ask her mum for me (if she dares) how to say a rude word in Russian lol. am thinking about going sking in winter in Russia how to say I love to fc*k can be a good starting point lol

AustynZOGS said...

You inspire me each time you take out time to leave comments on my Blog.Thanks so much.
The interview on Vera is exclusively timely.Vera is one of Naija's hottest asset in Blogsville.She is a mentor to many of us.It was a chance entry ino her site in 2006 that brought me into the world of Blogging.She replied my mails and also got me into Facebook.She is a great lady.Thanks for letting us know so much about the Verastic Vera.

Anonymous said...


I swear vera is not ok! at alL!!! ahnahn!

Naapali said...

Another very well done interview. Standtall I hope you parley these skills to a grander forum someday.

As for Vera, she is indeed Verastic as no other words do her justice. said...

Hello there!

This is just wonderful!

Thank you for this and continue to do more!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Standtall said...

Thanks you all for your wonderful comment. Where is Vera to come and answer these wonderful people. It's your call girl

Vera Ezimora said...

Rita: You're welcome, love!! Your blog rocks. And I really am anatomically incapable of getting hard...abi you didn't know...?? lol

Dark Elcee: S'up babe! Where you dey hide since??

Aloted: Too late for my head to not swell. The thing don swell so tey na burst e wan burst right now. And yes, I really did rededicate my life to Christ.

Abbie: Thanks love! Now, I might be having a Palin moment here, but who is Anastasia?

Temite: LOL. Hehehe. I feel so honored to be loved almost as much as dodo. Knowing how much you love your dodo, I can say that I have accomplished no other people has been able to accomplish. Ko easy @ all!! Nkem Vera sounds beaurriful. She'll be just as nice and Verastic as I am. Wait, are you sure you want a Verastic child?? lol.

Doja: This your comment is doing thangs to my head. You should see the size of my head right now. I am one another level ooo!

Zena: Thanks, darling. Thank you!!

Temmy Tayo: Baby mi, don't beef the blogs o. You know I luff you. I gat nothing but luff for you.

Bumight: LOL to you too.

Yewande Atanda: LOL. I apologize, love. I do get carried away.

Rita: LOL. Funny you.

Temi: Babe, it's the truth oh. I have checked my anatomy and there is nothing to suggest that I can get hard.

Nigerian Drama Queen: Since when did I start harrasing people? lol. No be me oo. Musta been my alter ego. Thanx 4 reading, love.

Miss Definitely Maybe: Something is wrong with you. First of all, howd are you make such a request? How am I supposed to shape my mouth when I'm asking my mother that kinda question? Respect yourself ooo! lol. As for our birthdays possibly being hours apart, well, I dunno about ur mental state, but mine is perfectly sane! Yours is obviously not quite evidenced by what you told me 2 ask my mom. By the way, when is this birthday of urs sef?

Austyn: Awwwwww. Aren't you a darling! Thanks, love!! I need to blog roll you sef, or else, I'll never be able to find you. I'm glad you're enjoying Blogville.

Chari: LOL. Uhm, thanks, I guess... lol.

Naapali: Thanks doc....hehehe. Some day, Verastic will mean an amalgamation of other words. "You'll see... I'll show ya"(The Dark Knight, 2008).

Blackwomemblowthetrumpet: Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed it.

Standtall: I'm right here, Standtall. I've been reading and keeping quiet. I didn't wanna hijack your blog and start responding 2 everyone's comments, but since you have asked, then what the heck...! By the way Standtall, have I told you lately that I love you? I'm gonna print this out & put it under my pillow. Honestly, I'll print it out. Thanks, Standtall!!

Buttercup said...

I cuda sworn 'Vera' meant 'entertainer' bad..

That was very enjoyable, every bit of it!

Well done Standtall.

AlooFar said...

Ok, I'm a late comer.

Activist, please you will interview her again. I insist.

You should have asked for age, height, "size"... and possibly requested for a photosession ;)

Nice job. I hope Vera won't read this ;)

Vera Ezimora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vera Ezimora said...

Buttercup: You don craze finish. A whole "Vera" to mean "Entertainer"??!!

***Vera temporarily forgetting that she's angry @ Buttercup*** rhymes sha. Vera the Entertainer.

***Vera remembering that she's supposed 2 be mad @ Buttercup***

Ehn, but how dare you!!! How dare you think that Vera means Entertainer??? Mind urself ooo!

Aloofar: Well done oh. And I have seen what you said. Photosessions ko. *hiss* I can answer all those kweshionz myself

Age: XX
Height: 5' 5"
Size: Malleable, not ductile.

AlooFar said...

StandTall, I told you not to let her see this.

Vera: so I'm no darling again, abi? ;)

Buttercup said...

LMAO! Awww Vera honey..oya no vex na..but u said it urself, it does rhyme..ok ok im takin it back, happy?


Verastic!!! Only you!


FFF said...

vera is such a darling. i enjoyed dis post very much.

@ standtall: dat picture of a smiling is so adorable. & am not into into cats

OluwaDee said...

Funny as usual.

Vera is indeed anatomically incapable of getting hard. Lol.

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